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DH gave DD chips and crisps! AIBU?

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WonderWanderer · 10/02/2024 20:49

DH took our DD out today at around 2pm. DD had lunch at 12.00. A sandwich and some fruit. Whilst out, DH bought DD some crisps before swimming and then a portion of chips after (at about 5pm). After this, they were going to an event which was supposed to have food for the kids but unfortunately, it had run out by the time they arrived. DD told DH she was hungry and the only thing you could buy there was crips, so DH bought her a pack to tide her over. DH gave DD a decent meal when she got home just after 8.

DD is 7 and in my opinion, going 8 hours whilst out and about and on the go, and having 2 packets of crisps and a portion of chips is not okay. I said to DH that he should have left the event when he realised they had no meal for her and got her something decent and then they could have returned. Or alternatively, he should have told me when we spoke on the phone as I’d have come and collected her and given her dinner.

DH thinks I am being completely overboard. He says he knows it wasn’t ideal but that she was fine and had a good meal when she got home.

Am I being OTT with this? Happy to be told I’m wrong if that’s the case.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Toadstool1985 · 10/02/2024 20:50

Yes, it's a one off

Hungrycaterpillarsmummy · 10/02/2024 20:50

It's a one off. Not ideal but not an issue.

Pigeonqueen · 10/02/2024 20:50

This wouldn’t bother me at all as a one off.

Housebuyer37 · 10/02/2024 20:50

You're being ridiculous

aSofaNearYou · 10/02/2024 20:50

I agree you're being OTT.

mitogoshi · 10/02/2024 20:50

Ott, as long as it's not a regular thing. We've all had a chips crisps and pork scratchings day Blush. (Today)

CeleryCeller · 10/02/2024 20:51


Jenda · 10/02/2024 20:51

Agree with DH,'s a one-off.. presumably she wasn't miserable and starving for the whole event? She's had 3 healthy meals today just not in the usual way, I would not be bothered at all

Bruisername · 10/02/2024 20:51

You’re being ridiculous!

did she enjoy the event?

Mademetoxic · 10/02/2024 20:51

Shock, horror. The shame!

OpalOrchid · 10/02/2024 20:51

It's one day. FFS. I'm sure she will survive.

Windydaysandwetnights · 10/02/2024 20:51

Why weren't you embracing the peace and quiet instead of micro managing your dd's other parent?

Zoomerang · 10/02/2024 20:52

I’m fairly hot on kids eating vegetables. But as a one off, in the circumstances you set out, I’d be ok with this. Different if it’s a pattern of laziness.

itsgoingtobeabumpyride · 10/02/2024 20:52

Kindly, yeah you're being a bit OTT.
DD had a good day out with dh, she won't suffer from missing one meal.

sprigatito · 10/02/2024 20:52

It's fine as a one off. Chips aren't the optimal choice, but they aren't poisonous either and as part of a normally good diet this will make no difference. I wouldn't have taken her out of the event to buy food either, I'd have gone for the chips and just made up for it later.

Topjoe19 · 10/02/2024 20:52

But would DD have wanted to leave the event to go & eat? He fed her something when she got home. I do think YABU sorry. It's a bit of a fuss over nothing.

Eightfour · 10/02/2024 20:52

Give her some cucumber before bed - problem solved - yes you are being ridiculous

WonderWanderer · 10/02/2024 20:52

she came home saying she had been starving but could only get crisps. Sorry, I don’t mean to drip feed, I just realised I missed it in my OP.

OP posts:
Purplecatshopaholic · 10/02/2024 20:52

Jeezo. Chill. The fuck. Out.

ChelseeDagger · 10/02/2024 20:53

This wouldn't even be on my radar tbph

MixingPlaydough · 10/02/2024 20:53

It's a one off she was fine and she had a lovely day I'm sure.

You're in for a long bloody road if you're so dramatic about stuff like this.

Garlickit · 10/02/2024 20:53

CeleryCeller · 10/02/2024 20:51



PotteringAlonggotkickedoutandhadtoreregister · 10/02/2024 20:53

What?! You are being utterly ridiculous about this one

Thepeopleversuswork · 10/02/2024 20:53

You are overboard yes.

If this was a daily routine it would be a problem but kids eating crap as a one off when they are busy won’t do them any harm at all.

WonderWanderer · 10/02/2024 20:53

Also, my husband was with his mates at the event and my concern is that he was more worried about hanging out with them than sorting her a meal.

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