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dh (again, sorry)

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misdee · 09/03/2005 23:30

swollen ankles, and stomache. not good. both signs of heart failure. getting a feeling he'll be back in hospital in the next few days

OP posts:
Bonkerz · 09/03/2005 23:31

sorry to hear that misdee. sending you hugs(())) Be strong.

Gwenick · 09/03/2005 23:32

aww misdee - sorry to here that

[big hug] for you all

and If I here ONe more person say sorry today.......................

Bearess · 09/03/2005 23:32

oh misdee we haven't talked about this before but I am sorry

lilsmum · 09/03/2005 23:34

sorry to hear that, fingers crossed for you and him

misdee · 09/03/2005 23:34

i dont want him to go back to hospital. i want him home with me and the kids. i also dont want to be dealing with this day to day. just wish i could leave all this behind, even for one day and have a normal day for once.

OP posts:
lilsmum · 09/03/2005 23:35

is there nothing they can do to help him? xx

Bearess · 09/03/2005 23:36

of course you do, misdee, it's so unfair

misdee · 09/03/2005 23:36

pump him full of IV dirutics to get rid of the fluid (his weight has also increased by a stone and half in 2 weeks, which is another sign), then heart transplant. thats it.

OP posts:
Bearess · 09/03/2005 23:37

How long has he been ill misdee?

lilsmum · 09/03/2005 23:38
misdee · 09/03/2005 23:38

3years in april. was doing well till about 6months ago, then went downhill rapidly.

OP posts:
Bearess · 09/03/2005 23:40

Oh God, poor all of you. I would be in bits if it were my dh, do you get help from family etc?

misdee · 09/03/2005 23:42

family have been great.

i am selfishly thinking/wishing for dh to go into hospital after i have learnt to drive. i have theory test next week, then am booking intensive course if i pass the theory. dh will be in Harefield hospital for the transplant, and i need to be driving by then. plus we have a holiday booked for may, and dont want to go on my own with the kids.

OP posts:
Bearess · 09/03/2005 23:45

so (sorry, don't know how these things work) is he on a list for a transplant - and is he nearing the top?

lilsmum · 09/03/2005 23:45

misdee, tell me to mind my own business if you like ... but what is actually wrong with his heart? i have read quite a few of your posts about it all and cant even imagine what you are all going through

misdee · 09/03/2005 23:47

his heart is very enlarged, which was due to a flu virus. as the heart is a muscle, the enlargement has made the heart weak and 'floppy'. it isnt pumping properly. the heart rythym is also bad. as his heart isnt pumping properly he is at risk of blood clots as well. there has been detoration in the last six months (dont know how the mkeasure this), and he has now been assessed for transplant. he is on the list and on monday he will find out where he is prioty-wise.

OP posts:
lilsmum · 09/03/2005 23:50

from flu? oh my god!! your poor dh and you, how awful xx

Gwenick · 09/03/2005 23:50

misdee - I have to say I think you're handling it all incredibly well - if it had been me I'd have completely lost the plot by now, and the thought of having a baby as well would terrify me!

[another big hug]

misdee · 09/03/2005 23:51

if u want to read about DCM then its all there.

OP posts:
misdee · 09/03/2005 23:52

i think i may well lose it soon. have informed dh and my HV that when dh has had the transplant and is recovered, then i am booking myself a month of madness. if i lose it now, then the whole family will suffer.

OP posts:
Bearess · 09/03/2005 23:52

how damn unlucky, hope that the news on Monday is good, fingers crossed here.

Gwenick · 09/03/2005 23:55

just read it - sounds awful for you

Bearess · 09/03/2005 23:55

you sound like you are coping fabulously well, you may just crumple when all the horrible stuff is over and dh has had his transplant - I think a month of madness is a wonderful idea!

lilsmum · 09/03/2005 23:55

misdee, you must be a very strong person to deal with this as well as your dd's,much respect here, and good luck for monday, will be thinking of you xxx

misdee · 10/03/2005 00:00

i'm off to bed. dh has pinched some pillows to rest his legs on, must buy some more, so will have a night of kicking his feet pillows onto his side of the bed.

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