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IVF cycle buddies June/July

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Hobbes39 · 30/05/2017 12:09

Hi! I'm hoping that this is 3rd time lucky for us... due to start process for my first Frozen transfer in June, with the actual transfer being in July... anyone want to join me on the journey? We have 2 unsuccessful fresh cycles behind us, and I have this one single little embryo from the last cycle sitting in the freezer waiting for me. It's a 3BB and all my hopes are pinned on it being the one!
We have unexplained secondary infertility, have a DS who will be 4 in August, and I've just turned 40, so time isn't on our side... so I'm now waiting for my period to start (due in about 10-14 days, although my cycles are mucked up since our ivf failed in April)... but once it comes i will be down regged to them do transfer early July I think! Fingers crossed we get lucky this time...!

OP posts:

79Karen · 17/06/2017 21:38

I get on well with my boss and he knew about my previous miscarriages so I thought, sod it, and told him about the ivf. He's been really supportive so far and I explained about the possible short notice for ec and et so hopefully when I get there I should be ok having the time off. Think I'm gonna book the 2nd week of 2ww off though, I think for me that's going to be the hardest part and I won't be able to concentrate anyway


Hopes2bmom · 17/06/2017 22:01

Hello Karen, have you started your stims yet!? How is it going


79Karen · 17/06/2017 22:08

Hi Hopes2 no I'm still down regging, just done my first week so baseline scan on 26th. Everything has been fine really, bit tired and have had a real headache today but it's not too bad. How about you?


Hopes2bmom · 17/06/2017 22:16

I'm on stims day 2. Am feeling okay but having kind of mood swings and getting irritated for no reason 😀 not sure if the harmone drugs are playing around. Otherwise am ok, having my scan on Wednesday, do you know on what stims medications and the dose you will be on?


79Karen · 17/06/2017 22:26

I think it's gonal-f? It's the pen type, I put them all in the fridge when my meds were delivered but then my cycle was delayed by about 3 weeks so they've been in there a while. Don't know dose yet though, I assume they'll tell me at the scan appointment? And there's another pen injection too, cetrotide? I don't actually know what that is, I'm hoping it'll be explained. What about you?


Hopes2bmom · 17/06/2017 22:50

Okay, I had cetrotide in my first round. Now for long protocol I have gonal-f and luveris no cetrotide though. I'm on 300 mg gonal f which is again different from my previous cycle(last time it was 450). I think long protocol is about low dose and controlling over the whole process, they might change the dose on Wednesday based on the growth. I also take clexane from day 1 stims. I have a slight elevated natural killer cells so I'm one a low dose of a steroid and clexane which is a blood thinner.


Pyjamas81 · 18/06/2017 11:37

Hi everyone πŸ‘‹πŸΌ hope you don't mind me joining? I've been lurking for a while waiting for AF to show up (due tomorrow) as am about to start short protocol IVF. Well I started spotting today, so looks like it's all systems go for this week - first time IVF so trying to keep expectations low.

A bit about me - I'm 36, DH is 42, been TTC for 13 months, I have low AMH, DH sperm is fine, everything else appears to be fine with me. We're going to the Lister clinic to be treated. It all feels very daunting, but now I know it's coming, I just want AF to properly arrive so I can call the clinic and get the ball rolling. Should I call them today as am spotting or wait until AF properly arrives?

Hope everyone is doing ok!


Hopes2bmom · 18/06/2017 11:44

Hello pyjama ,

Welcome and good luck with your cycle! I call my clinic when I start spotting and book in my baseline scan and blood works appointment. They usually call me in on cd2. I need to go after one day after a full bleed.


Pyjamas81 · 18/06/2017 12:42

Thanks hopes! I've called them and left them a message πŸ‘πŸΌ Bit sad it's come to this today, but trying to be positive.


GirlcalledJames · 18/06/2017 16:07

I started my injections yesterday and it doesn't hurt at all (in case anyone else is nervous like I was).
The nurse said the medication would 'burn' after injection and having felt it now I see what she means but it's not painful at all, it's like a very very slight itching under the skin.
Also, when I got the packages out I realised it's Meriovert not Merional.


geeup · 18/06/2017 16:48

Welcome pyjamas!! Sorry to see you hear but welcome from me especially (we knew each other on another thread). Exciting you're getting started. I'm on long protocol so downregging at the mo so will be bit behind you as I'm waiting for my bleed. Any questions/worries we can help with?


Pyjamas81 · 18/06/2017 17:42

Thanks for the warm welcome!

And hello gee! When do you expect your bleed?

That's interesting James - I'm pretty nervous about the first injection, but sure I'll get used to it.

I'll be picking up the medicine from the clinic's pharmacy - bit worried about maintaining it at room temp as have to travel in this goddamn heat on the tube - may just fork out for a cab home! They also said not to refrigerate it, so not sure how I'm going to keep it at room temp at home either, even my lip balm has melted in here!

Only a couple of questions (am sure there will be more!) - am going to be on Gonal F (300) and Cetrotide - are there any side effects I should watch out for?


bringmesunshinetoo · 18/06/2017 17:58

Hello Everyone. Can I join too, please? I'll be starting my first round of ivf early next month, hopefully.

Karen, I'm in a similar position to you. Just had 2 uterine polyps removed. How did you feel after the procedure? Did you have it under general anaesthetic? I thought I'd be feeling better by now but am still experiencing cramps and bleeding.


79Karen · 18/06/2017 20:15

Hi sunshine it's really nice to hear from someone else who's had polyps. Mine was a bit odd, I had one which was discovered last august after an HSG. It was confirmed with a hysteroscopy and they then removed it, so no anaesthetic though it was very uncomfortable. Moved forward to last month and because of my history they wanted to scan me just to make sure and there it was, the consultant said it was the same one and it wasn't removed properly. This time I had is removed under general (was told it was broad based and only could be done under GA) so hopefully now it is gone. After this removal I did have cramps for a while and light pinkish bleeding on and off for a bit. I really hope it's gone now. How did you find out about yours?


Pyjamas81 · 19/06/2017 07:55

And we're off - AF arrived this morning. Calling the clinic today. Time to buckle up and put the IVF helmet on!


Hobbes39 · 19/06/2017 15:34

Hi pyjamas - you asked about side effects for gonal f - I was lucky I think in not feeling too bad on the gonal f - it's the down regging that gets me (headaches mostly) but I did notice I was ALWAYS thirsty on gonal F, and I also bloated quite a bit. Other than that though I felt so much better on the stims than on the buserelin alone!
With storing the drugs, I think if you can find a drawer or cupboard which isn't sitting in the sun, they will probably be fine in there. If you are worried and your house is really hot at the moment, you could put an ice pack in the drawer (but not next to the drugs) too? X

OP posts:

Pyjamas81 · 19/06/2017 16:13

Ah thanks Hobbes - good tip and good to know about thirst! I drink A LOT of water - a bit more won't hurt!

All booked in for midday tomorrow - holy crap.


79Karen · 19/06/2017 18:42

That's interesting about the meds storage, mine was delivered refrigerated and I was told to put it straight in the fridge which is where it has been since? That's the Gonal-F and cetrotide and as it's been pretty warm and it says not to store over 25 degrees, ive been keeping the buserelin in the fridge too?


Fox23 · 19/06/2017 19:07

pyjamas good luck tomorrow!
I've got my doctors appointment tomorrow-scan, blood/urine tests results etc. I'm getting very nervous. I know I've had all tests, including 3 scans, done before getting acu referral, so don't think they can discover anything new. And I just can't wait now. I think waiting must be the worst part.


Pyjamas81 · 19/06/2017 19:30

Thanks fox - good luck to you too!

I'll double check tomorrow Karen - my instruction pack from clinic says don't refrigerate, but will be tough to keep things cool anywhere in this house at the moment!


Pyjamas81 · 19/06/2017 21:11

Quick question - what time do you ladies do your injections each night? Does it have to be at a set time?


79Karen · 19/06/2017 21:21

Hi Pyjamas that's a good question as I'm not sure why but I started my first one at 6.45pm so now I do the same each eve, I must have thought that I would get it done when I get home each day but now I have an evening meeting on Thursday and I'm out Friday eve! Didn't really think it through! Not quite sure what to do, they might just have to be done late


Hopes2bmom · 19/06/2017 21:54

Hi pyjamas, I have my injections between 8.30 to 9 pm in the night. One hour after dinner. This suits me because after all the injections my abdominal area feels a sharp pain for a while. So I prefer relaxing after it, so I finish off all the chores and then take the injections and then relax for a while and go to bed.


Hobbes39 · 19/06/2017 22:15

I did my injections in the morning - just after getting up. My clinic told me to do them in the morning and to be honest I'm glad as it got it out the way and less chance of something else interfering. I don't know for sure, but I don't think it matters when you decide to do them, so long as you are consistent within an hour(ish) either side?

OP posts:

Pyjamas81 · 19/06/2017 23:05

Thanks guys! I think I'm going to go for 8.30pm as well. I'm always rushing In the morning and want to get dinner out of the way then relax as well πŸ‘πŸΌ

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