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Who actually pronounced the last syllable in Eleanor like -nor?

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misslucy92 · 09/01/2023 14:15

This is mainly for people in the Uk and Ireland (or outside of the Us) as I know that in the Us -nor is used.

But I often read that in the Uk people say -na. I don’t know if I can explain it well but I mean -nor vs -na (sort of like Elena is said sometimes). But I only like -nor, personally.

So could I get away with naming her Eleanor and saying -nor in the Uk? Do some of you pronounce it -nor?

Does Elinor change anything?

sort of wondering if I could use -nor or whether I should look for a new name. I like both spellings Eleanor and Elinor.

Also name your region or where you are approximately (only if you feel comfortable).


OP posts:
Teapleasebobb · 09/01/2023 18:07

I know 2 Elenors, one insists on being called Elen-or and the other is happy with Elen-er

Athenen0ctua · 09/01/2023 18:12

I know someone born in England and the -er sound was the only one used by her family and anyone else. Moved overseas and everyone said the -or sound. Correcting people didn't help. So I think the dominant sound where you live is what you will get.

WideDyedAndLegless · 09/01/2023 18:16

I know an Elinor and we've always pronounced it Ellinnuh, with emphasis on the first syllable.
Occasionally I've heard people say it as ElinOrr and it's sounded wrong without knowing why.
Close friends and family say Ellie though 😊

Oldnproud · 09/01/2023 18:18

If you really really want the nor ending (soundwise), I would be tempted to add an 'e' at the end - 'eleanore^. The pronunciation is less ambiguous then!

usedtolovenaps · 09/01/2023 18:18

I'd say 'nor' at the end

MadeForThis · 09/01/2023 18:20

Ella-nor. From N Ireland

greenspaces4peace · 09/01/2023 18:21

Canada: 3 syllables L-N-or

Eleanorbeleanor · 09/01/2023 18:29

I’m another Eleanor- definitely “nuh” here (south Midlands), with the emphasis on the first syllable, though I cope if others pronounce the nor! Like a PP said, it’s like “doctor”, which I imagine is also pronounced differently if you have a rhotic accent.
To me if you want to emphasise the “nor” it’s a different, French name: ie Eleonore

DashingWhiteSergeant · 09/01/2023 18:30

I cannot think of any way to pronounce it without -nor

Ontopofthesunset · 09/01/2023 18:34

Eleanor in my family is pronounced El-en-uh, as are the many other Eleanors we know. Regardless of whether the 'r' is sounded or not, there's still a difference in the vowel sound - 'uh/ur' versus 'awe/or'.

Ladyofthelake53 · 09/01/2023 18:36

UsingChangeofName · 09/01/2023 17:42

Im Eleanor. Live in South, most people say nuh but i think its because they dont know how to pronounce it properly. Its not a common name, some have never heard of it.

"pronounce it properly" ???? Hmm

Get over yourself.
Having a different accent from you doesn't make anyone "improper".

Just saying its nor at the end so surely thats how it should be pronounced ?

I dont care how people pronounce it personally. Ive got an Essex estuary accent so El a nah is how most people pronounce it here and also how i say it if people ask.
Wind your neck in

Ladyofthelake53 · 09/01/2023 18:38

Different accents different pronunciations

Luana1 · 09/01/2023 18:44

In London and pronounce the 'nor' I know two Eleanor's and they both pronounce it like that.

UsingChangeofName · 09/01/2023 19:25

DashingWhiteSergeant · 09/01/2023 18:30

I cannot think of any way to pronounce it without -nor

.....and yet there are 3 pages of people who have explained it to you

DashingWhiteSergeant · 09/01/2023 19:26

UsingChangeofName · 09/01/2023 19:25

.....and yet there are 3 pages of people who have explained it to you

I didn’t read all three pages - I just adding my tuppence worth.

SquigglePigs · 09/01/2023 19:55

All four Eleanor's I know are pronounced El-en-uh or El-en-a (I'm not good with the phonetics). And they are from all over England.

Also in reference to abbreviations, one goes by Ellie or El, one is Ella and the other two (including a teenager) are Eleanor.

ZoyaTheDestroyer · 09/01/2023 20:11

If you really want to force non-rhotic speakers to pronounce the ‘r’ you will need to spell it with an ‘e’ at the end to rhyme with snore / lore / bore etc.

WiseUpJanetWeiss · 09/01/2023 20:12

The Eleanors I knew/know (NW England, Yorkshire and Scotland) all pronounce the -or as you would pronounce the -or at the end of doctor or tenor.

The English ones pronounced it exactly as the Beatles did; the Scottish one has a slight rolling of the r, in the way that Americans do at the end of butter.

None of them pronounces it -ore like the end of score.

fairtrauchled · 09/01/2023 20:22

I'm in Scotland and would pronounce the 'nor'.

DuchessOfSausage · 09/01/2023 20:31

I know some who say it as ellen-OR

Mydogatemypurse · 09/01/2023 20:31

I pronounce it. Northern

redbigbananafeet · 09/01/2023 20:32

Scottish - wear coast - and would say the or

NatMoz · 09/01/2023 20:32

Nor here, Elena is a separate name (to me).

I was considering calling my baby Elena but my husband was worried about the fine line between Elena and Eleanor as demonstrated in this thread.

We went for Yelena and it still causes confusion but whatever🤣.

romdowa · 09/01/2023 20:34

I'm irish and I'd prounouce it ella-a-nor

scrivette · 09/01/2023 20:35

'Nor' at the end - Southern

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