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Dec19/Jan20 IVF Graduates - Thread 2

993 replies

Chooklass · 31/03/2020 14:35

New thread for us all to keep in touch. Think we're all nearing the end of the first trimester or dipping our toes into the second ... how far we've come since the days of agonising over stims!

Link to old thread:

OP posts:
Lily999 · 31/03/2020 15:54

Hiya! Thank you very much for starting a new thread, I didn't realise 40 pages is the cut off. Or is it 1000messages?

Thank you all for your advices on the Doppler @DobbieFreeElf, @Viletta and @Chooklassthat's a no no then.

@FlapJackered we were going to join the NCT classes, ours start in July (if things normalise by then...). That's so nice about having one for the new dads @Chooklass, too bad we don't have that here.

Thanks @Wimbledon1 I would happily take your chance to find out about the gender haha.

@rainbow178 so good to hear from you, sorry the nausea is not giving you a break, is it constant or getting worse as the time goes toward the second trimester? Hope it will ease up as we are crossing 11weeks tomorrow whoop whoop! I am getting excited.

Also having mood swings big time. Anyone else having this? I am very irritable all of a sudden, feeling so sorry for DH as obviously he is always here since the lock down and is suffering the consequences. Then I am happy, then started crying when listening to the news and they announced so many people are volunteering I couldn't stop crying and kept saying can't believe how nice all these people are trying to help others. It is worse than PMS used to be... :)

Chooklass · 31/03/2020 16:16

Haha @Lily999 - I think I was my most emotional so far between 10 and 11 weeks! Crying at everything on telly - happy things, sad things, old people, animals. I'm less emotional this week, but my appetite has sky-rocketed! I can't believe I'm 12wks tomorrow - getting closer every day to the scan.

OP posts:
Chooklass · 31/03/2020 16:17

(Oh, and threads max out at 1000 posts)

OP posts:
Viletta · 31/03/2020 16:21

Hi all:) I'm lazy again today. Erch.. finished working from home and just resting on the sofa. I find it hard to self motivate.

FlapJackered · 01/04/2020 07:26

Thanks for the new thread!

@Chooklass @Lily999
Have you already booked the NCT classes or will you wait a while?

justkeeprunning5 · 01/04/2020 08:36

Morning, looking for any advice. 10 days ago had small amount of brown / light spotting when using the loo, had a scan all was well. Had it again yesterday but was more and got caught in the liner, probably looked worse due to cyclogest discharge mixed with it. Since then a tiny amount more when using the loo. I’m assuming I’ve irritated my cervix so used back door for cyclogest yesterday evening & today. Will call my midwife shortly. Anyone else had this?

DobbieFreeElf · 01/04/2020 15:06

How many weeks are you @justkeeprunning5? I had a bleed just before 7 weeks, the day after I fell down the stairs, my scan 3 days later showed I have a subchoronic hematoma (more common in ivf pregnancies apparently) checked again at 9 weeks, still there but baby was fine.

When I was in a&e for the bleeding they were very sure it was just an implantation bleed which apparently don’t just happen at initial implant. Have you had your booking appointment? If you have contact your midwife or if not maybe call the gp or 111 (if you can get through) they’ll probably refer you to the EPU. Where I am you can’t contact EPU directly but I know some other hospitals you can.

🤞everything is ok x

justkeeprunning5 · 01/04/2020 16:24

Hi @DobbieFreeElf. I called the midwife team (had booking in yesterday) they took a very conservative view of going to A&E when there is ‘any bleeding’ so I did that and they got me through to the EPU quite quickly for a scan. All is ok, still measuring a few days less than I thought but they said all is ok and to avoid vaginally inserting the cyclogest for now. Now trying not to feel like an idiot for dragging myself & husband to a hospital in a pandemic for something that wasn’t necessary. It was very quiet there however and took all the usual precautions so I hope it is ok. The worrying never ends, does it?! Thanks for your kind response.

DobbieFreeElf · 01/04/2020 16:36

@justkeeprunning5 glad you got seen so quickly and everything was looking ok. My last scan they measured me a couple of days behind but then measured again and o was where I should be. At this stage it’s a matter of millimetres and the sonography said it is really hard when they’re all curled up to measure.

How many weeks are you?

Viletta · 01/04/2020 17:04

@justkeeprunning5 glad to hear the scan went well, you did what the midwife suggested and had all precaution. I wouldn't worry about catching the virus.

Viletta · 01/04/2020 17:44

Here is a new paper on covid19 and pregnancy

justkeeprunning5 · 01/04/2020 17:44

Thank you @DobbieFreeElf @Viletta, kind of
You to check in. I didn’t want to be a neurotic person but can’t help myself, I’ve told my husband to give me a talking to if the symptoms are the same again as I can’t head down there with every little bit of spotting. It’s stopped now too. Measuring 8w2d and thought I would be 8w5d, she said the same it’s so tiny and hard to measure and could be a few days either side but not worth splitting hairs over. 12 week should be more accurate. Nobody allowed into EPU with me which was so strange, although fully get the reason why.

Littlelot · 01/04/2020 18:15

@justkeeprunning5 glad things went well today.

I got my test results today and showed really low risk - much lower than I expected 1 in over 3600 for down’s and less than 1 in 10000 for the other two. I finally feel like I’m starting to relax.

Viletta · 01/04/2020 19:58

@Littlelot amazing results!! Congratulations!!

Wimbledon1 · 01/04/2020 22:38

Oh phew, relieved to see your post tonight @justkeeprunning5 as that didn't happen to me so I couldn't provide any reassurance and was hoping someone else could! I don't think you did the wrong thing going to the hospital, even at the moment it's best to get things like that checked out. So pleased all is well.

And @Littlelot congratulations on your good results. A real relief! They are very similar to mine - I went in today for my scan and because bloods had been done earlier they were able to calculate using the bloods and the NT measurement all at once and give me my risk. 3,300 to 1 so happy with that. My 31 year old friend just got 16,000 to 1 but that's what being 38 will do to you 😂 All else present and correct with the anatomy etc.

@FlapJackered they said they don't change the due date for IVF (must vary by hospital even in London) so I'm sticking on 9 October. Our days of exactly twinning are over, but just as big chance they'll be born on the same day!

Hope everyone else is going ok in lockdown. Thanks @Viletta for the link on coronavirus, going to take a look now.

Viletta · 01/04/2020 23:33

Does anyone find they prefer no bra at the moment? I used to find bras comfortable as they would give good support, but now I prefer no bra at all and the feeling of taking one off is amazing! Even soft sports bra irritate me.

Lily999 · 02/04/2020 13:09

@justkeeprunning5 I am so glad to hear everything is ok, you definitely did the right thing.

@Littlelot that's excellent news, you must be super relived now.

@Wimbledon1 it does seem to vary as mine was changed by 2days on my first scan then it was put back right where it was originally when I saw the midwife, curious what they are going to say on Wednesday when I have the next scan.

@Viletta honestly I would struggle to tell you when was the last time I had a bra on! I am working from home, DH doesn't allow me to go to the shop at all and I only go for one walk every day to the forest next to our house for about half an hour when I am wearing a coat, so not putting on bra is kind of normal for me... Also never put on jeans as they feel really uncomfortable.

@Chooklass I started to feel the hunger you mentioned, I think I might just become the reason for that dreaded food shortage as I feel like I could eat all day and it would still not be enough. Then I wake up in the morning and I am absolutely starving again, like overnight the baby pushed a re-set button or something :)

Chooklass · 03/04/2020 12:53

I forgot to say, but my midwife told me two other foods to avoid in pregnancy which are not on usual NHS list - bagged salad and Mr Whippy ice cream! Both can have listeria in them. In case you weren't aware of these xx

OP posts:
Viletta · 03/04/2020 12:59

Thank you @Chooklass I heard about nagged sakad but wasn't sure if I was supposed to just give it a good wash even if it's washed..

Chooklass · 03/04/2020 15:11

My midwife said it should be ok if fresh and washed very thoroughly, but not to eat (even if washed) if it's been in fridge for a few days!

OP posts:
Lily999 · 03/04/2020 17:49

Thanks @Chooklass, is it also true for spinach and kale?

Chooklass · 03/04/2020 18:01

@Lily999 - Hmm, I'm not sure ... maybe if you're eating them raw? Cooked would be fine?

OP posts:
Lily999 · 03/04/2020 18:19

I make a green smoothie every second day and I was convinced I'm doing a great thing. Hmm... not sure anymore.

Viletta · 03/04/2020 21:37

I also heard from my nutritionist if you cut onion in half and save other half you need to only using in cooking not fresh.

She wrote salad is fine but make sure to wash it well and eat it fresh.

FlapJackered · 04/04/2020 08:10

Oh crap, I have a smoothie everyday with fresh spinach. 🤦‍♀️ I don't think my DH bothers to wash it either when he does them.
I did some research at 3am this morning and apparently if you soak the spinach in a mix of 50% vinegar and water it kills almost all bacteria. So I might do that and then freeze it as I can't live without smoothies, it's the most amount of veg I get down me! 🙈😬
During my research I found out apparently avocado skin is a bad offender for listeria and then when you cut it this can go through to the flesh, so make sure you wash your avocados too!
Although I do think the likelihood of actually getting it is pretty rare.

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