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mums abroad - what are the trendy new baby names in YOUR country

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ocd · 01/09/2006 09:59

are the french still into Kevin?

OP posts:
admylin · 01/09/2006 10:08

We are in Germany and when expecting ds the in names were Florian and Fabian, imagine if we had called him that, holidays back in the UK wouldn't be the same!
Now there are quite a few Justin boys and in dd's class 3 vanessas.

LiliLaTigresse · 01/09/2006 10:20

oi codders
My mum told me of a Brayan (for Brian of course)

PizPizPiz · 01/09/2006 14:39

Yes they are ocd, unfortunately. As well as Lou, Chloé, Louise, Léa ...

lucy5 · 01/09/2006 14:41

Trendy and new don't really happen in Spain. There are an awful lot of Antonios here.

Sandcastles · 01/09/2006 14:47

we've got shaylee's & wade's but thats about all

Molesworth · 01/09/2006 14:53

Most popular girl's name in Austria in 2003? GUNK

dinosaur · 01/09/2006 15:02

This reply has been withdrawn

This has been withdrawn by MNHQ at the poster's request.

Molesworth · 01/09/2006 15:15

most popular french names

ocd · 01/09/2006 16:24

more mroe please

OP posts:
AvaLou · 01/09/2006 16:30

Where my parents live in Italy there's been a few Britneys, Robbies and Joeys (they love Friends over there)
They are shocked.

AvaLou · 01/09/2006 16:31

No idea how they spell or say those in Italian but I could hazard a guess and it's not good.

BettySpaghetti · 01/09/2006 16:38

According to DPs cousin, who came over from Germany recently, Marvin and Marlon are popular names there at the moment.

(About 7 yrs ago, when we were expecting DD, we were told that Kevin was very popular in Belgium!)

foundintranslation · 01/09/2006 16:39

Very popular German boys' names atm are Jonas and Leon, very popular girls' ones are Lena, Lea, Lara.

expatinscotland · 01/09/2006 16:41

I had a lover called Florian. He was HOT HOT HOT! Mmmmm.

belgo · 01/09/2006 16:44

In Belgium
Anything ending with 'e', prenounced as an 'a':


Don't ask me which are boys and which are girls names!

AvaLou · 01/09/2006 16:52

In Bulgaria it is
Irina, Mila and Raya for girls
and Filip, Spas and Radimir for boys

according to my friend...
It's also very popular to choose english names over there, especially those of film/music stars, which is a little sad.

belgo · 01/09/2006 17:04

In Belgium:

Silke for girls is pretty
Lotte short for Lieselotte (that's my dd)

Molesworth · 01/09/2006 17:20

most popular baby names by country

Eve · 01/09/2006 17:26

English names are very trendy in Italy. We know people in the village who have called theirs..Dennis.

AvaLou · 01/09/2006 17:29

Eve, where in Italy are you from?
(blushing in advance if I've chatted to you already about this, there's too many mumsntters to keep track of)

huppa · 01/09/2006 17:48

I don´t know about the French, but I´m in Germany and there are loads of Kevins here although not that many babies.
For boys Max/Maximillian, Luca, Leon and Tim are really popular and I´ve noticed a couple of Erics just recently.
For girls Marie/Maria, Sophie/Sophia, Lea, Lena and Lara are popular. There also seems to be a thing at the moment for names ending in "ina," so Alina, Melina, Selina etc

Mum2FunkyDude · 01/09/2006 17:57

In South Africa they tend to make up names using both parents' names.

Mum2FunkyDude · 01/09/2006 17:58

i.e. Andre and Chantelle might become Chandre or Johann and Anna might become Juanne.

AvaLou · 01/09/2006 18:01

Lol so it's similar to the tabloids who come op with things like 'Bennifer' or 'Prestelle'

Californifrau · 01/09/2006 18:01

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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