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Kate and William have split!

168 replies

McDreamy · 14/04/2007 08:05

I wasn't expecting that! Thought she was going to be the next Princess. Maybe the pressure was too much, they are very young.

OP posts:
Nbg · 14/04/2007 08:07

Awww that is sad.
It seems the press was alot for her.

sassy · 14/04/2007 08:08

Really, who cares? They do, obviously; perhaps their families. Oh, and Woolworths will be upset as they have apparently already made thousands of engagement souvenir plates. But I and most people I know could not care less.

earlgrey · 14/04/2007 08:09

Just heard this on R5 mid slumber. Is it an official announcement? How awful if you did decide you wanted to get back together but had told the world you'd split up ....

chenin · 14/04/2007 08:09

sensible girl... hope it was her that did the walking!

Now he needs to find some horse-faced minor european royalty girl to marry!

WideWebWitch · 14/04/2007 08:09

I said so, I said so!

Mhamai · 14/04/2007 08:10

Oh thank God, no Paris tunnel equiv to look forward too, crap , sorry thinkin out loud again

McDreamy · 14/04/2007 08:13

Clearly quite alot of people care sassy as it's the story has taken over sky news (the only thing that's on over here!) and no doubt the papers and magazines over the next few days will be full of it as they know it will sell.

I really like the royal family and so I feel sorry for them

OP posts:
WideWebWitch · 14/04/2007 08:13

I can't find the thread but I said ages ago that I thought she was a practice girlfriend and that he wouldn't marry her.

JustUsTwo · 14/04/2007 08:15

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

McDreamy · 14/04/2007 08:15

practice girlfriend - I love that

OP posts:
chenin · 14/04/2007 08:15

Oh noooo! How many days have we to look forward to of the papers analysing the whys and wherefores. How brain numbingly boring....

I like the royal family too.... I just don't want to keep reading about them. It is the incessant newspaper coverage that does my head in. I'm not surprised its finished... she looked too normal.

He needs to marry Princess Marguerite of Moldovia or something....

chenin · 14/04/2007 08:17

Well done WWW.... could you be official MN Royal Correspondent maybe?!!

MintChocChippyMinton · 14/04/2007 08:18
Twiglett · 14/04/2007 08:18

what? you mean a young man and young woman have split up from the partner they dated through university [horror]

how will we ever recover

that just never happens, does it? I am so shocked

[sarcastic emoticon]

oh fgs they're 21 or something .. who flaming cares

sassy · 14/04/2007 08:20

Thank you Twig, for speaking sense

Gingerbear · 14/04/2007 08:21

Twig, you read my mind!

They are only 24 FGS, at least another 10 years of enjoying life before getting wed.

Mhamai · 14/04/2007 08:25

Twig, how soon you forget, ok Charley Boy was an old codger, jeez what must he have been at the time 40'ish about the age I'm now h3eading to but nonetheless got bethrowewed [sp?] Anyarhoo, oral is, our or rather your K was headin the way of D Confused? No, well fark I am!

DANCESwithaFewExtraPounds · 14/04/2007 08:26

I dated dh through university and we've been happily married for 6 years so nur diddly nur nur Twig

Nbg · 14/04/2007 08:28

I met my dh when I was 18 and am now 24 and happily married for 3 years.

Big raspberries

Twiglett · 14/04/2007 08:28

having scanned thread now .. cos I never bother before posting .. I have to say I agree with the poster who says the only sad thing about it is the way the news and papers will be obsessed with it .. which will irritate me intensely .. because it is impossible to avoid and its not news .. its a couple of young people doing what young people do best

I just don't care .. youth angst is most unappealing and should be in private

glassslipper · 14/04/2007 08:28

i think it's quite sad actually. they were obviously very happy and something has gone wrong. royal or not, breaking up is always pants...

Twiglett · 14/04/2007 08:29

what the feck did you just post Mhamai?


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franke · 14/04/2007 08:31

Maybe he'll get his head together eventually and marry her in about 40 years when they've both run roughshod over their previous (future) partners.

Actually I don't know why I'm bothering to post, I couldn't really give a toss either.

Twiglett · 14/04/2007 08:31

ahhh you see between the ages of 18 and 24 (and beyond) I was simply shagging my way round the world

bigger raspberries

Mhamai · 14/04/2007 08:32

Ah come on twig, not like you to be naive, how in the name of jaysus could di's offspring be ever be assued to be a jo soap going about his business? me cynical [sp?] hell yeah!

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