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To ask the worst thing you've ever eaten? (lighthearted)

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BobbyBiscuits · 30/01/2024 19:29

Again with the food much as I love hearing what people like, I also love hearing what people hate!

So, what is the one (or a few) foods you tried and thought were vile and would never try again?

The main one that springs to my mind is whelks. wtf even are they meant to be? Its just impenetrable rubber with no

So, share your revulsions or argue the cause for something unlovable?
C'mon you know you want to! : )

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Am I being unreasonable?

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NetballHoop · 30/01/2024 19:52

I can cope with tripe and love all seafood apart from sea urchin which is just horrible. Cows brains are a not to be repeated meal and I can live without having tongue again.

The worst would have to be Icelandic fermented shark. Just no.

BobbyBiscuits · 30/01/2024 19:53

For some reason I love the texture of liver and kidneys (when cooked nicely with wine, herbs etc),
But i tried duck hearts once.
They were so rank, chewy AF. I guess it's like a massive muscle..never again.

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ItsyourSam · 30/01/2024 19:53

Balut, a Filipino delicacy. Fertilised duck egg. I couldn't swallow for gagging.

justaboutdonenow · 30/01/2024 19:57




Shark's fin soup- I was around 5 & living abroad, I had seen a cartoon with it in, where the soup had little fins swimming around in it & it looked fun, the reality of gelationous grey sludge in a bowl that I was presented with was palpably different.

Mumaway · 30/01/2024 19:57

I loved BBQd chicken hearts on a skewer in Brazil, definitely chewy though. The 3 weeks of salmonella afterwards I could have done without, but god I was thin!!

LauderSyme · 30/01/2024 19:58

I am sure I was just unlucky and had really badly cooked versions of dim sum one time and salt beef another time. Soggy, slimy, nasty.

DM had a little pot of spice called Asafoetida. The stench! Bleeuurgh. Heaven knows what recipe calls for it.

I had a bird's gizzard salad in France and rather horrified myself by heartily enjoying it. And I love a Greek octopus salad although all the little suckers on the tentacles freak me out.

Thebestwaytoscareatory · 30/01/2024 19:59

A porridge bar my dad made many years ago.

He 'misread' the recipe (aka didn't read) and it was more salt than porridge. Lost a filling to it too as an added bonus.

Morecatsarebetter · 30/01/2024 20:00

Miso soup- tasted like horse piss

Olives-absolutely rank. Wish I liked them

SocksAndTheCity · 30/01/2024 20:00

Sea urchin again. I'll eat pretty much anything but that was just disgusting.

I love whelks 😊

KanyeJohnWestTuna · 30/01/2024 20:01

Plantain and tripe stew in the Dominican Republic.

Justifiedcheese · 30/01/2024 20:03

Jellied eels. Meaty mud.

doilooklikeicare · 30/01/2024 20:04

Jellied eels 🤮

0rangeCrush · 30/01/2024 20:04

Morecatsarebetter · 30/01/2024 20:00

Miso soup- tasted like horse piss

Olives-absolutely rank. Wish I liked them

Two of my favourites 😂

I love anything salty.

Worst I’ve had is baby octopus.

Everyday foods I don’t enjoy:
iceberg lettuce

Other than those; I eat anything that’s vegetarian.

BarrelOfOtters · 30/01/2024 20:06

ChedderGorgeous · 30/01/2024 19:48

Andouillette. Smelt of shit. Taste was similar.


whelks and snails, rubbery and impossible to swallow.

doilooklikeicare · 30/01/2024 20:07

@Justifiedcheese we posted at the same time! Even our dog refused them! Grin

LauderSyme · 30/01/2024 20:07

@Thebestwaytoscareatory That reminds me of a story my granny liked to tell about the one time she entrusted her husband with feeding their baby daughter (my dm).

He mistook teaspoons for tablespoons in whatever mixture of carbs and milk he whisked up, and granny came home to find the bairn gamely chewing her way through a solid brick of what should have been gloop.

BigMandsTattooPortfolio · 30/01/2024 20:08

A kind of Russian stew made from animal bones at a ‘restaurant’ in Moscow. It’s what made me go veggie.

BigMandsTattooPortfolio · 30/01/2024 20:09

My grandfather liked tripe.

Ladybird69 · 30/01/2024 20:09

My cooking! 🤢

fibag29 · 30/01/2024 20:10

Sheep's head. Was vomitorious

PosyPrettyToes · 30/01/2024 20:10

I quite liked sea urchin.

Snails were not my favourite. Like garlic flavour chewing gum.

In very rural France we had a runny goats cheese so strong that the first bite made everyone gag. (not just us, literally everyone who tried it) Once you got past the gag reflex it was actually delicious but no way I would want to eat it again!

Fitandfree · 30/01/2024 20:10

Lychee - pure testicle, I'll never forget the texture, and it was 30 plus years ago. I didn't know it then, but the skin does look like a a scrotum too. Second worst - cold pork pie - I was not expecting the jelly, and it still makes me ill, thinking about it 42 years later.


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eathbin · 30/01/2024 20:10

DH and I had chicken stew in Hong Kong, the 'chicken' was a big ball of god knows what with a very big vein in it. We became vegetarian after this.

Queijo · 30/01/2024 20:11

Blood curd. I love all blood sausages but the texture of this was like eating clots. Nope.

AtomHeartMotherOfGod · 30/01/2024 20:11

It was a meal someone cooked and was really proud of. I feel a bitch admitting it, but she wasn't well liked in our team - smug, trying to ingratiate herself too much - and then she invited everyone to dinner and cooked up this terrible meal. It was bland beyond bland and the rice was way overcooked.

If we're talking foodstuffs rather than a specific incident; I'm not a huge fan of polenta or very bony curries. There's not much I dislike though 😂

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