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babies due in june!

826 replies

megi · 08/10/2004 10:59

I know it is very early - but somebody needs to do it! Still not down from cloud nine yet!

OP posts:
Yorkiegirl · 08/10/2004 11:00

Message withdrawn

Yorkiegirl · 08/10/2004 11:00

Message withdrawn

beansprout · 08/10/2004 11:42


katzguk · 08/10/2004 11:44

go on then i'll join you although still not really ready to come out to the REAL world!! still only just 5½ weeks!! so if you know me in the real world please keep my secret!

secur · 08/10/2004 11:49

Message withdrawn

Skara · 08/10/2004 12:41

and good luck from me too, from a last year's June thread graduate Brings back lovely memories seeing this.

MrsWednesday · 08/10/2004 13:22

Glad you've done this megi, have felt a bit lost since becoming a graduate on the TTC11 thread. Also scared. I'm not even 5 weeks yet, only found out on Wednesday.

welshmum · 08/10/2004 13:25

Hello all. Count me in too although it is very, very early days and I'm really nervous. But I figure if anything goes wrong I'll be on mumsnet anyway. How are you all feeling?
I've got pretty bad sickness and I'm sure I'm already bigger - didn't look pg for months with dd.

muddaofsuburbia · 08/10/2004 13:29

Darn - now I've no excuse to live in limboland.

Found out on Tuesday - so very nervous about the whole thing. But I do seem to have occasional symptoms, which must be a good thing? Not told anyone exce dh obviously. Will tell immediate family this weekend and then if we make it to 8 weeks then close friends. Then the whole world can know at 12 weeks - but that's sooooo far away

good luck everyone

katzguk · 08/10/2004 13:36

ahhh was writing a long post and lost it somehow!! will have to start again.

thanks again for starting the thread was too scared too.

Anyone else been to GP to have it confirmed? got a due date of the 11th.

anyone got any ideas of how to hide morning sickness for DH's stepdad when we comes to visit - can't use tummy bug excuse because DD's having a birthday party in the afternoon so can't cancel it!

Mirage · 08/10/2004 14:08

Congratulations everyone.

I'm going to be brave & join this thread.I'm only 6 wks 2 days & it hasn't sunk in yet.I'm due 2nd June.

No real symptoms yet,but did feel sick all yesterday afternoon & evening & had to turn off the radio because someone on it was discussing pork pies this morning.Urghhhhh!

My 1st midwife's appt is on Monday morning & I feel a bit of a fraud as I can't belive that there is actually a baby in there.I won't believe it until I see it on a scan.

welshmum · 08/10/2004 14:09

I think my due date is 4th of June - haven't been to GP though Katzguk. As for hiding the dreaded sickness - can you plead tummy upset for a weekend?

Mirage · 08/10/2004 14:11

Doh-I meant I'm 6 wks 1 day-pregnancy brain already-hey,a symptom at long last.

katzguk · 08/10/2004 14:15

think i will just play it by ear - if we get takeaway sat pm will probably just say there must have been meat in mine (it upsets my tummy).

i know what you mean mirage DD didn't seem real until i saw her heart beat on a scan at 8weeks - dispite having horrendus morning sickness

megi · 08/10/2004 14:18

I felt quite faint yesterday afternoon - and I am constantly starving! Am sure I have already put on weight!

OP posts:
welshmum · 08/10/2004 14:20

The symptoms have taken me by surprise this time. I'm astonished and appalled at what my body's up to. It seems too early - do you know what I mean?

katzguk · 08/10/2004 14:21

throwing up about two weeks earlier than with DD, but not as bad at the mo!! was suprised when i was sick before getting BFP though!!

so was everyone trying? so anyone else like me and took a risk!!

MrsWednesday · 08/10/2004 14:33

Throwing up already? Blimey!

I'm feeling slightly queasy, sore boobs and that's about it. Oh, and knackered after two nights of not much sleep (getting up to go the loo every two hours).

I've been to the doctors already, begging for an early scan (have had a missed m/c and an early m/c so far this year) but I think the only way I'm going to get one is if I pay.

Is this first, second or third for everyone then? Second for me, have a DS who is 2.

welshmum · 08/10/2004 14:43

If all goes well it'll be our 2nd. We have dd (2.5). I too had a m/c at 12 weeks so along way to go before I feel 'settled'

katzguk · 08/10/2004 14:46

no 2 for me aswell my DD is 2 on sunday

Sophmum · 08/10/2004 14:48

Congratulations everyone!

I am due 10th June, not really sick yet, but have an enormous tummy. I did start showing early with DD (2), but not until around 8 weeks. I've made an appointment with GP next week, and am going to try to get a scan on the basis that I'm so big I may have my dates mixed. I'm sure I haven't, but I really want to see it - I don't really feel pregnant this time around. (Apart from totally pregnant brain)

Good luck all

megi · 08/10/2004 14:49

This will be our seond - dd is 3. I think I must be the most fertile woman on earth cos got pregnant with dd as the result of a single careless night! Same this time round! - Was beginning to think I would like to try again once dd was at school! A year early! - Never mind - I am not complaining!!!!

OP posts:
katzguk · 08/10/2004 14:51

snap Megi!!

muddaofsuburbia · 08/10/2004 15:32

At 5 weeks baby is the size of a sesame seed!!!!!

katzguk · 08/10/2004 19:21

spoke too soon re morning sickness - was throwing up this evening as well just like with DD but 2 weeks earlier, i know its a good sign but ahhhhh!!!

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