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Due in December 2

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hana · 12/07/2004 16:41

Welcome to a new space!
I felt the baby move last night....had been getting sharp shooting pains just below my ribs on one side - I couldn't stand so laid down for an hour or so, and then I was entertained. V special isn't it to feel it again?!

OP posts:
honeybunny · 12/07/2004 21:32

Only just feeling the odd flutter now and then but at my scan last week, he/she was wriggling around all over the place... wish I could feel it more but I guess I'll just have to be patient.

PotPourri · 13/07/2004 01:26

I can't really feel it clearly, but I have definately had flutters. I think the problem is that just when I think I have felt something I don't feel any more. I'm sure I won't be so desperate to feel kicks when my kidneys are getting a battering!

I had a pain under my right ribs too Hana. I put it down to indigestion or something. Do you reckon it is the baby kicking? Mind you, am getting used to having all sorts of unexplained aches and pains!

Hope everyone's doing ok.

ginger29 · 13/07/2004 16:23

Hi all,
I have not joined in for ages due to work and being too tired in the evenings to log on at home. I have been feeling really well recently which is nice, apart from horrendous indigestion. Seems to be 24 hours at the moment. Doctor gave me prescription for Gaviscon at ante-natal appointment yesterday so will give that a go.
I also found out yesterday that I am rhesus negative so will have to have injections during pregnancy and after I give birth. Anyone else in this situation?
Nice to hear heartbeat again yesterday. I think I am feeling movement but not sure if I am confusing with indigestion!

Ronniebaby · 13/07/2004 23:34

Thanks Hana for starting this new thread.

I went for midwife appt today and heard fetal heartbeat and typical of any child of mine, it didnt just kick the monitor it walloped it, even the midwife said "wow that was some kick" I was almost in tears to hear the heartbeat, it was soo lovely.

I've been feeling baby move since 15 weeks and asked midwife and she said it can happen as early as 14 weeks, but not often.

Hope everyone that is due in December is well.

Jimjams · 13/07/2004 23:40

I'm rhesus negative ginger, ds1 is rh positive ds2 rh negative. I've never had to have injecitons during pregnacy- just one or two extra blood tests (but I always get low platelets during pregnancy so I'm normally on weekly or forthnightly blood checks by the end anyway). Had anti D after ds1, and a miscarriage, but not after ds2 obviously. First blood test result said no abnormal antibodies detected so I'm hoping to get away with not needing anti D during this pregnancy as well (its a blood product so the fewer times its given the better really).

Jimjams · 13/07/2004 23:41

I'm getting pain in my left rib. It's not kicking in my case- I suspect its just joints loosening up as my back has come close to going a couple of times.

Middle · 14/07/2004 09:54

I am due 29th December and my DS is 13 months old. I currently work 3 days per week with a long commute but I want to work far enough up to my due date to claim statutory maternity pay-do you know the earliest I can take maternity leave?

scubamum2b · 14/07/2004 11:21

As for the babys' sex my DH is not bothered finding out at scan or at birth (athough has a bet on with his mate that it is a boy!), but I would rather wait. My dad reckons it will also be a boy right from the beginning, telling me to look after his grandson and got all excited when I referred to baby as 'he'.

anyone else planning to have their baby at home?

Jimjams · 14/07/2004 18:23

Ronniebaby- I'm getting kicks! Feels ridiculously early but the m/w said it probably was given my size. Just the pain in my rib isn't from them.

Had the AFP test today..... DS2 was being really manky until he saw the needle going in which he thought was funny!

lilymum · 15/07/2004 01:06

Still waiting to feel the baby kick - sometimes I do wonder, but have so far dismissed anything as most likely to be my digestive system. Ronniebaby, I always get really choked when I hear the heartbeat for the first time, incredible to think it's there all the time beating away inside of me.

Nimme · 15/07/2004 08:50

Well I think I am further along than any of you (due 5/12) and not feeling anything I can definitely say is kicks. Felt the odd flutter but that's about it. With DD I didn't feel anything until week 22 so not worried but looking forward to some proof of life in the huge belly I am carrying.

Hana, went for a private scan to tell the sex as I am very nosy and like Fortnight the "surprise" at birth didn't do anything for me either. More shock (convinced myself that I was carrying boy as I for some unknown reason really wanted a girl, and I was terrified of being disappointed).

It is another girl and I am thrilled. Nothing against boys but DH has 2 from previous marriage so this balances it out nicely.

Sounds like most people are feeling better which is good news. Now all we need is a bit/lot of sunshine for us to enjoy summer, but reading the paper this morning looks like summer has been cancelled this year..argh.....

ggglimpopo · 15/07/2004 09:49

Message withdrawn

Nimme · 15/07/2004 09:54

ggglimpopo - I've obviously missed something somewhere. Why are they pushing you to do an amnio?

Jimjams · 15/07/2004 14:25

well done for sticking to your guns gglimp- you sound as if you have made the right decision for you.

Nimme · 15/07/2004 14:36

ggglimpopo - saw the other thread re amnio.

I'm with jimjams and what looks to me like everybody else!

A friend of mine was under French ante natal care with her first and they managed to reduce her to a complete wreck. She had cats and they insisted on testing for toxo plasmosis every month. And there were other things.

cloudberry · 16/07/2004 16:26

I am new here, but have been reading the various messages for months now. It has been fantastic for giving me info and reassuring me that various thoughts, feelings etc are quite normal and I'm not going bonkers!! It's my first baby and is due on December 24th.

Jimjams · 16/07/2004 16:30

aagh ds2 has a speech disorder (dxed todaY). With ds1 being severely autistic we are now hoping that number 3 will be a precocious girl and talk without SALT!

Scan in 4 weeks so will find out then.

Welcome cloudberry!

Ronniebaby · 17/07/2004 01:56

Lilymum - I know what you mean, but as with most mothers, you sometimes doubt it's still there, especially if you've M/C'd (which I have) and hearing that heartbeat just reassures you. As to the kicking this one is like it's brother and a non stop mover, altho fortunately stops as I'm about to sleep which is heaven for sleeping.

Jimjams - I sure you'll get those kicks soon

Nimme · 17/07/2004 20:17

Oh Jimjams - no 3 will be a precocious girl talking away incessantly (you may live to regret that wish ).

Welcome cloudberry - another christmas baby.

honeybunny · 17/07/2004 21:32

At last, lots of leaping and jumping around going on in there every evening. I love it!

hana · 18/07/2004 11:34

Couple of questions -
when do you go on maternity leave? Do you 'have' to leave by a certain date? I'm asking because when I had dd it was all very neatly done - dd was born in mid September - I'm a teacher so I finished work at the end of the summer term then had 6 weeks of not working before the new school year started up again. So it wasn't a problem of when to start mat leave. But now everyone is asking me when I will start (baby due end of Dec) Can I work as far as I want to? I'm hoping to go as far into Dec as possible as I only work one day. HAve I made any sense?!?

And I'm just curious as to whether anyone is finding out or has found out the sex! I really wanted to for a long time, but have been thinking about it lately - my 20 week scan is only a few weeks away. DH was never keen and I've now decided to be surprised when it does. Anyone else?

hope you're all feeling well. Nice to see the sun today for a change (in London anyways!)

OP posts:
ginger29 · 18/07/2004 19:03

Hana, As far as I am aware with my maternity leave, you can work up unitl due date if you want but have to start maternity leave on that day.
I have to use up all my holiday before maternity leave starts so I will add a couple of weeks holiday on before due date (10th Dec) but otherwise would have tried to work up until the bitter end!
We have decided not to find out sex at second scan - 26th July - more fun to have two lots of names to argue over.
I agree - lovely london weather for once.

PotPourri · 18/07/2004 20:22

I'm working up to a week before the due date so I get all the time pos at the other side. Some jobs it's not feasible or safe (e.g. nursing) but for teaching as long as you can sit down etc, I'd say go on to the bitter end. And of course, if you end up being shattered and ready to finish earlier, your employer would be unreasonable not to let you finish up.

You need to inform your employer of when you intend to start maternity leave by 15 weeks before the due date (i.e. 25 weeks). And you need to give them the MATB1 form that you get from the midwife (I think that's where you get it, I am currently trying to find that out).

hana · 18/07/2004 20:54

thanks ginger and potpouri - I'm going to try and work until the end of term, think it's the 21st this year (due 25th) though of course will just have to see. I'll be about 25 weeks when school starts again so that works out nicely. Only 2 more days of work left this year - yipee!! Am keeping dd in her nursery though, really looking forward to some me-time!!!

OP posts:
Ronniebaby · 18/07/2004 21:06

Welcome Cloudberry, the advice and stuff is what MN is all about, if we can help just ask

My 2nd scan is next week (friday) and I cant wait.

Baby is moving madly except for today as I did a 5k walk and I've rocked it to sleep.

Hope all are well

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