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IVF Graduates due Summer 2022

237 replies

Etonmess20 · 14/10/2021 10:02

Thought I'd make a thread for us ladies who have been through IVF & finally graduated ❤️ would be lovely to have some company from people who "get it"

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Etonmess20 · 16/10/2021 16:56


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GingerBrummie · 20/10/2021 19:27

Hi @Etonmess20
I just got my bfp this week! I believe my due date is 29th June. When is yours?
Was my 3rd IVF cycle…. First baby :)


Etonmess20 · 20/10/2021 19:35

Hi @GingerBrummie nice to finally have some company!
Congratulations on your BFP, you must be over the moon!! Have you been feeling well?
I'm 10+5 & am due 13th May. This was my first cycle of IVF & will also be first baby!

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 20/10/2021 19:54

Thanks @Etonmess20 & many congratulations to you too :)
Im still in disbelief tbh. It was my last NHS round & I already booked my next round thinking it would fail!
I have zero symptoms but I know its still super early, 4 weeks. How about you?
How did you find IVF? I was expecting it to be horrific so was pleasantly surprised, again zero symptons & injecting was okay.
I sometimes wonder whether Im jinxing things by thinking about the pregnancy so much?!


Etonmess20 · 20/10/2021 21:05

@GingerBrummie I still feel in disbelief tbh, it doesn't sink in quickly at all 😂 I don't think it's helps that I've managed to get this far without being sick (or even feeling particularly sick 95% of the time) but we've had 3 scans now (1 at where we had our IVF & 2 private) so we know everything is as it should be. I just need to enjoy the lack of symptoms

That's so lucky you got your BFP on your last NHS round. We were only entitled to a full cycle (including two FETs) so were lucky to get funding too. We've got two Frosties too which is nice to know for the future.

Funny you should say that about IVF as I found it physically easier than I expected too. I was fairly bloated but nothing unmanageable. I found the hardest part was the waiting to start treatment. Did you have to wait long?

I will warn you, the next few weeks before your scan at the clinic will draaaaaaag.....have you got a date booked in?

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 20/10/2021 22:00

@Etonmess20 I was worried it will drag! No date yet, hopefully I will know soon. Can I ask why you had the extra private scans?
Great that you have no MS & great news that everything is progressing well.
I actually kept putting IVF off initially, we had unexplained infertility so I naively thought “maybe this month” but 2.5 years later I knew I had to go for IVF & it was quite quick after that. Well, I say quick, I started my first round in Jan 2021 so Ive been doing IVF for almost a year!
Was there a particular reason you had IVF? Im quite old btw, 39! Im so glad I will (hopefully) have a baby before my 40th.


Etonmess20 · 21/10/2021 07:15

@GingerBrummie the extra private scans we had were just for reassurance really, I didn't have my IVF clinic one until 7+3 so one broke up the wait a bit then I had another last weekend at 10+1 to break up the 12 week scan wait. I wasn't actually prepared for how anxious I'd feel & how I'd question every little cramp etc

We had unexplained infertility too & went to the doctors after a year of TTC who referred us to a local hospital where I had a HyCoSy & 6 rounds of clomid & they then referred me just before Christmas to another hospital, where we had IVF. So found it was a long wait between getting referred & actually starting IVF in August.

I'm 29 so hopefully be getting a baby for my 30th!!

Can't believe you were doing IVF for a year, that must have really taken its toll. Did they tweak your protocol & meds each round?

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 21/10/2021 09:19

@Etonmess20 you story is very similar to mine. I also did Clomid for 6 months, I just couldn't understand (and still cant) why it never worked. I thought it was my age (started TTC at 36) but all my friends of similar ages got pregnant straight away! I thought IVF may shed some light to any problems & it appears my egg quality isnt that great, I could never get any blasts & had to have 3 day transfers. We only want 1 child but Im never going on the pill again so if anything in the future happens naturally then that would be amazing. Not sure why Im already thinking about baby number 2!!
Great that you have 2 frosties, I think frozen transfers are much easier than a fresh cycle. Only difference on my last round is we had 1 excellent embryo for the first time & I had a scratch.
Sorry you had to go through all the heartache of TTC, its really a tough experience.
And yes best birthday present :)


Etonmess20 · 21/10/2021 11:14

@GingerBrummie it does sound like we've had a similar story. I get what you mean about the clomid, I don't get why it didn't work either - especially as I had monitoring for 3 cycles with it too & they were satisfied it was working as it should. We were also kind of hoping that the IVF would throw up some answers but ours didn't at all. I think in a way it's worse not really having answers isn't it?
Funnily enough we were talking about contraception for after the baby the other day as a lot of people say that after having a baby your body can often get pregnant naturally where it couldn't before. I don't want to go on anything hormonal after all this but will be weird after being on nothing for over 3 years.
We are hoping for a sibling afterwards all being well but whether we'll try naturally for a bit then do an FET who knows.
Oh that's interesting - never heard of a scratch. Is it literally as it suggests where they scratch the lining where they put the embryo?

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 21/10/2021 16:22

@Etonmess20 Hey! Yep, I also had 6 months monitored clomid, each month producing 2 good size eggs. Oh well! Seems daft to me to go back on contraception as I clearly didnt need it! Im quite a “natural” person & IVF was hard due to all the drugs so Im pleased to be over that period. A friend couldnt get pregnant for 2 years, clomid worked for her & a few months after the birth shes pregnant again without trying.
The scratch is as you described, very similar to a smear test.
I know its super early but I just bought “The Modern Midwife’s Guide to Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond”. Its quite big so I thought I would start reading it slowly. Have you purchased anything? How many weeks until you can tell people you’re pregnant?


Etonmess20 · 21/10/2021 16:57

@GingerBrummie it does seem strange doesn't it & makes no sense but I wouldn't want to get pregnant again with a couple of month old baby so think it's the sensible thing for us. I'm like you though in that I've found all the hormones a lot when I'm not used to being on anything hormonal. Doesn't leave too many options really which is frustrating.
Oh that sounds like a good book, I haven't bought any books yet tbh - I hadn't actually even thought about it. The only things I've bought are a Baby "Surname" memory box & baby grow. I didn't want to jinx things but I'm 11 weeks tomorrow & starting to feel a little more confident so may buy some bits after 12 week scan. Bet you haven't had chance to buy anything else yet have you?
I think it varies really, we told my mum fairly early at around 6 weeks as she needed me to help with her horses when she went away for the night. We've then told immediate family who live locally (DPs side) at around 8 weeks & are planning to tell the remainder of my family when we go up to visit in a couple of weeks (I'll be 13 weeks by then). I'm originally from Leicestershire but live in SE London. Feel bad having not told some of my family yet but it's not a text message thing is it?
What are your plans for announcing? I'd say do what feels right for you - all this "you must wait until 12 weeks" isn't law!! X

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 21/10/2021 18:15

Hi @Etonmess20 Wow, 11 weeks, I cannot wait to get there. I think once Ive seen a heartbeat & done the tests I will tell people. Im just conscious of my age & at 39 there could still be some abnormalities etc, Im praying there isnt though. I think the next 8 weeks for me will be hard.
I havent bought anything yet, but probably will after the first scan or so. Ive longed to buy baby clothes for so long.
Im also in London btw :)
How are you with your diet? Have you made any big changes? I want to try & eat less processed stuff & more fruit & veg.


Etonmess20 · 22/10/2021 07:57

@GingerBrummie you'll get there! It's weird because time appears to stand still but also flies 😂 I can remember we actually found out on my birthday as that was our test day (complete coincidence) & that feels like yesterday & ages ago at the same time!
Yeah you definitely will feel better once you've seen a heartbeat, your clinic should arrange an early scan for you (I had mine at 7+3) where you should see heartbeat etc
Me too, I think when going through infertility you always avert your eyes from baby clothes don't you? But won't be long until we'll both be properly looking & buying
Ah nice, whereabouts are you? Are you originally from Birmingham?
No big changes to my diet really, I probably eat worse than I used to. I haven't been sick at all but have found that I just don't fancy some things anymore (tend to be healthier meals) & that I crave carbs. I've been trying to make sure when I fancy it that I do eat fruit & veg but haven't been beating myself up if I don't. I'd say just go with the flow & eat what you fancy, if you're taking a pregnancy vitamin then baby is getting what they need.

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 22/10/2021 10:55

@Etonmess20 what an amazing birthday present that must have been.
Ive actually been dreading Christmas as I thought it would be yet another loooong family break with no baby & me basically avoiding people (Ive been avoiding people for the past 2 years, first year of TTC was fine but 2nd & 3rd years were killers) anyhow Im still in shock but so happy that hopefully this Christmas we can just “be normal” & start to make plans for the future.
Did your fertility clinic arrange just the 1 early scan for you? Do you then get handed over to a midwife? Do they arrange that or do you via your doc? When do/ did you stop taking your progesterone pessaries. Sorry for all the Qs!
As my Official Test Date is not until tomorrow the clinic wont book anything until then.
I live next to Canary Wharf, quite nice area. :)


Etonmess20 · 22/10/2021 17:51

@GingerBrummie it was either going to be really good or really bad, I did the test & left it in the bathroom - I didn't even want to look at it!
I know exactly what you mean, you get everyone saying how magical it is with kids etc etc....that's helpful thank you! It's just such a family time isn't it & it almost exaggerates what you feel like you're missing!
Yeah mine arranged 1 early scan that I had at 7+3, I'm sure they'd have done another if I needed it but everything looked perfect so they were happy to release me to normal midwives.
The other 2 I've had were early private scans with a company called Ultrasound direct.
I was able to self referred to the hospital I'd like my maternity care at (if you go on their website it'll tell you how to refer yourself). They then sent through my booking appointment & scan appointment.
I stopped my pessaries at 8 weeks but the clinic told me at my scan when I would need to stop so just don't forget to ask!
Hahaha it's fine, you're all of a sudden a bit on your own like "ahhh don't know what to do now" aren't you? 😂

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 23/10/2021 08:39

@Etonmess20 thanks for the info on the scans, really useful.
I feel good today as Ive finally reached my OTD! Little milestones :)
I hope you have a lovely weekend X


Prema112 · 23/10/2021 13:20

Hello! Could I join this group? I'm 8 weeks with IVF baby, due June. We were so lucky that it worked first time! We've been trying for over 4 years for this baby so it feels so amazing to finally be here.

I'm still on 2x lubion injections and 2x Cyclogest pessaries per day as well at progynova, I'm so ready to finish all the meds but still got a few weeks to go!


Etonmess20 · 24/10/2021 07:48

@Prema112 welcome & congratulations on your BFP! Lovely to hear it worked first time for you guys as it did for us too! Feels so surreal after TTC for so long doesn't it?
When will you finish the meds? I just had pessaries but as much as I hated them at the start I was really used to them by 8 weeks & felt a bit weird stopping them if I'm honest!!

OP posts:

Etonmess20 · 24/10/2021 07:49

@Prema112 forgot to ask when you're due as well!

OP posts:

Prema112 · 24/10/2021 08:10

@Etonmess20 thank you! I'm due 1st of June. I needed quite a lot of progesterone and I take it in pessary or injection form every 6 hours which means waking up at 4am to do a pessary which I can't wait to finish! I finish injections in less than 2 weeks, can't wait, they still really hurt whenever I do them and they are eye wateringly expensive!!

It does all feel a bit surreal. I had a MMC at 8 weeks a few years ago but I had a scan on Friday and embryo looks great. They saw a small bleed which is a little worrying but they didn't seem worried 🤷‍♀️ How many week are you now?


Etonmess20 · 24/10/2021 16:40

@Prema112 oh wow that sounds tough waking yourself up at that time, no wonder you can't wait to finish!! I've heard the injections are really painful too, hopefully not too much longer!

I think it can be quite common to see small little bleeds from what I've heard so if they weren't worried I wouldn't be worried either. I'm 11+2 today & my last scan was 10+1 & everything was great so I'm feel good ahead of my 12 week scan (I'll be 12+5 when they do it). I had been feeling fairly anxious about it all but think the further along we get the better I feel

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 25/10/2021 12:06

@Prema112 welcome & congrats on your BFP!
Sorry to hear about your previous MMC & 4 years trying must have been tough (I was 3yrs) so many congrats Smile

Not sure if either of you can relate but Ive basically spent the last couple of years on the infertility forum on mumsnet & it was brilliant, so much support when needed & lots of very sympathetic women in similar positions. By default, I keep still going to the infertility forum to read updates, see if I can relate or help etc. Its strange as I still feel like I belong there & not on the birth clubs. I keep seeing posts about chemical pregnancies & mmc. Its making me anxious & Im enjoying this period less. I need to force myself not to go there & actually start to believe that I am pregnant right now!
Sorry if that doesn't make sense, just needed to type it out! X


Etonmess20 · 25/10/2021 13:44

@GingerBrummie that's exactly how I feel & exactly why I created this thread. I all of a sudden felt that I didn't fit in on my IVF thread & felt too anxious to be getting excited with all of the ladies on the pregnancy threads.
I do feel better now than I did right at the start so hopefully you'll feel better once time goes on but you can always chat here about anything

OP posts:

GingerBrummie · 25/10/2021 14:40

@Etonmess20 thanks very much, so lovely that you get it! X


Prema112 · 26/10/2021 13:21

@GingerBrummie thank you! 3 years is a long time too, such a hard phase.

I never went to infertility threads. I've found it hard over the years as everyone I know has gotten pregnant (sometimes twice or thrice!!) so I tended to avoid people who were actively trying! I'm sure there was lots of support on them though.

I've joined a 'due in June 2022' group and I've been really surprised how terrified everyone is. No one is really excited it seems, most people are just worrying about pains or bleeding or lack of symptoms 😬 Everyone seems to be having early scans. Early pregnancy is so stressful. How are your symptoms? I'm feeling really sick most of the time but not actually vomiting

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