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IVF/ICSI June/ July 2018 (Part 2)

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Tigerlily99 · 25/06/2018 23:25

Hello ladies, I think we reached the maximum no of posts on last thread so I opened a new one. Hope you are Ok with this OP (@cannonball)? X

OP posts:
Ginandtonic31 · 25/06/2018 23:31

As for Burserelin that was my trigger. The one I had 5 mins to sort. I literally drew up just over 0.5, gave it a good whack in the kitchen side and pushed it up to 0.5, pushing the air out first then a bit of the Solution then jabbed straight in! No idea if that was right or not but time was against me!

Tigerlily99 · 25/06/2018 23:36

@ginandtonic- yeah I remember that you had practically no notice to trigger! I had no idea PGD would take so long, had assumed it would be similar timelines to PGS. Hope you get some good new on Thurs. X

OP posts:
physicskate · 26/06/2018 07:45

I did something stupid again. I tested and the line is darker. So I don't think it's just trigger... so I'm supposing it means I'm still in with a shout. I'm very very aware of what can go wrong. I'm under no illusions this means a baby.

HJ82 · 26/06/2018 07:58

@tigerlily99. Yeah they gave me a huge pink needle to draw up the solution and a teeny one to inject. Expecting me to swap needles mid way thru. As if. Also feel pretty uncomfortable about the waste. I think it would be totally fine to use the same syringe everyday and just change the needle. So much plastic! Anyway, Def inject air into the bottle first and draw upside down to stop pressure. If you draw 1ml then squirt a bit back in then there will be no chance of a bubble. Smile I just hope my relationship survives this haha! I feel like I’m injecting truth serum Shock I’m staying away from people at work. Just smiling. No idea when scan is, I SHOULD bleed this weekend... we will see. I suspect it won’t be on time due to these supercur shots

Ginandtonic31 · 26/06/2018 08:16

@HJ82 my cetrotide came with two needs as you needed to mix powder and liquid. I just got used to drawing up, switching needles, in etc. Just became second nature.

Beherenow32 · 26/06/2018 08:30

@physicskate that looks like a good sign!

I am feel so unwell 😐 I’ve heard that’s better for implantation. Stops your immune system trying to fight off the embryo. Don’t suppose there’s anything truth in that?! 😂 joking. Just gutted because I wanted to be able to relax.

Good luck with everyone doing injections. It’s so nice not doing them now. 😙 xx

Ginandtonic31 · 26/06/2018 09:17

Is that true @Beherenow32? I’m screwed then as everyone jokes about how good my immune system is 😕

Beherenow32 · 26/06/2018 09:29

@Ginandtonic31 😂 I doubt it. Just trying to make myself feel better! X

ginandtonicformeplease · 26/06/2018 09:40

Thanks for starting a new thread tigerlily

I'm absolutely exhausted thanks to my clinic. I arranged a scan for 9am this morning, only to be called late on Saturday (while away on holiday!) that they had to rearrange it as the doctor had an EC to do at 9am - apparently on days when he has EC they just rearrange everyone's scans. I'm afraid I may have gotten a little irate with the poor woman who called me to rearrange as it just doesn't seem a sustainable way to run a clinic - if they'd told me they only had 12pm then I'd have made arrangements with work, as it is I had to contact my manager from the lovely sunny Channel Islands and hope that he didn't mind me doing a split day, starting at 7.30, then being off for 3 hours, then coming back and working until late. It just seems ridiculous that all this money we're paying and this is the best system they've got.

DH had been pleasantly surprised that the hormones for EC didn't seem to affect me, unfortunately I'm turning into a lunatic and ranting and raving about the slightest little thing in this run up to FET. I even KNOW I'm turning into a lunatic but I just can't seem to help it Blush

HJ82 · 26/06/2018 11:05

@ginandtonic31 yeah for the stims I’ll use the big needle as there’s a lot of mixing and mL for the down regging it’s 0.5ml so not much point using the huge needle.

cannonball8726 · 26/06/2018 20:49

Thanks for new thread @tigerlily99. How are you getting on?

Have horrible headaches today since starting buserelin... and it's only day 1 of downreg. Jeez.

@physicskate ah fingers crossed! When is OTD?

@Hj82 - haha truth serum! Brilliant. My consultant told my husband that the downreg would bring on horrific mood swings. Maybe that's why he's out this evening!😂

Sorry you are feeling rubbish @Beherenow. When is ET? Did I miss it?!

@ginandtonicplease it is ridiculous that your clinic does that! As if IVF wasn't stressful enough.

Beherenow32 · 26/06/2018 20:55

@cannonball8726 going in for transfer tomorrow. 😬

The first time I down regg I had really bad headaches. I just kept drinking water constantly... can’t remember much if it helped. Hope it does for you!

Feeling terrified that I’ll know the result next week. Argh! 😵


physicskate · 26/06/2018 21:02

OTD is Friday. I go in for bloods and more meds if needed. Feeling hopeful but not terribly confident. I've lost the last two at 4+3, so will feel slightly better about things if I make it that far this time...

tikha · 26/06/2018 21:42

@cannonball8726 glad you got some time off. @tigerlily thanks fpr starting new thread.

Day 2 of injections and its already hit me with really low mood and headache. Have to figure out a way out of work

tikha · 26/06/2018 21:43

@physicskate good luck

Maiarindell1 · 26/06/2018 22:07

@beherenow32 good luck for transfer tomorrow - hope you’re having a chilled evening tonight and that tomorrow goes well.

@cannonball8726 and @tikha I managed to shake the headaches off by drinking loads of water (but spending most of the day going for a wee!!)

I’m on day 6 of down reg now, period is late and had the strangest stabbing pains on my left side this morning 🤷‍♀️

Beherenow32 · 26/06/2018 23:03

@Maiarindell1 thank you. Hope I dont cough or sneeze the embryo out with this cold 🙊🙊 lol.
You feel all sorts with ivf! Who knows what’s actually going on in there! X

Tigerlily99 · 26/06/2018 23:06

Oh no guys! I feel really bad you’re having side effects to the medications. Oddly enough I’ve not had anything today and have done 3 injections so far. No rash this am after cleaning up spillage from syringe.
Makes me wonder if it’s working!
@beherenow- good luck for transfer tomorrow
@ginandtonicformeplease- Do you know when transfer will be? FET seems to take ages and I’m only just started!
@HJ82- I’m also supposed to bleed this weekend but who knows when it will happen!
@maiarindell- I hope AF comes soon!
@tikha and @cannonball- I hope side headaches settle down. X

OP posts:
LopeyLopez · 27/06/2018 06:56

Trigger shot done for me (last night) and egg collection is Thursday. Feeling ok - just a bit bloated and "sore" around the ovary area, if that makes sense. Will be glad to have the weight taken off when they suck out all these follicles tomorrow.....I can but hope they get some eggs from them too....!

Good luck for et today @Beherenow32 and for Friday @physicskate x

Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 08:12

@LopeyLopez my left side felt really swollen and I was hobbling when walking 😂 I did slowly manage the ten min walk to the tube to get to the hospital though. First thing I said to the nurse when I woke up is will I have instant relief now they’ve been drained. She said I would and I did. I was then just sore in general but not my ovaries, they felt relieved.

Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 09:49

I feel weird today like my period is on its way but less than a week after egg collection seems to soon!

natz26 · 27/06/2018 10:23

My sise effects all gone since EC await my update from the clinic tomorrow but hopefully on track from ET on saturday 😊. Currently resting at home and still have not let on to wk that I'm going through IVF

HJ82 · 27/06/2018 11:35

I am slowly getting more insane. I better not be on this crap for 2 weeks. I am breathing through it. Insight timer app is helping.

How is everyone feeling today?

Ginandtonic31, I am sure it will be ok. Have you had ET yet?

@LopeyLopez - best of luck to you for thursday!

cannonball8726, my mood sucks! Little things just set me off. Yesterday a station attendant told me my train was from St Pancras not Kings x, making me miss the train... I almost went back to him to abuse him when I realised he'd messed up. But BF managed to stop me.. I was so angry at that! my god. who am I? I am still a bit angry at him hahahaha. At least I know what my menopausal friends have been going through and I forgive them for screaming at people now.

@beherenow hope your ET went well!

Maiarindell1, AF will come imminently. You start down reg on day 21 so you're only on cycle day 26 right now, right? But I've heard Supercur will delay period. I guess that's why they dose you up on progesterone so when you stop the pills your AF should come pretty quickly.

HJ82 · 27/06/2018 11:36

@Ginandtonic31 @Maiarindell1 forgot my @ sign. doh.

Ginandtonic31 · 27/06/2018 12:23

@HJ82 no I don’t get a transfer for a while yet. First of all my embryos (all 3 of them 🙄) have to make it to biopsy and the freezer. Then I have to wait for them to build a test and test any that can be biopsied. So it’s around 6 months for transfer for me. Well, if any make it to biopsy. Expecting the call tomorrow to find out if any made it.

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