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Due August 2022 ☀️

563 replies

ajayelbee · 03/12/2021 10:03

Thought I’d start this as a follow up from the ‘TTC NOVEMBER 2021’ thread for everyone who got their BFPs! ☺️

OP posts:

mrsmw132 · 03/12/2021 10:13

Yay! Just clinging to hope and the sanity of this group.
Can't stop testing to reassure myself- I know I'm not alone.
Due around Aug 10th.

Fingers crossed for us all!

Due August 2022 ☀️

HA22 · 03/12/2021 10:26

Hi both, there's already a similar thread if you are interested (:


ajayelbee · 03/12/2021 11:03

@mrsmw132 I know! The group has been so amazing, I’d love to stay on this journey with everyone ❤️

Your lines are looking great! Do you think you will book an early scan?

OP posts:

ajayelbee · 03/12/2021 11:04

@HA22, thank you for the link! ☺️

OP posts:

CountryGirl189 · 03/12/2021 11:25

Decided to come over here 😊

I’m definitely booking an early scan! My mind on’t rest until I’ve had it! 😅


TH22 · 03/12/2021 16:44

Due approx 8th august for me - eep!


miltonj · 03/12/2021 17:07

Hey! Think I'm due around August 10th too, but not sure!


SantiagoSister · 03/12/2021 18:12

Hi all! Think my due date will be around 6th-10th August too 🥰 so nice to be able to chat with all you ladies in the same boat!

Thank you @ajayelbee for setting this up 😊


ajayelbee · 03/12/2021 18:15

Hi @TH22 and @miltonj 🤗 I’m due the 11th/12th august.

@CountryGirl189 I think I will too. I’d love to go just before Christmas so we know all is going well when we tell family ☺️

OP posts:

ajayelbee · 03/12/2021 18:16

@SantiagoSister you’re so welcome! 💕

OP posts:

mrsmw132 · 03/12/2021 18:22

I have a scan booked at 7 weeks, but it's because I'm under the fertility clinic still. Also have my 12 week scan in January.
An exciting time for all! @SantiagoSister I think we will have have around the same timing! 🥰


SantiagoSister · 03/12/2021 18:25

Fantastic @mrsmw132, I’m so pleased all us ladies from the Nov TTC group can carry on our journeys here together and be so close in our timings too! 🥰


TH22 · 03/12/2021 18:29


Hi *@TH22 and @miltonj* 🤗 I’m due the 11th/12th august.

*@CountryGirl189* I think I will too. I’d love to go just before Christmas so we know all is going well when we tell family ☺️


I'm still in the shocked phase. I'm going to have two under 17 months 😬

Welliboots · 03/12/2021 18:47

Hi everyone, I'm also due mid August. This will be our second baby - we already have a 3 year old.


miltonj · 03/12/2021 19:07

Congrats everyone! Has anyone booked their booking In so yet?
I'm in a different country this time around so still figuring out how it works here!


MeatyRvita · 03/12/2021 19:24

Hi I wasn’t on the ttc group but hope you all don’t mind me joining!
I think I will be due august 10th too! Grin

Me and DH had been ttc dc2 on and off for 3 years, I had booked a doctors appointment to discuss my fertility and she said she would put money on me conceiving within the next 6 months! Low and behold I must have been pregnant at that appointment last week as I had my bfp 2 days ago!

Due August 2022 ☀️

Welliboots · 03/12/2021 19:27

@miltonj I called the GP this morning and have an appointment with the midwife just before Christmas when I'll be around 6 weeks. I think I was 8 weeks when I had my first appointment in my first pregnancy.


miltonj · 03/12/2021 20:02

@Welliboots ah that's great that you've been able to book that in so quickly.
Yeah I think my first pregnancy booking was around 8 weeks but can't quite remember.
Im a bit concerned because I return to the UK for Christmas next week! Guessing I won't get an appointment before then, so I may be 9/10 by the time I get back.... oh well im sure we'll figure it out!


babibach · 03/12/2021 20:36

Hi all,

I haven't been on the TTC chat, so hope you don't mind me gatecrashing! Got a feint BFP today and due around August 15th I think. X


ajayelbee · 03/12/2021 21:11

@miltonj @Welliboots in my area I can’t even register my pregnancy until I’m 6 weeks. And my GPs weren’t very helpful, so I’m just twiddling my thumbs for a couple of weeks before I can do anything I guess! 🤣 feels like ages to wait!

@TH22 wow! That sounds like you will have your hands full! It’s first time round for me ☺️

Hi @MeatyRvita and @babibach 🤗

OP posts:

MeatyRvita · 03/12/2021 21:39

@ajayelbee- my local area is the same, I have to fill in a electronic form but the earliest I can do it is 6 weeks!


SantiagoSister · 04/12/2021 09:52

Morning all! Just wondering what symptoms you’re having so far, I’ve not got any which of course I’m massively overthinking 🙃 I remember having sore boobs and increased sense of smell first time round, nothing this time 🤔


MeatyRvita · 04/12/2021 10:07

I have nothing either apart from a chin full of acne - sore lumpy cystic type spots that I haven’t had in years!
I’m not sure if I had symptoms this early with my son but I don’t think I did, I seem to remember I didn’t get any real symptoms until quite late, around 8/9 weeks I think but then they all came with a vengeance and I got HG. Praying I don’t get that this time!
I’m massively over thinking everything too- trying to not get my hopes up and take it one day at a time!


mrsmw132 · 04/12/2021 10:29

@SantiagoSister @ajayelbee
I could register with the midwife's and have been given a booking in date just before new year, and a 12 week scan date! I live in Edinburgh.

Other than an aversion to most sweet things and my chest hurting a little, no symptoms here 😂

I'm getting married at 15 weeks- and am terrified that my dress isn't going to fit so I need to change it. What if I suddenly at 10-15 weeks start showing and then can't zip up my dress- the waistband is tight!!


chiatta · 04/12/2021 10:55

Hello everyone! I got my BFPs in the past days and am due August 13th, I would love to join in :)

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