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IVF cycle buddies June/July

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Hobbes39 · 30/05/2017 12:09

Hi! I'm hoping that this is 3rd time lucky for us... due to start process for my first Frozen transfer in June, with the actual transfer being in July... anyone want to join me on the journey? We have 2 unsuccessful fresh cycles behind us, and I have this one single little embryo from the last cycle sitting in the freezer waiting for me. It's a 3BB and all my hopes are pinned on it being the one!
We have unexplained secondary infertility, have a DS who will be 4 in August, and I've just turned 40, so time isn't on our side... so I'm now waiting for my period to start (due in about 10-14 days, although my cycles are mucked up since our ivf failed in April)... but once it comes i will be down regged to them do transfer early July I think! Fingers crossed we get lucky this time...!

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79Karen · 30/05/2017 20:48

Hi Hobbes I've been on the May /June thread but due to a slight complication my DR was postponed. Have been told today that I can now begin DR on 11th June with possible collection date in early July. This is our first ivf cycle, I'm 38 and have been ttc 7 years with 2 early miscarriages. After lots of poking and prodding found out that I had a uterine polyp which could have been the cause of everything. This was removed last September (or so I thought) only to be scanned the other week to be told it was still there! Small op had on Friday just gone, and now I'm good to go!

Hobbes39 · 30/05/2017 21:20

Hi Karen - sorry you find yourself here, fingers crossed that having had your op now you will be sorted - good luck! I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriages - it's so unfair. It must be awful to feel like the polyp could be the reason for it all, but also hopeful that it explains it all? I find the 'unexplained' part so difficult to accept, and while I know I'm so so lucky to have my DS it also makes me so frustrated as everyone assumes that not having another is a choice... the docs just said to me at my review appointment that it was just bad luck... which just feels such an understatement. Anyway, I hope July is our lucky month! X

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Ozzyboo · 30/05/2017 22:57

Hi Hobbes, hope you're well and sorry to see us both back here πŸ˜”
Hi Karen,** so sorry to hear about your awful journey to this point, but hopefully they have got to the problem and it's only upwards from here!
I have my follow up appointment on Friday & 2nd AF since failed fresh transfer is due the week after, so I'm hoping to go straight back in for the FET in June.. is that normally the process? Or do you think they'll want to wait for next AF? I really hope we can start straight the way, I can't bear this sitting around and waiting malarky!

Hobbes39 · 31/05/2017 12:20

Hi Ozzy - how are you doing?
I think different clinics might have different policies, but if you are doing a medicated FET then I think you can go straight into it. I have had 2 periods (including the one that indicates failure) since the fresh cycle and will be starting the FET process when my next one comes... I think tbh they may well have done it earlier if they'd had a slot, but July was earliest slot for FET that they had! I know that my cycles have been mucked up a bit since the IVF so they did say to me that we couldn't do a 'natural' FET (i.e. Pop it back in st the right time, no DR drugs etc) as I'm not predictable enough for that, but as they take over your system again I don't think it matters how may periods you've had between. We are just incubators..! Confused Hope this time is more lucky than last...!πŸ€

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79Karen · 31/05/2017 18:07

Hi Ozzy and thanks Hobbes I really hope that July is our month. Sounds like both of you have been through this before. Do you get much feedback on a failed cycle? Do they say they'll try things differently next time? Are you both NHS or self -funding?

Hobbes39 · 31/05/2017 18:50

Karen - to be honest, no, didn't get a lot of feedback - as we are unexplained they basically tell me it's just bad luck & age. After our first attempt, which didn't go all that well (5 eggs collected, only 2 fertilised properly and were transferred on day 2) I actually had a chemical pregnancy, so they said that was a good sign, so upped the stim drugs the 2nd time - which went better, as we got more eggs and more fertilised and we got 2 transferred on day 3... with no success, but crucially we also got one frozen (which we are using now) We are self-funded, as we have a DS already... plus now I wouldn't be anyway due to being 40... it's all v frustrating as my blood tests are all pretty good for my age, so they don't know why I'm not responding all that well or why it's not worked so far... but im beginning to accept that there will probably be no answers. Are you nhs or self funded? X

OP posts:
Ozzyboo · 31/05/2017 19:37

I have only had one cycle (in April) which also ended in a chemical pregnancy, my follow up appointment is on Friday so I'm taking my list of questions with me and hoping to get some feedback! We are also self funded as OH has a child from a previous relationship. I'm 29 & I have blocked tubes due to endometriosis and suffered an ectopic pregnancy last November which resulted in one having to be removed!

79Karen · 31/05/2017 19:51

We're Nhs for now which I am really grateful for however we did have to self-fund the op on Friday as nhs wait was till September and we were all geared up to start, plus it's taken us so long to get to this point we're really keen to start now. I really hope it's 3rd time lucky for you

79Karen · 31/05/2017 19:56

Sorry, missed your reply ozzy I hope you get some good feedback on Friday, I'd like to think the first cycle it a bit of trial and error, but maybe not? You just gave to keep positive

geeup · 31/05/2017 22:19

Hi hobbes and ozzy. Sorry to see you both again here but great to see familiar faces. I have the scratch and start downregging on the 9th june so hope I can join you all if that's ok.
Karen - hello. I'm gee. Aged 34. Starting ivf cycle #2. Last round I had 6 eggs collected, 5 fertilised, 1 put back and 1 in the freezer. For cycle 2, hoping to try embryogen (a type of culture that hopefully improves implantation) but waiting to see if my clinic will let me, and having the scratch. Periods have been out of whack since my last ivf cycle - haven't ovulated since that I'm aware of - so hoping the timings don't affect the scratch.
Let's hope this is our lucky thread ladies!

LoPl · 01/06/2017 10:16

Hobbes, Ozzy and Gee - hello again! And Karen - a first hello. I may dip and out of this thread. I'm still a bit wobbly after our awful 2nd cycle (one egg collected/no fertilisation) - but having had my bloods retested to double check AMH (confirmed at 16.1) and hyscopy (clear) the Drs were more hopeful about another cycle. So thinking we'll start end of June. To recap - we were actually referred due to male factor (testicular cancer). But I'm now about to turn 38 so I guess age is playing a part too.

Karen in terms of feedback - it is a bit of trial and error, with no clear answer. They shifted me onto two medications after my first cycle (8 eggs/6 mature/2 fertilised) with the hope of getting better quality for fertilisation. However, since that clearly didn't work - they would prob go back to a single medication. I have a consultation with another clinic next week - to get their thoughts...

Is anyone taking co-enzyme 10? What dose?

geeup · 01/06/2017 10:29

Lopi I take ubiquinol (a form of q10) at 200mg a day. The book It all starts with the egg suggests more for people doing IVF but I think there's a limit to how much of this stuff you can a) afford and b) take, right!

Ozzyboo · 01/06/2017 12:29

Hello again Gee & LoPi
Sorry to see us all back here, but good to see some familiar faces/names and share experiences again! You were all so very helpful last time!
Karen - I knew deep down a first time IVF success was a long shot and tried not to get my hopes but that didn't really go very well lol! Trying to think positive that we at least a got a chemical but I suppose I'll et more answers tomorrow.

79Karen · 01/06/2017 13:05

Hi Gee and Lopi sorry you find yourselves back here. I'm starting down reg on 11th June Gee so similar time to you. I'm just trying to keep things as normal as possible and take the see how it goes approach. I've been ttc for a long time, I've tried all sorts of different things to help but found all it did was get me stressed out. So now I'm just taking my folic acid, have lost 3 stone over the last few years and will stop drinking alcohol once I start DR

Hobbes39 · 01/06/2017 23:38

Hi everyone - and hello again Gee & LoPi - it's like a reunion that none of us wanted to be going to... GrinWink!
Geeup - think we are recovering (or not) v similarly from the last round - I've been temping and Fertility Friend doesn't think I've ovulated since then... at my review I mentioned this and she said temping isn't always accurate but that it doesn't matter...
So hopefully it won't effect things for you.
LoPI - I can totally understand you being wobbly - what happened last time was such a headf#ck... hopefully switching back will mean it won't happen again. I don't understand AMH as yours is similar, but a bit better, than mine (15.4) and I remember at the start of this whole journey the nurses were talking about needing to be careful not to overstimulate me due to my good for my age AMH πŸ™„! How wrong were they? It makes no sense! Anyway, I'm
Not taking anything other than a conception multivitamin which includes folic acid - it's cytoplan pregna-plan - but no Q10... x

OP posts:
caluna · 02/06/2017 12:15

Hi, can I join you? I'm on day 6 of stims, short protocol. It's our first IVF, I have low AMH and previous uterine adhesions (infertile for 4 years because of this).
I'm taking ubiquinol too as recommended in It Starts With The Egg - been taking for 18 months now, spent a fortune! Egg collection is next week so we'll see if it's been worth it!

Ozzyboo · 02/06/2017 12:47

Welcome caluna & good luck on your journey!
Just back from my follow up, looks like I won't be starting till July/August πŸ˜” I really tried to push June but she insisted we give it another month, eventually I had to back down & accept that she knew best! I'll keep checking in on you all.. Wishing you all the luck in the world that you all get your happily ever afters x x x

79Karen · 02/06/2017 14:01

I'm sorry you are disappointed Ozzy everything always seems to take so long doesnt it! Are they saying they want you to have another period before you start again?

Ozzyboo · 02/06/2017 19:29

Yes well next period is next week so they want to start the one after that so July! It will be a lonnnnng month but I want to give it the best shot so I'm prepared to wait. They also mentioned about putting 2 back up which I am well up for but other halfs face went white πŸ˜‚

JessicaJones1 · 02/06/2017 21:12

Hi Hobbes39

Please can I join? I'm starting on 8th June via the NHS. Drugs delivered today. First go, on long protocol. I would love to join you on your journey (and everyone else!). Smile


Hobbes39 · 04/06/2017 22:54

Hi all!
Welcome to our sorry group Caluna & JessicaJ - I hope you are both first time lucky as I'm determined this thread is going to be the lucky thread Smile!
Ozzy I'm so sorry you are having a frustrating start to things - it feels like such a long wait anyway, without further delays.. ug. I'm so sorry, but please if you would like to, keep us posted on how you are doing..!
I'm just waiting for my period to come then will be contacting the hospital and then I might know more what's happening for me - my clinic is wonderfully vague when it comes to details about things until you are right in the thick of it... with this being my first frozen cycle I don't fully know what to expect, despite feeling reluctantly like an old hand at the fresh cycle bit. I hate not knowing! Hope everyone else is ok and any if any of you are based in London, I hope you are all safe - I used to live in london and walked over London Bridge at least twice a day... it's so awful x

OP posts:
Ozzyboo · 05/06/2017 10:07

Thanks hobbes.. AF actually arrived 5 days early on Saturday which is very unusual for me, I'm usually 28 days exactly! Maybe this is why they like you to give it a few months to sort yourself back out! Anyway, if it goes back to 28 days I should be able to start end of June 😊 or a little earlier if it comes 5 days early again lol!

79Karen · 05/06/2017 17:29

end of June isn't so bad Ozzy and with the prospect of putting 2 back this time too. We've been told we can have a maximum of 2 as well (if we get that option) and when I pressed this further was told that we would have the final say. I suppose we'll see how it all goes

Ozzyboo · 05/06/2017 19:28

Yeh they said the same to us that it was ultimately decision. What are your thoughts on having 2 put back in Karen? And anybody else for that matter....

LoPl · 05/06/2017 19:41

Hi Caluna & JessicaJ - wishing you lots of luck on this journey.

Hobbes - I'm very thankful for this thread already! Positive vibes needed in the Lopl household today (AF came to remind me that DTD isn't enough for us....)

Ozzy - I had 2 put back on my first cycle - but when you've low numbers like me, it just makes sense. I was at a Christening recently for IVF twins. There were complications in the pregnancy (bedrest required) and birth (premature) - but they are doing very well now. I think you will be guided well my the Drs regardless.

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