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Airbnb owner keeps texting me WWYD

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Marniemo · 21/01/2024 21:24

Rented a cottage for a week and the owner is a lovely very kind woman. She keeps wanting to come over and meet my kids. I’ve been here two days and she has texted me every single day since. I have now agreed to Wednesday evening.

AIBU to think this is odd? Im sure she is very nice but it feels full on. I’m wondering if she just wants to check on her property?

OP posts:
BillionaireTea · 21/01/2024 21:28

That seems really weird. I'd wait til Wednesday mid afternoon then breezily text "Sorry, we're going to be out now this evening so we will miss you. Everything is fine with the cottage, thanks for your help as a host. I will text you after we have checked ourselves out on Saturday at 10am (or whenever) so you know we've left for the cleaners to come in. All the best, Marniemo"

Olika · 21/01/2024 21:30

She sounds lonely. And too much time in her hands. Agree with PP just find an excuse.

CharlotteMakepeace · 21/01/2024 21:32

Why would you agree to that?

You just say, you're having a great time and sue to being spontaneous cannot guarantee a time when you are free but will let her know is there are any problems with the home .

BrightGreenMoonBuggy · 21/01/2024 21:32

I think you need to reply along the lines of, “Regarding Wednesday, could we cancel that plan? We’ve booked this as much needed time together and weren’t expecting to have daily contact with you or visits during our stay. We’d be willing to have a quick chat with you as we check out, if you like?”

Pocketfullofdogtreats · 21/01/2024 21:33

Yes, it's odd. She shouldn't expect you to have to spend part of your precious holiday with her.

HappyHamsters · 21/01/2024 21:37

Is it a new Airbnb for her, she might be fretting about the property. An evening isn't great if you have kids, they need tea and bed. With this week's weather you don't know what your plans will be.

NOTANUM · 21/01/2024 21:43

We got this when abroad. We twice had a French owner “pop in” to borrow some weird thing (cheese fondue set, tagine) but under the guise to check we weren’t wrecking the place probably. Anyhow they were nice and we had a nice chat, subject to language.
It wouldn’t bother me but I’m sociable and like meeting the natives!

Snowydaysfaraway · 21/01/2024 21:45

We booked a huge cottage for us all last year.. Had no idea the owner could see into our kitchen from her house... We had to pass her door to get out of the farm gate.. Saw her way way way too often. Was an absolute nightmare..

Ellysetta · 21/01/2024 21:51

I think Airbnb have started pressuring landlords to visit the guests and ‘welcome them’ (aka check on the property) during the stay.

But it does sound mega annoying

Shessyillinbed · 21/01/2024 21:56

Ellysetta · 21/01/2024 21:51

I think Airbnb have started pressuring landlords to visit the guests and ‘welcome them’ (aka check on the property) during the stay.

But it does sound mega annoying

I'm an Airbnb owner/host, they haven't as far as I'm aware. I don't ever hassle my guests, they know I'm here if they need anything

Shessyillinbed · 21/01/2024 21:57

and I never visit to check/look at the property

BobbyBiscuits · 21/01/2024 22:00

If I was you I'd say something's come up and you sadly won't have time to introduce her to the kids (why tf would she want to meet a strangers kids?)
If she is desperate to check the place then I guess she might sneak in while you are out? Surely that's not protcol, you paid and they should leave you to it? I'm not familiar with Air BnB. She sounds creepy and annoying.

EvilElsa · 21/01/2024 22:01

I'd hate that. It would make me want to go home!!! I wouldn't appreciate the texts, let alone the badgering to meet your kids (weird). She clearly wants to check her property over and see that you are not a stag do or similar. Tell her no and ignore further texts.

Delphiniumandlupins · 21/01/2024 22:07

I have never had a problem with an Airbnb host being too attentive, usually the opposite

Allmarbleslost · 21/01/2024 22:23

So she's text you twice? Just say no.

Livelovebehappy · 21/01/2024 22:44

Message and say somethings cropped up Wednesday and you can’t meet up, and that the remainder of your holiday is filled with plans. Then just ignore further messages.

Stressyfab · 21/01/2024 22:53

Absolutely not, can you imagine gender reversed?

LemonLymanDotCom · 21/01/2024 23:08

Yeah, I had that at a recent Air B&B stay (New Forest). The host and her husband said they needed to give me a tour of a 2 up, 2 down. While pointing out the facilities such as the toaster and cassette player. They made no reference to the weird art though… alas. Some of that really needed explaining.

I think they just wanted to check me and my friend out, to verify us. It was very annoying.

theGooHasGone · 22/01/2024 03:32

This is one of many reasons I hate Airbnb.

justanothermanicmonday1 · 22/01/2024 03:53

Absolutely not.

What a strange request.

You cancel & say something has came up.

SD1978 · 22/01/2024 03:56

What do the reviews say? Is this something others have commented on? I'm d be pretty irritated to be honest. I've paid, there's a deposit and it's my holiday. I do t see why I need to meet the host unless it's stipulated we should do so on entry to the property. At most (and I wouldn't even do this) have her come over about 10am, 10 minutes chat and then go out.

Aquamarine1029 · 22/01/2024 03:57

You need to buck up here, op, and enforce boundaries. Tell her everything is fine with the property, you are on holiday wanting peace and quiet, and meeting up is not necessary and won't be happening.

BarbieDangerous · 22/01/2024 04:08

That would annoy me. Hotels for the win!

BumbleShyBee · 22/01/2024 04:13

That would really annoy me too. We book Air BnBs for privacy!! I like pretending that the house / cottage whatever is mine for the week.

LindorDoubleChoc · 22/01/2024 04:13

"We would prefer not to take time out of our few days holiday to meet up, if you don't mind. All's well here and we are very much enjoying our stay. Many thanks."

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