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mums abroad - what are the trendy new baby names in YOUR country

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ocd · 01/09/2006 09:59

are the french still into Kevin?

OP posts:
eidsvold · 04/09/2006 06:21

most pop names I have seen used



dh thinks the aussie way is to take a regular spelling, think of the most unusual and off the wall way to spell it and bingo - a baby's name.

humpydumpy · 04/09/2006 06:26

Eidsvold - I agree with your dh. Everyone seems to want to out do everyone else with the bizzare spellings. It's a nightmare when writing birthday cards.

eidsvold · 04/09/2006 06:30

yet our dd1 has an unusual ( but not weird name) and people want to spell it all sorts of ways and it is just as it sounds.

SSSandy · 04/09/2006 17:55

Wondering about the origin of the name Gunk. Is it Turkish perhaps?

Here in Germany, lots of children seem to have names considered here to be traditionally (specifically) Jewish like Hannah, Leah, Rebekka, Esther for girls and I've come across 5 boys called Levi.

An old lady told me a couple of weeks back that she noticed old-fashioned names were coming back into fashion - names like Leonard and Beatrix which were common when she was a girl.

footprint · 04/09/2006 18:12

In my village in Swiss alps, it seems to be anything beginning with L: We have Leandro, Loraina, Luka and Leonie!

I think that the most pop names in German-speaking Switzerland last year were Leonie and David.

footprint · 04/09/2006 18:14

Oops, I see Ernest already mentioned the "L" thing! Not just our village then!

LOL at "Knowledge"! Poor thing.

SSSandy · 04/09/2006 18:48

Tickle, how long have you been living in Denmark? Just came back from Denmark two weeks ago, loved it there. Trying to nudge dh into moving there in fact.

Tickle · 04/09/2006 20:37

SSSandy we've been here 2.5 yrs now. Gorgeous small island right in the middle called Samsø. Love it here, but I do find the language tough!

Where are you, and where did you visit in DK?

SSSandy · 04/09/2006 20:50

I'm in Germany Tickle. We went to Falster and then to Mon (with the dash through the "o"). Loved Mon. We spent our whole holiday muttering "why don't we live in Denmark all the time?!"

branflake81 · 21/01/2008 10:30

I used to teach in a primary school in France and the most popular names seemed to be:


Megane (like the car)

FarcicalAlienQueen · 21/01/2008 10:46

Knowledge doesn't surprise me as a name at all. I think I've asked before and you've confirmed Cali that they're an African-American family.



etc etc etc not at all unusual to me

Brangelina · 21/01/2008 10:59

In Italy they all seem to name their children the same names, a lot of Saras and Alessandros for instance. You know, the sort where you call out to your kid in the park and everyone turns around because it's their name too....

Some people try to be trendy and use an English name, but usually from the naff end of the spectrum - at DD's nursery there's a Ralph and a Denise and a while ago there was a spate of Kevins and Brians. I suppose it's a bit like the adoption of names such as Luca and Bianca in certain British social circles.

cory · 30/01/2008 11:58

Sweden are definitely going through a retro phase. 10 yrs ago when my nephews were born, it was very much early 20th century:

Oskar, Lukas, Markus, Johannes, Jonatan, David, Alfred, Albert, Karl for the boys

Hannah, Sarah, Viktoria, Johanna, Ida, Emily, Lovisa, Beata for the girls

Now they seem to be moving into the mid-20th century: Edvin, Edvard, Doris, Ingrid. Basically, you see the same names on the birth announcements/christenings and the obituaries.

I can't wait to see the Fifties: Clarke, Elvis and the rest.

alexpolismum · 30/01/2008 16:53

In Greece the tradition is to name babies after their grandparents, but since most girls seem to be named Maria or Eleni, guess what tops the list when their grandchildren come along. For boys it's Nikos, Ioannis (John) or Yiorgos (George).

sabaidii · 31/01/2008 04:31

I live in Asia, hwever in Thailand I know a Jennifer, a Chiara and a Nicole.

In Vietnam, I have met 2 little girls called Mary and Linda.

I don't know any Laotians with western names though.

eternalstudent · 31/01/2008 10:17

When we lived in Zambia many moons ago they used to like naming their kids after english words they liked the sound of.

A driver for the company my Dad worked for was called Golden Delicious which is pretty good! There were a lot of kids named after the day they were born on.

'Banda' is the Zambian version of 'Smith' as a surname, Dad still claims to have worked with a chap called Rubber with the afore mentioned surname. What a comedian.

McDreamy · 31/01/2008 10:18

Chris - loads of Chris's here in Cyprus!!!!!

PrincessPeahead · 31/01/2008 11:18

alexpolismum you forgot Andreas and Alexandros

MrsMattie · 31/01/2008 14:27

Christ, Cali - there are some corkers on that list! Knowledge? I mean FFS, poor kid. Alexis-Starr. She's gonna be a stripperrrrrr.

castille · 31/01/2008 17:12

All the little French Kevins (pron Kev-eeeen) are teenagers now. These days it's the equally awful Kilian.

Spink · 31/01/2008 19:34

my dad used to go on about "power is nothing without knowledge".. so somehow all would be right with the world if Knowledge's sis WAS called Power, Betty Spaghetti .
Mind you, dad also used to have a variant "Power is nothing without control". so that could be a contender.

twelveyeargap · 31/01/2008 19:42

Bit that the top "Irish" girls names are Sarah, Emma, Katie.

Rantmum · 31/01/2008 19:46

I did come across several Bogdans amongst the Romanian children that I met and it occurred to me that there are always names that may never transcend linguistic and cultural barriers.

CaptainCod · 01/02/2008 14:18

this is an ancient hrread
whyt is this on the home page

SannaG · 02/02/2008 09:15

Does Scotland count as a different country? Hell I am in the highlands that's a different planet(I can say that because I am born and bred highland) My ds1s class at nursery have 4 Finlays, 3 Camerons (boys and girls) 2 Rhiannas, Angus, Bruce, Connor and Alfie quite popular too, Oh And Kayleigh and Caitlin for girls.

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