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IVF cycle buddies June/July

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Hobbes39 · 30/05/2017 12:09

Hi! I'm hoping that this is 3rd time lucky for us... due to start process for my first Frozen transfer in June, with the actual transfer being in July... anyone want to join me on the journey? We have 2 unsuccessful fresh cycles behind us, and I have this one single little embryo from the last cycle sitting in the freezer waiting for me. It's a 3BB and all my hopes are pinned on it being the one!
We have unexplained secondary infertility, have a DS who will be 4 in August, and I've just turned 40, so time isn't on our side... so I'm now waiting for my period to start (due in about 10-14 days, although my cycles are mucked up since our ivf failed in April)... but once it comes i will be down regged to them do transfer early July I think! Fingers crossed we get lucky this time...!

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geeup · 22/06/2017 10:42

Hi all CD1 here - was very happy to see AF after last month's weird and delayed period. So baseline scan on Monday and should start stimming Tuesday. Hurrah. Now it starts to feel real!


79Karen · 22/06/2017 10:52

Hi geeup I hopefully start stims on Monday after scan. Good luck


geeup · 22/06/2017 10:58

Great - nice we'll be at the same stage :)


Hobbes39 · 22/06/2017 15:19

Hi Geeup - I should start HRT on Tuesday too - so sort of stimming!
I'm on my 13thday of my period Confused on this slow release down reg drug - not fun.... Sad

OP posts:

LoPl · 22/06/2017 15:42

Gosh, lots of movement on this thread. Hope everyone doing OK with various injections etc. I'm in for a nurses scan tomorrow, and then hopefully will start the down-regging prep....


LoPl · 22/06/2017 15:48

Having now read back more of the thread - I'm encouraged by your thoughts/your clinic's thoughts on LP for our numbers Hobbes.


Goodluckjonathan76 · 22/06/2017 17:55

Hi all. So, had my appointment with the nurse today to sign the consent forms etc and get the prescription for the meds and am totally freaked out by the amount of meds needed including blood thinning injections and progesterone in all forms. Just all seems so unnatural and scary and I am freaking out about the cancer risk from taking all those meds. Must stop goggling. I even called Create fertility with a view to doing a mild stimulation cycle to try to avoid so many meds but decided against it as I think they still give you progesterone and blood thinners, which were my main worry. Is anyone else having reservations? Just not sure I want to go through with it at this cost.


Hopes2bmom · 23/06/2017 09:00

hello ladies ,

Had my scan today after 7 days of stims, total of 21 follicles out of which 4 are 7 mm and all others are 14-15 mm, they said the response is good and I'm Triggering tomorrow night , continuing gonal f , luveris till Sunday and Monday is egg Collection, it's all happening so fast 😲😲


79Karen · 23/06/2017 09:17

Wow Hopes2 that's a great number and only after 7 days too.


Hobbes39 · 23/06/2017 09:24

Hi everyone hope you are all doing ok? I'm day 14 of my period now...πŸ™„ have had enough now!
Goodluck I wasn't on blood thinners so can't really comment on that, but the progesterone didn't worry me much as while it's a synthetic form it's still something we should be producing ourselves. Honestly if I thought too much about it all, then I'd probably panic too, but I feel it's best at this stage to not think too much about it all..!
Hopes2 - those are excellent numbers, lucky you - fingers crossed for your egg collection! X

OP posts:

Hopes2bmom · 23/06/2017 09:24

Thanks Karen, I'm so scared and fingers crossed, hope things go well this time !


Nigeltufnellover · 23/06/2017 09:27

Wow Hopes that all sounds great! It is mad how fast it can all suddenly move isn't it?

Goodluck, I definitely felt overwhelmed too. I really didn't want to have to do IVF, mainly because of all the drugs and I've always reacted badly to bcp or any type of hormonal drug (i.e. Went fat and crazy), so I was and am pretty scared.
The thing that changed for me was finding out that I'm infertile because of tube scarring (after nearly 3 years of 'unexplained IF) so IVF is my only hope of having a biological child. Knowing that has helped me get through.
But it is hugely overwhelming when you see all the drugs. So I completely understand your reservations.

I'm still having bad side effects at the mo, which is frustrating. Started gonal f on Tuesday, and felt rubbish ever since. Feel sick and headachey and generally down, and constantly thirsty! Hope this doesn't last long.
Lots of love to everyone


Hopes2bmom · 23/06/2017 10:01

Thank you Nigel and Hobbes! Lots of love. Nigel hope you are doing good with stims.
Goodluck, I am on blood thinner clexane since day 1 of stims, my blood is more on the thicker side and they suspect that could cause clotting so I'm on it. Don't stress out, the clinic and the re knows us well and they will pescribe only what's good for us. Once we are into this, we shouldn't think much on it. Good luck to you!


geeup · 23/06/2017 10:38

I'm not on blood thinners but I choose to take a baby aspirin (75mg) everyday. Does anyone else?


79Karen · 23/06/2017 10:54

I used to as I was advised that it wouldn't do any harm but then when I started ivf I was told to stop until after egg transfer, but only because I bruised really easily on it.


GirlcalledJames · 23/06/2017 11:28

I plan to take baby aspirin from the day after pickup; not before because I don't want to be bleeding more than necessary from the EC.

I have worked in camcer research (now in related field) and I don't worry at all about the increased risk of cancer. If anything, it's an increase from 1–2% chance to 3–4% chance. Nothing like the difference between smoking and not smoking, for example. Never being pregnant increases your breast cancer risk too, for example.

I had a lot of acute stomach pain yesterday (day 6) and was pretty miserable thinking that it will continue and worsen for at least 4 more days but today I woke up without it. I also started on the organultran (to orevent early ovulation) so I wonder if that helped. I'm running out of unbruised skin on the stomach though. Next ultrasound tomorrow.


Ozzyboo · 23/06/2017 12:54

I've seen lots of people say they take baby aspirin.. Can I ask why & what are the benefits???


Hobbes39 · 23/06/2017 14:56

Hi Ozzy - 'baby' aspirin is basically low-dose aspirin and as it's low dose it isn't likely to do any harm, and is regularly given to people with a history of recurrent unexplained miscarriage. The theory is that there is a possibility that miscarriage could be caused by blood flow issues I think, so the aspirin can help by thinning slightly. X

OP posts:

Fox23 · 23/06/2017 15:00

Oh Hopes! Good luck!!Flowers


LoPl · 23/06/2017 15:18

good luck Hopes - thats some really good numbers you got going on there!

GirlcalledJames - that's a fascinating bit of information. And hope it's reassured you goodluck. I think it's best to take it stage at a time rather than think of the whole cycle.... otherwise it's overwhelming in all sorts of ways.

Hobbes - that's a ridiculously long period

I'm starting my nasal spray on Sunday. Does it offer a funny taste? Any tips?


Hopes2bmom · 23/06/2017 15:28

Hello LoPi,

The nasal spray is easy compared to the buserlin injections. You just feel the medicine going in while you inhale it for a couple of seconds, nothing major. But it makes you feel really thirsty and keep drinking more water too, some mild headaches also can be expected, I did not find much side effects.
I just got a call from clinic , my oestrogen levels in today's blood work was 5500 so they feel they can still give one more day before the trigger so that the smaller ones can catch up. So they told me to trigger on Sunday, so ec Tuesday.


LoPl · 23/06/2017 16:05

Thanks Hopes. And good that they think you can get a few little follies to produce as well. Fingers crossed.


Hopes2bmom · 23/06/2017 18:18

Thanks fox, fingers crossed!


Pyjamas81 · 23/06/2017 21:05

Quick question everyone - just did my fourth gonal-f injection and apart from first time I did it, I always bleed a tiny bit when I take out the needle. Is that normal? Worried I may be doing something wrong!

Are you feeling any better Nigel?


Hobbes39 · 23/06/2017 21:39

Hi pyjamas - yes - pretty normal, don't worry. Smile I found that it (and bruising) happened less if I made sure I did the injection so the needle was as straight in as possible - i.e. Absolutely perpendicular to you skin.

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