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Due July 2005 - part 2

279 replies

hoxtonturkey · 07/12/2004 16:12

Just for you pm :o.

OP posts:
pinkmama · 07/12/2004 16:25

thank you HC, sorry everyone! Bloody computer gets all stressed when too many messages, obviously male and lacks ability to multi task! Wink

Bagpussinboots30 · 07/12/2004 16:45
Eulalia · 08/12/2004 09:54

Anyone else had lower back pain? I hurt my back on Sat and it is still sore, right at the base of my spine. I doin't know what to do about it. Should I be taking supplements? Maybe its nothing to do with the pregnancy. I am really fed up :(

BabyDot · 08/12/2004 10:33


Must admit my back has been hurting a little! Had to sit with a hot water bottle all night last night. So frightenend of taking any pain relief though!

Got a big dinner and dance on saturday and my waist seems to be rapidly expanding. All my mates will think I have just packed on the pounds this year! he he he.

What have you been taking for the back pain?

pinkmama · 08/12/2004 10:37

Hi, my back not in constant pain, but I do notice tht if I carry ds for too long it really aches and takes a while to go off, guess its everything relaxing.

Just got back from first appointment with GP and feel like a geriatric mum, being offered loads of tests because I am over 35. OMG when I am feeling bloated and negative, didn't need my age rubbing in my face! :)

Bagpussinboots30 · 08/12/2004 11:23

Morning all. Eulalia, yes I have had back pain and am suffering a bit today because I lunged across the bed at 6.00am to stop our alarm clock going off, so my own fault really. I had it with my dd too as ds was only small and I carried him a lot which I don't think was advisable, but it did eventually go. I don't take anything for the pain as I'm trying to steer clear of painkillers for the first 12 weeks at least just to be safe.

Having said all that I have just eaten the nicest smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel and am now drinking a cup of full srength black coffee, so I bet someone will tell me off for that now! I do have an excuse though as dd kept me awake from 4.00am so I am shattered and feel I need a little treat. Have bought dh a little pressie (chocolate orange) from the kids (ds woke up too) as he went to work in a strop because he was tired. I have just looked at my calendar and am all excited - only a week until my scan, I can't wait.

Babydot, we are off to a party on Saturday and I am waiting on an order from Next of some mega stretchy trousers and a top. I'm hoping it gets here in time as I can't fit into anything else, otherwise I may have to make an emergency trip to mothercare come Saturday.

pm, what extra tests are you being offered? I'm sure your not geriatric really Smile.

Time to go and pick ds up from nursery now so I'll be off....

PamiNativity · 08/12/2004 11:28

So glad to hear everyone else is expanding rapidly. I've got a party on Friday and another one next Thursday and have no idea what I'm going to wear. They are both work dos and people always glam up with little sparkly tops etc (not that I ever managed to do that, even non-pregnant!) but I think I'm just going to have to be creative with jewellery/scarf instead.

pinkmama · 08/12/2004 11:29

Hi Bagpussinboots, OMG that bagel sounds nice!
Only the nuchal fold and triple test. I live in a different area to my last pg, but I am sure I got the nuchal fold there, however maybe it was just a dating scan and I am confused. Here they send you up to Kings for it, so maybe it is more than I have had before, only done at local unit then. Don't think I have been offered the triple test before. Its just the way she kept emphasising, now you are over 35..... And looking at the literature on the tests seeing how much higher the chances of downs are now I am SO SO old, made me feel ancient!

Bagpussinboots30 · 08/12/2004 11:32

Ah yes, pm, but my risk has doubled in this pg compared to my first and I'm only 30! I must admit to being rather confused by statistics though! We have to pay if we want the nuchal scan - £130 so I'm not sure if I will now. Also I will get a quadruple test (?) at 16 weeks which I had with my last two.

Now, I really must go!!!

MommyD · 08/12/2004 12:13

Hello.... I have always eaten smoked salmon in pregnancy. Love it. Yum. In a bagel with cream cheese..... even better.... guess what I've decided to have for lunch?

Now I can't have it all ways - I have been complaining that I have been feeling sick 24 hours a day for the last week or so. Well today it has eased and has almost gone. Guess what? I am now worried because I DON'T feel sick.
As I did not feel sick with either of my first two pregnancies, can someone tell me if fluctuations like this are normal, or should I continue to worry about an impending miscarriage? Daft aren't I? I've realised that I would rather feel sick. So if the sickness comes back, I shall shut-up complaining about it!!!!

BabyDot · 08/12/2004 13:57

Mommy D, I am exactly the same, managed to eat my whole dinner for the first time in two weeks last night and was worried as no sickness!
Maternity turns you mad!
Are you in week 8?

bagpussinboots, bought the dress for Saturday before I knew I was pregnant, all I can say is here I come mothercare! he he he

MommyD · 08/12/2004 14:41

Babydot - yes - I started week 8 on Monday. Can't wait to reach week twelve.
I was feeling sick again an hour ago, so stuffed my face with all sorts of goodies and I feel better now.
In the main, the sickness subsides WHEN I am eating - so the more I eat, the better I feel. If I stop eating, the sickness comes back after about 15-20 mins.
Funnily enough, the time of the day when I am most likely NOT to feel sick is the morning!
Roll on my scan - sometime in Jan I hope - have you got a date for yours, Babydot??

BabyDot · 08/12/2004 15:27

Mommy D -

Yep had two scans already, periods were all messed up after coming off the pill so not had a period since August that is why. Could have been 3 months or three weeks he he. Turned out I had a scan at 5 weeks and then had one at 7 weeks last week.

Got my third on the 10th Jan, I can't wait. The poor bubbs just looked like a dot at week 7 but had a good heartbeat amazing stuff.

Well at least we can be assured by sickness subsiding a little, maybe it is different everyday because of the hormones released? Is your tummy poking out yet?

Thanks mate, really nice to have someone to chat too so hard keeping it from all my mates!

Bagpussinboots30 · 08/12/2004 15:32

Mommyd I have experienced the fluctuations in sickness recently but I am a bit further on than you. I just put it down to the hormones levelling of and my body getting used to it all etc. Incidentally I feel sicker in the evenings but each pg so far has been different.

MommyD · 08/12/2004 15:43

BabyDot, Wow how lucky are you - three scans. I have considered getting an early one now, paid for (private) and a sort of early Christmas present to myself. Can't get one on the NHS until 12 weeks. Really want to see a heartbeat and check that there aren't two in there!!!

No tummy not poking out, but I have had two already and it's a bit.... well, you know.... flabby....... despite having lost all my pregnancy weight and more!! I couldn't get rid of it - so now it's a bit difficult to tell bump from flab at the moment Blush. Looking forward to the time when I can stop holding my flabby 'baby bit' in!! Grin

BabyDot · 08/12/2004 16:01

Good idea Mommy D, it can't be that expensive for an ultrasound. Sounds like a good christmas present to me!

I think I just feel bloated today, literally just popped the button off my trousers he he and very very tired. I suppose you must build up some stamina once you have had a child. He he he.

So worried because of the fact that me periods were all messed up. Just worry continuously that I can't be this fortunate! But I suppose all us girls do. Just got to take care of ourselves I think.

Eulalia · 08/12/2004 17:16

I never managed the eating to stop feeling sick the last time, food just felt like cotton wool in my mouth. I am really hoping I don't get it as bad this time. I always had evening sickness though, bit of a silly name really isn't it?

Not taking anything for my back, however last night rubbed some Transvarin cream in and then realised I probably shouldn't have.... so just suffering really. Will go to docs if it doesn't get better.

Other than that been totally disconnected. Already managed to boil two eggs to rubber and burnt the pan. Today I dropped my purse in the supermarket and scattered my cards and left half of them behind (someone ran after me).

I think my scan is on Jan 14th which is miles away....

AussieSim · 09/12/2004 02:20

I've been for massage and the to the chiropracter for my backpain. He says I need to use my bum muscles and tummy muscles more and my leg and back ones less as it is wrecking my lower back and posture. He gave me some specific exercises for pregnant ladies and recommended I do Pilates, which I used to until week 6. I'll be 11 weeks tomorrow - yippee. Can't stay long - I really need to nap today.

OzJo · 09/12/2004 08:10

To all back pain people...some of it may be to do with the ligaments all loosening up during pregnancy...supposedly so it's easier for our bodies to be stretched into all sorts of wierd shapes. It can mean that our bad posture has a more than usual effect on us. I've been getting really sore shoulders sometimes, or lower back pain..and alot is to do with the bizare positions I usually sleep in. Belly really poking out now, bizarre, and brain definately functioning on a very low level of efficiency.

hoxtonturkey · 09/12/2004 09:01

wow, the tiredness has really hit me this week, am next to useless after 6pm.... not much else to report really. seeing midwives at the gp surgery this afternoon, though i'm not quite what for. i really don't want to see them in addition to my fortnightly hospital visits - hopefully they'll agree. poor ds said yesterday "mummy, are we going to the hospital soon?" so maybe i should start leaving him with people when i go.

OP posts:
PamiNativity · 09/12/2004 09:13

Wow HT, every 2 weeks?? Is there a reason for this or is it normal for your hospital?
I would be due my scan during Xmas week so have to wait until the first week of Jan for it. Don't really want to tell people until the scan has been done, although I'll probably tell my family at Christmas (have been holding off telling them so far because of various moving house hassles plus I don't think they'll be exactly overjoyed). We told dh's family last weekend because his mother and sisters were staying with us - they were v surprised because they'd decided we were sticking at 2. (why????? we'd never said that, obviously!)
I'm also sicker in the evenings - definitely due to tiredness. Am fit for nothing when I get home from work, except eating. Lots of tomato soup being eaten at home, because I usually can't face anything fancier!

pinkmama · 09/12/2004 09:57

Hi everyone. Woke up at 4am this morning and then couldn't get back to sleep worrying because my breasts didn't hurt! Finally dropped off, and when I woke up at 7 they were back to their painful selves. How much worrying can you do?

Really annoyed that I told someone I was pregnant yesterday that I didn't want to. Its just that she asked and i can't lie. Can anyone else? Told some close friends because it is hard to hide the fact that I'm not drinking cava like a fish with them, but really wanted my dd to know before the majority of people, and don't want to tell her until after week 12. Maybe I should have a line ready in case anyone else asks. I was stupid to tell some people we were going to go for a 3rd I suppose. Had they never known that they wouldn't be asking me! How are others handling it?

hoxtonturkey · 09/12/2004 11:00

i have diabetes pamina, so they are ultra ultra careful. which is good, but hard work! last time i had about 10 scans, though they tend to be later on. have done a deal whereby i ring the diabetes nurse up rather than go & see her...

you know me, pinkmama, i've told absolutely everyone. except work. dp, on the other hand, hasn't told his parents yet, though apparently is telling people at work. he's weird :o.

OP posts:
MommyD · 09/12/2004 11:46

Morning - me again. Grin

You know I was panicking that I wasn't feeling sick yesterday - well I started to feel sick in the late afternoon and evening again.
Not feeling sick today yet. Do other people find their sickness comes and goes? I am starting to worry because for a week or so it was constant nausea with no let up!! I haven't had much at all over the last day or two. I am 8 weeks at the weekend.

With my last two pg I never had any sickness and wasn't worried. I am worried now because the sickness I did have seems to have subsided. Sad

merglemergle · 09/12/2004 12:07


Some iffy news. I was in a car crash yesterday where I was rear shunted into another 2 cars. Since then-bleeding and cramping. So I have to have a scan-but not til Monday. This is because, and I quote "we can't do anything anyway.".

Also I've been told that I can't take paracetemol (I've got quite a lot of bruising and whiplash). Anyone else heard this? Chocolate is taking the edge off it but...

I'm really impressed with how much posting everyone manages btw!

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