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To ask the worst thing you've ever eaten? (lighthearted)

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BobbyBiscuits · 30/01/2024 19:29

Again with the food much as I love hearing what people like, I also love hearing what people hate!

So, what is the one (or a few) foods you tried and thought were vile and would never try again?

The main one that springs to my mind is whelks. wtf even are they meant to be? Its just impenetrable rubber with no

So, share your revulsions or argue the cause for something unlovable?
C'mon you know you want to! : )

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SiobhanSharpe · 04/02/2024 13:03

I can eat just about anything, andouille/tripe, kidneys, liver, sweetbreads (delicious) but the poster who said whelks were tasteless rubber should be very thankful.
Because the ones I had definitely had flavour -- it was raw sewage.

NoBinturongsHereMate · 04/02/2024 13:13

Back on topic, when I was 12 I went to a party where some family friends had brought back assorted weird foods from a trip to Japan.

They insisted I try something they wouldn't name that looked a bit like dried figs and - after checking it was suitable for vegetarians - I chewed a salty lump of rubber for a bit before deciding it wasn't swallowable. They then revealed it was dried squid - so not suitable for vegetarians - that had been marinated before drying in a sauce I turned out to be allergic to. I spent New Years Eve in A&E, and have been deeply suspicious of unidentified foods ever since.

Other bad things that haven't involved idiots trying to kill me.

Kava - looks like silty water, tastes like silty water well seasoned with black pepper.

A Spanish garlic soup, for which the recipe appears to be: peel 4 bulbs of garlic, blend with just enough water to make a pouring consistency, serve cold. I like garlic, but not in that quantity.

A Bulgarian vegetable soup with a slightly more complicated recipe. In the base of a small soup bowl place 4 slices of raw carrot and 1 slice of raw tomato. Add just enough hot stock to cover the vegetables (about 5mm depth), then top up the remaining 3 cm of the bowl with warm sunflower oil.

And olives. People keep telling me they are an acquired taste, but I cannot understand why anyone would want to acquire it.

SerenChocolateMuncher · 04/02/2024 13:19

Tripe sausages. The one bite I tried was so disgusting I had to spit it out on the plate, despite being in formal company.

The second most disgusting thing I ever tried to eat was tofu. 🤢🤢🤮

HoneyButterPopcorn · 04/02/2024 15:45

My BIL is known as ‘human dustbin’ as he will eat anything (dumbed into him as a child bit to waste food) and he just can’t see food binned. The only think he says he won’t ever eat under any circumstances is tripe, so it must be bad!

IBegYourBiggestPardon · 06/02/2024 20:53

Caswallonthefox · 30/01/2024 22:23

Can someone please explain the point if cottage cheese to me? I've never tried it because I can't get beyond the look of it.

The Langley farm one is definitely the nicest cottage cheese. It's much more solid not just lumps in a milky substance.

IBegYourBiggestPardon · 06/02/2024 21:29

mathanxiety · 31/01/2024 15:29

And matcha - why???

Yep. Had a matcha latte once. Tasted of gone off fish.

MrsCatE · 07/02/2024 01:49

I had a sleepover with a primary school friend. Her Scottish mother served some sort of clear broth with teeny bit of meat plus spoonful of rice. I asked her what it was - she had such a strong accent I literally couldn't understand what she was saying. She got more and more exasperated as she tried to explain it was 'stomach' - have no idea from what animal but they were Kosher. Who the fu£k would feed an 8 / 9 year old child that??!! It was lukewarm and tasteless. Family chugged it down. I was ravenous when I got home (I don't remember if I got pudding or breakfast) and informed my horrified mother. When it was our time to reciprocate she just got some M&S ready meals.

CheeseSandwichRiskAssessment · 07/02/2024 02:34

I love a lot of these.foods ! For me poached eggs, and hardboiled eggs, only only eaten them one time each in my life. Fortunately I've managed to avoid fried eggs, I don't think I could do it.

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