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First timmers and mid 20's

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Natty1806 · 14/06/2006 13:25


Just thought as there was a thread for the older mums (there words not mine)Smile
that i would start one for the younger ones.

Think AF is on her way (fingers crossed) as i normally have 48-70 cycles this will be my first one at 34/35 days - yippee.

It probably won't happen now, anyway feel free to write away.

TTC 11 month - waiting for appoinment at fertlity clinic.

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Natty1806 · 14/06/2006 16:24


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Hopecat · 14/06/2006 16:33

Hey Natty - I'll join you! (If I'm allowed at the grand old age of 30).

I am a first-timer at least, and the 'older mums' thread says late thirties, so unless I get really cliquey and start a 30-35 thread, this is my niche.

So, obviously, as not-yet-mums we secretly disapprove of everyone else's child-rearing methods, and know that we'll be naturals and sail through motherhood. Right?

Natty1806 · 14/06/2006 16:37

Of course Hopecat, yes as we are not yet mums we will be naturals. x

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Hopecat · 14/06/2006 16:41

I am fully of the belief that - once I actually manage to conceive, take it to full-term and give birth - I will no longer need mumsnet as I will know automatically what to do. I will smile pityingly at those who try to give me advice, and slowly word of my wisdom will spread. Cynical long-term Mumsnetters will flock to hear my every utterance.

Oh yes.

Natty1806 · 14/06/2006 17:33

I just cannot believe how addictive this site is, i seem to pop in every two hours to see what has happened.

I think we are all waiting for peachy to test and so i keep coming in for that, and to see you coggy are doing on the weight loss thread.

i keep telling myself - have a day off. think i will get the sack if i carry on, so might have to start going on more in the evening and do a days reading to catch up.

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Hopecat · 14/06/2006 17:45

Right there with you Natty. I'm self-employed, so there's no-one to stop me: a blessing and a curse.

TBH, mumsnet has pretty much kept me sane (more or less) through this ttc period. Me & DH have to work very hard not to let it affect our relationship, but we still feel like all the fun has been taken out of life recently. Can't drink too much, can't get stoned, sex isn't spontaneous.

If we have a baby then obviously it will have been worth it (although we still won't be able to drink to much or get stoned), but - without being able to see the future - it's hard.

Natty1806 · 14/06/2006 17:59

Lucky you - wish i was my own boss.

Have to admit i still drink too much for ttc, binge drink at weekends. And my partner drinks at weekend too, he does sometimes have a few in the week, plus he smokes which is v bad but i can't get him to give up.

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Beccy1974 · 14/06/2006 18:27

me me.. can i join.. do i count? am 31, and is first 2 months of trying..

i'd be lost without this site

coggy · 14/06/2006 18:45

I've been lurking and LOL at your comments Hopecat and Natty.....I agree!! Grin

I'm only lurking however becasue I am FAR too old to be on this thread so I am going away again quietly..................

.....................Sad I belong nowhere!!!!!!


Natty1806 · 15/06/2006 07:11

oh coggy you do make me laugh.x

Of course beccy. i am the youngest i think at 24 (on sunday)

Well no more signs of AF the bitch - where has she gone? i thought she was going to be nice and not make me wait 7/10 weeks.


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Natty1806 · 15/06/2006 13:13


AF has now arrived after 11 months off the pill this is my shortest cycle at 35 days - hope this is the start of good things.

I going to chart now and use my clear blue fetility monitor, so might need some help with the covering line as i am not sure i have understood that correctly in 'taking charge of your fertlilty book' (will have to finish reading it now)

As you can imagine i am V happy and just hope this means i might have started to ovulate and my progestrone levels are on the up.

Sorry for rambling.

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Beccy1974 · 15/06/2006 13:18

well done natty . good news - AF must be pleased she's a welcome visitor with someone at least

Natty1806 · 15/06/2006 13:44

I Know, give me a month or so am i will be hating her as much as the rest of you. Smile

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decafgirl · 17/06/2006 16:59

Can I join too? I'm 24 (nearly 25, sob.) DH is 27 (nearly 28 ha ha.)

I've been looking into nursery fees and we've just realised that we can't possibly afford to have a child! How does anyone do it? 1 months nursery fees are £730 (only slightly more than my mortgage) Please tell me how, please!

Natty1806 · 18/06/2006 18:29

£730 !!!!

Child minding in our area is between £3 and £3.50, nursery is about £4 or £4.50, think i am going to go back part time, and try to work from home a few days a week.

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Nicki10 · 26/06/2006 22:51


I have just found this site tonight and I am so glad there is a new mums thread. I think I now qualify as the youngest at 22.

I am sick of people always telling us that we are too young to have children and we should just be free and have fun at our age. I have always wanted to be a young mum and I have been with my partner for three years and I don't see whats so wrong with having a baby younger if it's what you want.

Has anybody else had a negative reaction to starting a family young from their friends and family?


ShowOfHands · 26/06/2006 23:22

Hi all.

I'm 25, ttc my first and have been for 7 cycles. I have been with DH for 8 years.

I tend to get a mixed reaction from family and friends. Most people are very pro us starting a family, in fact they almost expect it. It is mainly single friends who cannot understand the desire to have children so young. Personally, I don't think that I am that young. I have been in a stable relationship for 8yrs, I have a degree, an MA, an MSc, a good job, a house, I've travelled and I want to have children.

The most baffling thing for me is that I have spent 8yrs on the pill, desperately trying to prevent conception, now that I am actually trying it seems almost impossible. The odds against conceiving are high even if you are young, fertile and well-timed. TTC seems to be a great contraception thus far!

Anyway, here's hoping for lots of BFPs for us all...

Natty1806 · 27/06/2006 09:37

i was suppose to be having a break from this site, but i couldn't stop coming on to see what everyone is talking about (sad i know!!!)

I have been with my partner 8.5 years 9 in October, so it is expected, but a few people who do not know me give me that look as if to say your only 24. But i feel old enough to start a family, have got my house etc.

Lets hope someone gets a BFP soon.

OP posts:
coggy · 27/06/2006 10:02

Hurrah - you're back!!

Nicki10 · 29/06/2006 16:17

Just wanted to ask a quick question does any one else out there feel a little panicked at certain points in the day by the thought of becomig a mother.

Ever since I was little I only ever wanted to be a mother and have lots of children and it's all I can talk about to everyone at the moment but then suddenly and quietly to myself I become panicked that I want a baby so much that maybe I will bean awful mother.

DP says this is normal and silly as he's sure i'll be the best mother in the world as I can't walk past a child with out going gooey eyed, and I always play with our friends children, but I can't help but panic, is this normal?

Natty1806 · 29/06/2006 17:44

I must admit i worry a bit (not good when ttc) about can i afford to have a baby, how will i cope, how hard is it going to be when i go back to work, what will it be like never having a minute to myself.

....but even this does not put me off trying.

OP posts:
Nicki10 · 29/06/2006 18:19

Thanks Natty i'm glad there's other mums to be out there who worry about these things too!

Nicki10 · 30/06/2006 20:32

This is terrible since it's the first official month of trying I now can't walk past a baby shop with out going in and picking out which cot, moses basket and car seat I want. I know this is only going to make it worse with every month that goes past that there's no BFP's but it's all so cute I can't help it!

Natty1806 · 30/06/2006 20:44

I know i was in John Lewis at the weekend with my mum and we picked the cot and pram that i would ideally like - how bad is that!!

OP posts:
Nicki10 · 30/06/2006 21:07

Pram is an easy one for me it's got to be a Bugaboo Cameleon in Grey and Orange if it's a boy, and Grey and Pink if it's a girl!. DP has also agreed but would prefer to push around the orange option!.

What does everyone else want to do once we get BFP's do you want to find out the sex of the baby or not?

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