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Conflict in the Middle East

To think it’s turning into genocide in real time part 2

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Everythingnotsavedwillbelost73 · 22/10/2023 08:43

First thread here but it’s full

Medical Aid to Palestine posted this thread on facebook describing the scenes in Gaza as being like the last days of humanity with one of their staff members having to search through piles of bodies to find his 13 year old niece

The main stream press aren’t really addressing the horror of what is happening (bar maybe Channel 4 news and Al Jazeera) - it’s a sanitised version.

As I said in the original thread, there has been absolute horror on both sides but the Israeli government are inflicting collective punishment on the people of Gaza, which is a war crime under international law.

I still feel we are watching genocide in real time.

To think it’s turning into genocide in real time | Mumsnet

Just seen this on the news- how can this be right? It genuinely is starting to feel like genocide. What Hamas did was beyond appalling. But this i...

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SadTimes96 · 06/11/2023 13:51

Coughingdodger · 06/11/2023 08:29

Despite all my pro-Palestine posts I do think Israel should exist. But I don’t see how things can continue after this in their current form. Too much damage has been done over the past few years, leading to this utter catastrophe.

I think the layout is odd and Gaza should not be almost completely encircled by a hostile state. Imo there should be a rearrangement so that Gaza is not encircled and Israel can protect its borders without imprisoning another country.

Israel should then be absolutely obliged to keep to agreed borders and any infractions should lead to severe international penalties/sanctions.

HOWEVER changing the layout would mean obliging people to move their homes so I don’t know how that would go. The “well-meaning” West has tried to move people around before and it usually doesn’t go well (although it eventually worked in India - or did it?!)

It did not work in India. Millions of people died and the people of Kashmir are still suffering (and dying) til this day.

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