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IVF/ICSI June/ July 2018 (Part 2)

534 replies

Tigerlily99 · 25/06/2018 23:25

Hello ladies, I think we reached the maximum no of posts on last thread so I opened a new one. Hope you are Ok with this OP (@cannonball)? X

OP posts:

HJ82 · 27/06/2018 12:27

Ginandtonic31 oh my goodness, that sounds very complex. Sending you my best. x


Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 12:40

I’m actually scared now about tomorrow. Work has been helping me forget but now it’s just scary!!


Beherenow32 · 27/06/2018 12:52

Transfer done! 😯 I’m already getting a niggly little pain. Wonder if the dr poked me too hard there lol x


ginandtonicformeplease · 27/06/2018 13:20

FET is booked in for Monday afternoon. DH isn't going to be with me - kind of wish he was but we can't really afford for him to miss any more work (self-employed).

Started on the cyclogest this morning- not really a fan of it TBH! I found inserting it a bit painful, not sure if it was because I was just a bit tense. Hopefully be better this evening.


Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 14:41

Well it looks like my biggie was a period. Had a drama at work! It came out of nowhere, all over my trousers 😳


Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 14:42

*niggle not biggie.


HJ82 · 27/06/2018 15:23

@Ginandtonic31 oh no! I'd have had a "just in case" pad on. That sucks. My friend got her period right after EC. She's just putting her's on ice though. So i guess it's normal, because they are pumping you with drugs after EC...


Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 15:45

@HJ82 I was told two weeks so I just never really expected it so didn’t give it a though. Felt a niggle at work but I never start like that so thought nothing of it. Otherwise I would have had something.


Beherenow32 · 27/06/2018 15:46

@Ginandtonic31 your period probably came early, because our progesterone is so low after ec. I’ve been taking progesterone gel. And need to keep taking.
I’m really hope you get good news tomorrow!!! ❤️❤️

Feel rough today. Bloated, tired. Had little cramps earlier. 😐 xx


Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 18:51

Thanks @Beherenow32. I’m scared to get my hopes up. I think I’ve been too confident it will work out I’m going to end up gutted. Wishing you lots of luck now it’s back in there for you!


Tigerlily99 · 27/06/2018 20:27

@ginandtonic and @lopeylopez- good luck for tomorrow!
@beherenpw- congrats on being PUPO!

I’m only on day 4 of downreg and I’m already getting frustrated. Still got 12 days to go to scan. I just want to get on with it now! I don’t think long protocol is designed with impatient women in mind! Must find something to distract me 🤔

OP posts:

Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 20:34

@Tigerlily99 do you like reading? I Sorby every evening while stimming just laying on the sofa reading! Got through loads of books!


Beherenow32 · 27/06/2018 20:36

@Ginandtonic31 I would appreciate any book recommendations 🙋‍♀️ After having a nap, I nearly started googling symptoms etc. Don’t want that!!! X


Tigerlily99 · 27/06/2018 20:52

I’d love some book recommendations too! I’ve re-read all my old stuff on kindle a million times. X

OP posts:

Tigerlily99 · 27/06/2018 20:54

@beherenow- keep away from the google! I googled like crazy on my fresh cycle, but I’m finding FET to be pretty uneventful so there’s nothing much to google at the moment!

OP posts:

Beherenow32 · 27/06/2018 20:58

@Tigerlily99 I’ve googled every 2 ww 😂😂 I stopped myself (after reading one page of a forum lol). Getting a facial tomorrow. Going to relax!!

Sorry you have so long to wait. I barely remember my FET now. (One injection for me tho) x


Tigerlily99 · 27/06/2018 21:24

@beherenow- facial sounds fab! I’m working tomorrow though, otherwise I’d be super tempted! I think I’m going to be dreadful by the time I get to 2WW, I’m also one of those naughty early testers- I buy the FRERs in bulk! Going to be good this time though (maybe).

OP posts:

Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 21:36

This is going to Hurt is really good and funny (although actually not recommended for this thread!). I read Eleanor Oliohant is completely fine recently as well and that was okay. I also really liked a book I read a couple of weeks ago called Together by Julie Cohen. That made me cry (although again I’ve just realised maybe not for this thread 😕). The Break by Marian Keyes is really long so keeps you going!


Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 21:42

I’m not really that bad at spelling - it’s my phone!


Maiarindell1 · 27/06/2018 22:33

@HJ82 thank you I’m sure it will show, today is day 27 but my cycle is usually 24 days so hopefully any day now!

Liane Moriaty and Lisa Jewell books always have me glued to them. Enjoy the pamper time @beherenow32


physicskate · 28/06/2018 08:24

The line at 8dp5dt is no darker than the 6dp5dt on frer... not expecting a good outcome. This would be my third chemical. What the fuck is wrong with my uterus?!?!


cannonball8726 · 28/06/2018 08:47

@physicskate it's encouraging that you have a positive test the day before your OTD! Fingers crossed xxx

Great news on ET, @beherenow32.

Good luck with your news today, @Ginandtonic31!

@Tigerlily99 I know what you mean. Long protocol is dragging!

@ginandtonicplease next Monday not far away. How are you feeling?

Day 3 of downreg. The headaches have gone... touch wood. Hope you are feeling better too @tikha and @HJ82. When do you both (and @tigerlily99) stop your norethisterone? I should remember from previous thread!


79andnotout · 28/06/2018 09:53

Sorry to butt in, but @physicskate - try to stay positive. Judging a line on a test is a very crude and analogue way of doing things, so there could be lots of reasons it's not looking darker yet, it's too open to interpretation. Hang tight, and good luck!


HJ82 · 28/06/2018 10:46

@cannonball8726 I stop tablets today! Thank god because my bowel can’t handle any more intense stabbing Diarrhea cramps! It’s to the point I break out in a cold sweat. Not every day thankfully but it’s her bad!


ginandtonicformeplease · 28/06/2018 11:08

@cannonball8726 I have mixed feelings about it TBH. On the one hand it still seems ages away and I just want this over with (EC was way back at the beginning of April!), on the other hand I'm petrified.

Since taking the progynova and even more since starting the cyclogest I've been absolutely exhausted and also starving. I'm not sure if this is just coincidence or side effects. I don't think the heat helps.

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