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Thread 18 - Oh god, stop me now please

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Reastie · 04/12/2019 13:03

Thank you @luckiestgirl for the title which came from her post which I’ve copied below

‘I twitched on the moles.
And the Clinique
And at body shop (30% off)
And at love honey (I got £20 off)
And I’ve somehow bought an 8 foot Christmas tree.
And lights
And a TV.
And a fitness tracker.
And stocking fillers for the kids.

Oh god, stop me now please‘

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OP posts:

Reastie · 04/12/2019 13:03

camel camel camel is a great page for price tracking amazon

A great website for looking up items of specific price so you hit the £20 free delivery at amazon here

Sockeatingmonster’s top tips for using aliexpress

  1. Check reviews

2. Be wary of plastic toys. There have been concerns about toxic plastics from China, and I have binned plastic figures for having very unpleasant smells. I no longer buy any 'low-end' plastic items (UPDATE: I wouldn’t buy squishiest either, for the same reason) and only ever from sellers with lots of positive reviews
3. Aliexpress refund/complaints procedure is actually way more straightforward than eBay, and stacked in the buyer's favour
4. Beware of mains operated electricals, many of which are supplied without fused plugs. Always message the seller first if in doubt, don't rely on the photos
5. I don't trust dress up clothes to be flame retardant, although I don't believe this is UK law anyway?
6. Clothes can come up very small. Quality can be variable (excellent to awful). Photos are often of similar items, so take them with a pinch of salt and check the reviews.
7. Actually, all photos on Aliexpress should be taken with a pinch of salt. Again, check reviews (where buyers often post photos of the actual item received)
8. I wouldn't trust toys to meet UK safety standards and wouldn't buy anything that could pose a risk (e.g. Paint might not be safe for children to gum, there could be sharp edges/choking hazards, etc)
9. Lego alternatives don't tend to stick together as well as genuine Lego. Minifigures are still excellent value, but the odd one might benefit from a few drops of superglue.
10. Barbie and other doll clothes can be excellent value, but check reviews for fabric quality and finish (UPDATE: Type “18 inch doll” for clothes that will fit American Girl/Our Generation/Designafriend dolls. Shoes are particularly excellent value. Wash dark clothing first as dyes can stain dolls’ limbs)
11. Stationery is generally excellent value, although paper quality can be lower than expected. Type 'kawaii' into stationery and be prepared to spend a fortune!

Also to add I’ve seen a fair few posts from fb this year from small businesses where aliexpress have posted photos of their products and photos without permission, so be wary and be warned the photo might not be exactly what you get.

Wibbletooth has a great gift idea:

Best received grandparent/great aunt etc stocking filler that I’ve done has been a personalised glasses cleaning cloth, with a photo of the grandkids on.

I did it on eBay - was much cheaper than many other places - and the quality was great. Cost them was about £2.50, there seem to be 2 or 3 on there that are about £3 now so guessing it was one of them - didn’t recognise either of the listings. At the time it was cheaper to go through the eBay page than their website. There were two sizes - seem to think it was worth the extra 30p or similar to get the slightly bigger cloth - not much of a difference but enough to make it feel a bit more substantial.

They were all in awe as had never come across photos being printed on fabric. Also meant they always had a photo of the grandkids with them at all times without needing to carry photos with them as they always had their glasses and this glasses case with them and alwaûs had a cleaning cloth in the glasses case anyway.

Think I teamed them with a mini cleaning spritz and mini glasses screwdriver to get 3 related stocking presents.
OP posts:

PinkDaydreams · 04/12/2019 13:09

@Reastie thank you!Flowers


Sixp · 04/12/2019 13:10

Thanks for the new thread Reastie. I am really envious of all of you who are already finished. I need a main present for my dd (her brother is receiving a good mountain bike!) and I have no ideas. She is 12, sporty, arty, doesn’t like reading, isn’t in to clothes or perfume, make up etc. She has an iPhone and iPad and AirPods.... 🙈


Grafittiqueen · 04/12/2019 13:16

I now need a moomin present at around £5. Really kicking myself I didn't buy that wordery journal!


Luxplus · 04/12/2019 13:19

I need help plz...
The dds gets a outdoor wooden play house from us and their maternal grandparents. Its already built and is 2.5 meter high and 2 meter wide.. how do we hide it? Its going to be delivered next week... help


PinkDaydreams · 04/12/2019 13:23

@Grafittiqueen have you tried oxfam? They have a few moomin gifts :)


IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece · 04/12/2019 13:27

Thanks Reastie! Every year I also think this will be the year we hit 25 but we don’t! Might just fill the threads with crap so we get there Wink

I’ve still got a load to buy!

Does anyone know of any supermarkets that have offers in gift cards?

I need a gift for a 10yo girl and 20yo man
A 9mo
A 3yo girl

And my DM 🤦🏻‍♀️


imsorryiasked · 04/12/2019 13:27

@Sixp could you get tickets to an event?

@Luxplus hide it under some tarpaulin and tell them you've got a new shed Wink


Sixp · 04/12/2019 13:32

imsorryiasked That’s all I really have her so far, 2 different things to go to, which will be good. But it would be a shame for her not to have something to use or have on Christmas Day. I am running out of ideas now!


Tiredmummyof3 · 04/12/2019 13:36

My gin craft club has just arrived and it's amazing! I am so pleased with it! Thank you to everyone for all the fab ideas and bargains!


Lovemusic33 · 04/12/2019 13:38

Marking my place. I have almost finished but thought I would hang around and help fill the thread so we can get to thread 25 for Christmas,


Themazeoflife · 04/12/2019 13:40


Anyone had one delivered yet or an email to say it's been dispatched?


livingthegoodlife · 04/12/2019 13:42

I still have sister and BIL. Not sure what to get, no foody gifts as they are on diet. I've bought her a make up thing do far but need a joint gift around £20.

Other than that - I'm done!


NaturalBlondeYeahRight · 04/12/2019 13:49

Checking in for the last few bits on list. Annoyingly Superdrug doubled the price of a Perfume I was after this morning. Typical. All this price jumping can be infuriating.


TheGriffle · 04/12/2019 13:50

@Themazeoflife I ordered 3 of the mystery hampers and on the Black Friday half price offer and have t had a dispatch email or anything for either as yet. Think the hampers were being sent out between the 1st and the 9th I believe so still time.


TheGriffle · 04/12/2019 13:50

*haven't had a dispatch email that should be!


Themazeoflife · 04/12/2019 13:54


I'm trying to roughly guess, when they will be delivered, so I can make sure someone is here.


IHopeYouStepOnALegoPiece · 04/12/2019 13:54

I am also on the hunt for socks/pants (preferably socks) that I can get a picture printed on like these but that are more £10 then £20, has anyone seen any?

Thread 18 - Oh god, stop me now please

Serg · 04/12/2019 13:55

I’m just to buy perfume for my BFF and aftershave for my H and I’m done. Superdrug is the best price I can find so far but holding off for a discount code.


buckeejit · 04/12/2019 13:58

@serg - I mentioned it on the last thread and then bought some for myself & am quite impressed with the Jo Loves stuff for Zara - nice perfume, nice packaging. Winner. Also want to try the white leather for dh from Zara. Its a Creed Aventure or whatever dupe


Serg · 04/12/2019 13:59

10% off first order too.


PinkDaydreams · 04/12/2019 14:01

I bought aftershave from John Lewis as they were the cheapest then on Black Friday superdrug were cheaper. Took my receipt into John Lewis and they happily refunded the difference :) you have 28days to do a price match with John Lewis.


Gustavo1 · 04/12/2019 14:05

@Tiredmummyof3 would you mind telling me what is in the December gin box? I have one on the way for DH but don’t want to open all the inner packaging once it arrives. Thanks


deemeff · 04/12/2019 14:06

@Sixp an Instax camera or a sprocket?


moodolph · 04/12/2019 14:07

@Luxplus my parents used to hide big stuff with a kindly neighbour in the garage if garden and then move on Christmas Eve?

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