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To ask the worst thing you've ever eaten? (lighthearted)

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BobbyBiscuits · 30/01/2024 19:29

Again with the food much as I love hearing what people like, I also love hearing what people hate!

So, what is the one (or a few) foods you tried and thought were vile and would never try again?

The main one that springs to my mind is whelks. wtf even are they meant to be? Its just impenetrable rubber with no

So, share your revulsions or argue the cause for something unlovable?
C'mon you know you want to! : )

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Am I being unreasonable?

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Barbarbaranne · 30/01/2024 21:35

LauderSyme · 30/01/2024 19:58

I am sure I was just unlucky and had really badly cooked versions of dim sum one time and salt beef another time. Soggy, slimy, nasty.

DM had a little pot of spice called Asafoetida. The stench! Bleeuurgh. Heaven knows what recipe calls for it.

I had a bird's gizzard salad in France and rather horrified myself by heartily enjoying it. And I love a Greek octopus salad although all the little suckers on the tentacles freak me out.

Love asafoetida! I use it in curries as I can't have onion/garlic
This thread is making me gip though 🤢🤢🤢

Twoshoesnewshoes · 30/01/2024 21:37

Neck tubes of lamb 🤮
that’s awful

mine is spiky sea urchins in morocco
also, a bishybarnabee once flew onto my salad and I accidentally ate it. For something so tiny it was like acrid poison. I could taste it for weeks!

Barbarbaranne · 30/01/2024 21:39

MooseBeTimeForSnow · 30/01/2024 20:33

Another one for durian. I tried fresh and ice cream at the same sitting. Not sure why. It tasted bad enough going down the first time, but then repeated on me for hours.

And if we can include a liquid - Pripsen. Quite frankly I’d rather have threadworms than ever have to take that stuff again.

Pripsen! You've just activated my gag reflex, that stuff was revolting! I did actually throw it up once, god my stomach is churning just thinking about it and it's over 40 years since I'd have last had it!

RubiesAndRaindrops · 30/01/2024 21:40

Sea cucumber. Went to Singapore for Chinese New Year many years ago, it was on a set menu. I had no idea what it was, but assumed it was some kind of vegetable (looked a bit like a sausage) so ate it, found it unpleasant. I found out later what it was, I was so wrong its definitely not a vegetable! I wouldn't have had the courage to eat it if I'd known what it was and will never eat it again...

Kittensat36 · 30/01/2024 21:41

MooseBeTimeForSnow · 30/01/2024 20:33

Another one for durian. I tried fresh and ice cream at the same sitting. Not sure why. It tasted bad enough going down the first time, but then repeated on me for hours.

And if we can include a liquid - Pripsen. Quite frankly I’d rather have threadworms than ever have to take that stuff again.

Pripsen. It's been nigh on 50 years but my stomach just turned at the mention of it.

Tequila. I went to Mexico years ago and tried it. I swear my throat closed when I attempted to swallow it. My stomach said "I don't know where you think that's going, but I can tell you it isn't coming down here."

FlojoHoHoHo · 30/01/2024 21:41

Oysters and I got the worst case of food poisoning I’ve ever had.

OpenEvening · 30/01/2024 21:43

Well I didn’t actually wait it, but…

On holiday in China. Ordered a selection of dishes from a menu with no clue what they were. The first dish that came out was steamed bullfrog. Quite literally a whole giant, brown frog the size of my head that had been steamed and dumped on top of a bed of lettuce. It smelled like wet dog. It was absolutely horrendous even to look out and I had to very politely ask the waiter to take it away right fucking now before I vomit

Whatineed · 30/01/2024 21:44

A Portuguese delicacy which was a pigs intestine that had been cured in red wine.

I had the whole family proudly watch me pretend to enjoy it.

It was like eating the tyre off an old bike that had been ridden through a pig sty. 😂

Ladyof2022 · 30/01/2024 21:49


Boyce · 30/01/2024 21:49

Pesto. It tastes like hand sanitizer. Binned a pizza this week as I'd missed it on the label.

Years ago I ate shellfish on 2 occasions and proceeded to d and v spectacularly, everyone else OK, so have avoided it ever since.

13Bastards · 30/01/2024 21:51

Raw jellyfish in plum sauce.

Sea water and gristle spring to mind

Caswallonthefox · 30/01/2024 21:53

Goats cheese

HectorGloop · 30/01/2024 21:53

Guinea pig. Managed to be greasy and bony at the same time. Plus it still had teeth and claws.

motleymop · 30/01/2024 21:54

ChedderGorgeous · 30/01/2024 19:48

Andouillette. Smelt of shit. Taste was similar.

I had to Google that. Sounds horrific.

beetlebrain · 30/01/2024 21:55




All so nasty. Love liver and kidneys though.

WhamBamThankU · 30/01/2024 21:56

Cottage cheese. Looks and smells like vaginal discharge.

FoxtrotOscarFoxtrotOscar · 30/01/2024 21:57

A pastrami sandwich at the famous When Harry Met Sally diner in NYC.
It was slippery, greasy, salty, smelly and disgusting.

Everything in Slovenia.

Beebeesmith · 30/01/2024 21:59

Ordered a pizza in Prezzo with vegan cheese. It was like eating snot. After the first bite I just left it, staff didn't ask what was wrong!

I've had some decent vegan nut 'cheese'type' spreads, even made some myself, but the coconut oil based mass produced stuff is utterly vile.

motleymop · 30/01/2024 22:02

MrsHamlet · 30/01/2024 20:24

Fermented mare's milk. Never ever ever again.

Wtaf!!! Who gave you that?!!!

HRTQueen · 30/01/2024 22:02

Dog (tasted but strange but knowing after made me ill)

Cows lung like lives but much more chewy

chicken frankfurters I could not get over how vile they are

MissingMoominMamma · 30/01/2024 22:03

Chitterlings. The smell! 🤢

PaulCostinRIP · 30/01/2024 22:04

A vegetarian 'stew' that consisted of 80% hot water, hard, undercooked potatoes, carrots and some unidentified vegetables that may have included leeks.

I looked at it and wanted to vomit and took one spoonful and had to start deep breathing or I would have vomited. He then saw my discomfort and then shook some white pepper over the top.

Completely and utterly inedible.


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HoneyButterPopcorn · 30/01/2024 22:09

Someone gave me raw tofu once. She didn’t realise it should be cooked to give it any texture or taste.

BobbyBiscuits · 30/01/2024 22:10

Crikey some people have eaten some mad shit!

I think Tripe is coming up as one of the least favourable. I think chitterlings is similar isn't it? Why eat guts? Like we are not that starving. No-one is!

Sea cucumbers- I've always wondered what they tasted like, and sea urchins? I love stuff like that.

Love oysters. Liked eating fried crickets and beasties in thailand but was very very drunk (Paul Whitehouse voice)

Okra is fucking vile. Why is it full of snot, and so stringy, tasteless. It's always in a curry but that's no excuse. I accidentally added it to risotto once when I was stoned. Yeah. Not good.

Loving this thread folks : )

OP posts:
Lilysienna1 · 30/01/2024 22:13

I’m weird and I love most of these 🤣 love jellied eels, whelks, oysters, tripe. Had snails in France and thought they were ok. The one thing I don’t really like are chicken nuggets. Yeah… as stated, I am weird!!

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