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Is this a mean thing to do on Christmas Day?

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AFewScrewsLucy · 10/12/2022 19:09

Imagine you are the parent here.

You have a 9 yo, who turned 9 in early October.
They still believe in father Christmas (yes, really)
They have asked for an iPad.
You've told 9yo you can't afford it, so can't have it.
9yo says "it's OK, Santa will get it for me" and then proceeds to tell everyone they know since November that they're getting an iPad for Christmas.
You are actually buying the iPad for them.
But, you have decided that to teach them to be more humble, you're going to pretend that Santa hasn't brought the iPAD when you all open presents in the morning. And you're going to "find" the iPad at the back of the tree at some point in the evening,.and give it to them then.

Full context, you also have a just turned 6yo and 7yo who will be receiving their Santa present in the morning. (Barbie Dream House and Switch)

What do you think? Mean? Or fine?

OP posts:
Curlysusie · 10/12/2022 19:09


amiold · 10/12/2022 19:10

This may be the last Christmas they believe. You also have two younger ones... why would you ruin the magic?

Y7drama · 10/12/2022 19:10


leftitabitlate22 · 10/12/2022 19:10


RedHelenB · 10/12/2022 19:10

Why would you do that?

TheLovleyChebbyMcGee · 10/12/2022 19:10


TheYummyPatler · 10/12/2022 19:11

How could you even be bothered with that?

It won’t teach them anything at all. Certainly nothing useful.

thesnow · 10/12/2022 19:11


KitchiHuritAngeni · 10/12/2022 19:11

That would be a shitty thing to do.

This is likely their last year believing anyway.

golddustwomen · 10/12/2022 19:11

Mean. I think give him the iPad Christmas morning! Especially as siblings have barbie dream house and switch. It may well be his last year believing.

MrsPnut · 10/12/2022 19:11

Mean, and they created the situation by pretending that Santa brings anything other than stockings.

Hiphopopotamus · 10/12/2022 19:11

Mean. And pointless. Like, why make it difficult and miserable?

MillyMollyManky · 10/12/2022 19:11

Pointless and horrible.

Hoppinggreen · 10/12/2022 19:12

No, don’t do this. It’s a bit mean but mostly stupid

Onynx · 10/12/2022 19:12

Mean, vile and disgusting behaviour from the adult.

Hotitalian · 10/12/2022 19:12

Mean. Be happy and excited for them.

Tiredallofthetime · 10/12/2022 19:12

It isn’t going to teach them to be more humble, is the problem. I don’t really see what it’s going to teach them at all. It’s just completely pointless.

PeekAtYou · 10/12/2022 19:12

Will end up being a memorable Christmas for your child for the wrong reasons.

Ramble0n · 10/12/2022 19:12

Bloody hell why would you do that?

StrikeandRobin · 10/12/2022 19:12

Fucking cruel. Why would you want to cause them so much pain and the distress of thinking Santa didn’t think them worthy, even if only for a short time?

Why people pretend big gifts are from Santa and cause this issue in the first place is beyond me but that’s a different issue.

Flurbegurb · 10/12/2022 19:12

Why is this a question? wtf

HermioneWeasley · 10/12/2022 19:12


TheYummyPatler · 10/12/2022 19:13

What are you imagining your 9 year old is going to do all Christmas Day? Sit and watch their siblings play with their big presents from Santa and contemplate the error of their ways?

TeenDivided · 10/12/2022 19:13

Mean. This is a situation of the parents' own making.

AluckyEllie · 10/12/2022 19:13

Mean. It will probably ruin the day for them especially seeing their siblings with the big presents. Christmas Day is about celebrating, not teaching a lesson (the run up certainly.) Unless they are a total Verucca salt brat!

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