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April 2022 Birth Club

585 replies

littleacceb · 26/07/2021 14:44

Hello and congratulations, lovely lot.

It's been a bumpy road so DP and I aren't telling anyone until late September. But I need to talk to someone!!!

How are you?

OP posts:

llamabeans · 27/07/2021 12:31

Hi @littleacceb

Found out this morning that I'm in the April 22 club! Doesn't feel real yet and it's very early days so there's nothing to do but consult mumsnet! Nice to see I'm not the only one out there!

How're you doing?


Kez437 · 30/07/2021 12:05

Ladies congratulations! I have found out just this morning that I am also due early April 2022 and me and DH are over the moon!
So far I have sore boobs (which was really the giveaway for me) and I'm just very hungry, although I may be using that as an excuse 😂
Is this your first or more babies?


llamabeans · 30/07/2021 14:10

Hi @Kez437! Congratulations to you too!

I am suffering with the sore boobs too and hoping they don’t stick around for long! Im also a bit achey all over which I am thinking must just be a coincidence because it’s so early still.

This is baby 2 for me, and I do not remember being this uncomfortable so early last time. Don’t think I even knew yet at this point!

What about you?


Kez437 · 30/07/2021 14:18

@llamabeans baby number 2 for me as well. My DD will be a year and 10 months when new baby shows. I knew early enough with her too but my main memory of my first trimester was pretty rough morning sickness, it started about week 5, I'm 4 weeks now apparently so keeping everything crossed it doesn't show this time round.
I know what you mean about being achy, I'm very hot and flushed feeling and I also feel very heavy but I suppose that's all down to crazy hormones. Already excited to see bump on a scan as makes it all so much more real.
How old will your little one be when this baby shows?


llamabeans · 30/07/2021 16:26


My DD will be 4 and a bit when new baby arrives. She is part of the reason we are having another… she kept asking!! I’m really excited to tell her but I can’t yet because it’s my brother’s wedding next weekend and I don’t want her to tell everyone!

I fortunately didn’t have any morning sickness at all last time so hoping my good luck continues. Had forgotten about the bloating, though I’m sure it didn’t start this early.

Same about the scan, excited to see there’s definitely something in there. Might treat myself to an early one. Grin

Did you have any weird cravings last time? I didn’t and was kinda disappointed so bizarrely hoping I get cravings for coal dust or something this time round!


Kez437 · 30/07/2021 16:57

Haha well it looks like she got her way in the end 😁
They do say second time round that you show much quicker so I imagine the bloating etc all plays into that as well, I already feel uncomfortable 🙈
The next 8 weeks waiting is the longest! I didn't treat myself to an early scan last time but might this time round.
Will you find out what you are having? We didn't last time, tempted this time but equally quite like the surprise at the end (we were convinced DD was a boy!) don't mind ultimately as long as baby is healthy


llamabeans · 30/07/2021 19:18

@Kez437 She does have a habit of getting her own way! Hope she adjusts well to a baby!!

Yes, I hate the waiting until it feels like you’re “properly” pregnant. Right now I am just uncomfortable and I can’t say anything about it and still can’t be sure what’s going on in there!
Yep, we’re planning to find out. We did last time. Sometimes I think it’d be nice to have one of each, sometimes I look forward to ganging up on DH with my girls! So we’ll be happy either way. Ages to wait till we can find out though!


Antonia1993 · 30/07/2021 20:50

Hey girlies!!

I found out today I’m around 4/5 weeks abs so happy. Me and my partner are over the moon. My symptoms are sore boobs, awful all day nausea . Headaches ,gassy and constant peeing !


llamabeans · 31/07/2021 09:24

Hi @Antonia1993! Welcome to the club!

Is this your first?


Antonia1993 · 31/07/2021 10:29

No we had a m/c in dec 2016 ,so really anxious about this one !x


orangekitkat13 · 31/07/2021 16:36

Hi All,

Congratulations to everyone! Found out a week ago that we're expecting our second. A little anxious as had a m/c before my son and 2 chemical pregnancies before this one but this one has held on longer than those two so far.

Have sore boobs, tired and suffering really badly with stomach pains I think from trapped wind (sorry!). If anyone has any suggestions to help I'd be grateful! X


fingerscrossed91 · 02/08/2021 21:30

Hi all,

I'm so pleased I found this group. I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks ago. My apps say I'm 5+2 but I had my initial phone call with a midwife today and she seems to think I'm 6+3 so who knows!

This will be my first but haven't had too many symptoms tbh other than sore boobs abs occasional cramping. I hope that's normal xx


NoseringGirl · 05/08/2021 11:29

Hello! Just got a faint BFP this morning and this will be baby 4 if all goes well! I've got a history of early losses so not getting my hopes up too much but I'm still excited!!


Nervyy · 05/08/2021 12:26

Hi all, got my BFP at 11DPO and currently 26DPO / 5+5! Have taken a good load of tests since to confirm and reassure myself too😬 Still early days but feel like I've been holding on to this secret forever and I can't wait to see our sticky little bean on the first scan❤️🤞🏻
I've had fluctuating symptoms since right before I got my BFP, started with sore boobs and fatigue, then peeing a lot! Now I've got lower back pain, heart burn, sore ish boobs and bloating. Fluctuating symptoms really scare me as this is my first pregnancy but I am having faith and confidence that all is well and in April 2022 we'll get to hold our little bundle of joy 🥰 x


fingerscrossed91 · 05/08/2021 12:42

@Nervyy hey lovely, congratulations! I'm 5+5 too and have the exact same feelings as you. Are you going to have an early scan? x


Nervyy · 05/08/2021 15:23

[quote fingerscrossed91]@Nervyy hey lovely, congratulations! I'm 5+5 too and have the exact same feelings as you. Are you going to have an early scan? x[/quote]
Thank you! You too!
I do have an early scan booked for a week today, so I'll be 6+5. I've been considering pushing it back to 7+ as I know that 6 is really early and even with an internal, they might not see much!
Have you booked one?? X


Nervyy · 05/08/2021 15:23

[quote fingerscrossed91]@Nervyy hey lovely, congratulations! I'm 5+5 too and have the exact same feelings as you. Are you going to have an early scan? x[/quote]
@fingerscrossed91 wooops forgot to tag before!

Thank you! You too!
I do have an early scan booked for a week today, so I'll be 6+5. I've been considering pushing it back to 7+ as I know that 6 is really early and even with an internal, they might not see much!
Have you booked one?? X


HannahC1989 · 06/08/2021 12:02

Hi Everyone,

Found out on monday that we are expecting baby very early april! We are over the moon, after trying for 18 months.
This is my third but his first. Mine are 11 and 7 so im super nervous to do this again after so long!!
We have booked a private scan for 4th september to reassure us, as i dont think we can believe it!

Congratulations to everyone!! Smile


Wallaroo21 · 06/08/2021 21:49

Congratulations everyone!
I found out this week I'm 4+5 with my first baby! Was a surprise baby so all very scary and exciting still. I have epilepsy so will get the early screening though not entirely sure what this means!

Symptoms wise my heart rate is elevated and I feel breathless more easily. Nauseas at times but holding it down so far!

Fingers crossed for healthy pregnancies for us all


css04 · 08/08/2021 07:19

Hi everyone! Just found out I'm pregnant with baby number 2. My LG is currently 10 months.
How's everyone feeling? I've not really had many symptoms apart from bloating.
I can't remember when the nausea/sickness kicked in last time but I'm not looking forward to that part!!


marchmumma · 08/08/2021 18:39

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk guidelines.

Griffer · 08/08/2021 20:43

Hi all and congratulations.
I got my positive last night at just 3 weeks! I tested because of nausea, it's not even an early test so my levels are sky-high for gestation, but that seems to be what I get with pregnancy.
I had my daughter in April 2019, then got pregnant last year, but miscarried at 10 weeks and it's taken nearly a year to fall pregnant again. Pregnant 3 times and each time in July!
All being well, it looks like this one will be coming along around my daughter's 3rd birthday. Not ideal!
Really hoping this one sticks around.
I had pretty bad nausea and sickness for both my previous pregnancies, but didn't start until around week 5/6. Nausea already with this one, as well as bloat, sore boobs, feeling the need to stuff my face, constant peeing and tiredness. Can't believe how early I'm getting it all.
We don't want to find out gender, we didn't with our first and it was lovely. I would like another girl.
Good luck everyone.


llamabeans · 09/08/2021 20:19

Hello everyone! Nice to see there’s quite a few of us now! Grin

Looks like there’s lots of bloating and sore boobs about so maybe we should rename our club!

@orangekitkat13 I find peppermint tea can help with wind, and bloating for that matter!

@fingerscrossed91 I don’t remember having any early symptoms with my first, I don’t think, we must have just got lucky!

@NoseringGirl Your fourth!? Eek! How old are your others?

@Nervyy How’re you doing? I’ve done a load of tests too, just to check! Even did another one tonight.

@HannahC1989 I’m sure it’ll all come flooding back and your older two will really be able to be part of it all!

@Wallaroo21 How’re you feeling? Hope the nausea is still under control!

@css04 Maybe you’ll get lucky and not have any sickness! We can dream, right!?

@Griffer I got my first bfp at 3 weeks too so it feels like I’ve been pregnant for ages already even though it’s only been 2 weeks. Hoping for a sticky one for you, and that the nausea eases soon!

Just wanted to say hello and congratulations to you all! Grin


NoseringGirl · 09/08/2021 20:24

@llamabeans my others are 7, 4 and the youngest is 9 months. I've been very lucky to have them!

Unfortunately this pregnancy seems to be ending in another chemical/early loss so won't be on this thread with you all any more Sad
Wishing you all the best with your pregnancies and hoping I'll see you all about on the pregnancy boards soon!


orangekitkat13 · 09/08/2021 20:32

Lovely to have everyone here! To share the excitement, nerves and struggles!

I have been trying Peppermint tea and it has helped a little. The nausea has kicked in now as well!

Hope everyone else is feeling ok.

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