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To ask the worst thing you've ever eaten? (lighthearted)

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BobbyBiscuits · 30/01/2024 19:29

Again with the food much as I love hearing what people like, I also love hearing what people hate!

So, what is the one (or a few) foods you tried and thought were vile and would never try again?

The main one that springs to my mind is whelks. wtf even are they meant to be? Its just impenetrable rubber with no

So, share your revulsions or argue the cause for something unlovable?
C'mon you know you want to! : )

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AhBiscuits · 30/01/2024 20:12

Celery. Crunchy, piss-flavoured water with hair in it.

My exboyfriend's grandma's homemade faggots 🤢 🤮 🤢 Absolutely revolting. Fuck knows what she put in them.

HoneyButterPopcorn · 30/01/2024 20:12

Tofurkey. Absolutely the worst thing I’ve ever eaten. 🤢

KreedKafer · 30/01/2024 20:15

Whale blubber.

To be clear, I would NOT have ordered whale and I do NOT approve of whaling but we were at celebratory event in a country that hunts a very small number of non-endangered whales each year and they served it to us as part of a massive buffet platter. There were sliced of cured whale meat and little cubes of blubber. The meat was all right (I thought so anyway, DP was not a fan at all; it did have a very strong flavour, like a cross between very gamey meat and fish) but the blubber part was just disgusting. Like eating a little cube of oil-emitting silicon-like rubbery stuff. I thought it would be like the fat on a pork chop or something. But no. Very different texture. Imagine, perhaps, what would happen if filled an ice cube tray with bathroom sealant and left it to set. Then imagine that when you bite into it, it sort of dissolves into a thick oil that tastes slightly fishy. Absolutely the most unpleasant thing I have ever eaten. And I speak as someone who has happily eaten tripe, pig’s ears, jellied eels, casseroled hearts, andouillettes, grasshoppers and sweetbreads.

pootlin · 30/01/2024 20:15

Butternut squash 🤮

AtomHeartMotherOfGod · 30/01/2024 20:15

Asafoetida is what gives poppadoms that savoury poppadom smell/taste. I love it, personally!

CheeseWisely · 30/01/2024 20:16

Whale. It tasted like beef carpaccio, long past its best, that had been rubbed with tuna, also long past its best.

toads912 · 30/01/2024 20:17

A vegetable dumpling soup on an overnight school trip to Belgium. It was the same every night for the week and it was so oddly sour but sweet, absolutely revolting. We weren’t allowed to go out to shops etc. so I lived off apples and cereal bars for the week
That soup still haunts me to this day, and my friend and I still chuckle about it

dizzydizzydizzy · 30/01/2024 20:17

Anything with truffle or truffle oil. Smells disgustingz. I'll eat pretty much anything else.

CatchHimDerry · 30/01/2024 20:18

Second Durian, absolutely vile things

Also what I can only assume was the “vomit” flavour every flavour jelly bean? Accurate name

I refuse to try tripe etc. even though my grandad loved it and would eat ANYTHING

They even used to cook up hedgehogs during the war when meat was scarce, so he told me

IBegYourBiggestPardon · 30/01/2024 20:18

Brawn 🤢 I couldn't even swallow it, it's that vile.

sprigatito · 30/01/2024 20:18

Vegan "cheese" - at least four different varieties of it. Rank, riffy old smegma.

Tinned meatballs. The stench of them made my insides clench, and the texture was like actual shit.

Oysters. Big, cold wet bogies

Prawns. Dirty little bottom-feeding parasites. It's like eating giant fleas.

Berityberityz · 30/01/2024 20:19

Pigs cheese.

i love all cheese, cow, sheep, strong, mild.

but pigs cheese, egads. It literally burned my tongue it was so revolting

HowDoTheyGetThroughLife · 30/01/2024 20:20

Octopus, in Greece. Like chewing rubber bands but with suckers on them.
Liver - when I was anaemic and pregnant, 43 years ago. Never eaten any since.
Olives - just nasty.

spottydinosaur · 30/01/2024 20:20

Tomato risotto from the new bored of lunch cookbook

No idea how I fucked it up but it was gross. DH who normally eats anything only managed a forkful

OurfriendsintheNE · 30/01/2024 20:21

Tinned octopus. Felt like I was at it for about half an hour before I could swallow it.

KreedKafer · 30/01/2024 20:22

BigMandsTattooPortfolio · 30/01/2024 20:08

A kind of Russian stew made from animal bones at a ‘restaurant’ in Moscow. It’s what made me go veggie.

I had some very weird fish in Moscow, that was served cold, like smoked mackerel. It was a white fish and had a perfectly pleasant flavour, but the weirdest texture imaginable, sort of like soft wax, very greasy, a bit like beef dripping. I did eat it all, but I kept thinking about it afterwards, and not in a good way. Anyway later I looked it up and it transpires that Russia is basically the only country that has declared it fit for human consumption, because it often makes people ill. I was fine but I do feel like it was a lucky escape.

jeaux90 · 30/01/2024 20:22

Polenta Confused. Just why.
Oh and Grits. Vom.

Payakan · 30/01/2024 20:22

A tongue. Disgusting to look at when it was brought on a serving dish, even worse to take the tiniest bite to avoid offending.
Why is there never a dog under the table when you need one.

Trickofthetrade · 30/01/2024 20:23

Snails. Chewy and gritty.

MrsHamlet · 30/01/2024 20:24

Fermented mare's milk. Never ever ever again.

Thegreatestoftheseislove · 30/01/2024 20:24

Lemon posset. I had to spit it out as that stuff was not going to be swallowed.
All offal.

Trickofthetrade · 30/01/2024 20:25

Also beetlenut in India. You chew then spit ( I think I did anyway). Grim . So maybe that doesn't count as eating .


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Thepowerhouseofthecell · 30/01/2024 20:27

Reheated takeaway rice. Almost killed me.

Snoozymoozy · 30/01/2024 20:28

Tried oysters for the first time at a well known pub in Dublin. I could deal with the taste, but they gave me norovirus 😷

fernsandlilies · 30/01/2024 20:30

Conch, years ago in Thailand.

Conch = phlegm.

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