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Airbnb owner keeps texting me WWYD

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Marniemo · 21/01/2024 21:24

Rented a cottage for a week and the owner is a lovely very kind woman. She keeps wanting to come over and meet my kids. I’ve been here two days and she has texted me every single day since. I have now agreed to Wednesday evening.

AIBU to think this is odd? Im sure she is very nice but it feels full on. I’m wondering if she just wants to check on her property?

OP posts:
hamsterswhiskers · 24/01/2024 03:26

Trez1510 · 22/01/2024 04:43

My one and only time in an AirB'n'B was a nightmare.

The cottage were hired was adjacent (but not joined to) the owner's own holiday home.

About an hour after we arrived this man appeared on the doorstep with a carrier bag, saying 'Hi, this is my cottage and my wife sent these for you ....'

Naturally, we thanked him, me thinking the contents of the bags were, of all things, cream cakes!! After he left, we opened the bag to find out it had lightbulbs in it!!

Fast forward a couple of days and we returned to find him and a random peering through the patio doors, noses on the glass. The owner appeared to be negotiating rental terms with the random.

My partner wasn't disturbed by this, thinking it's just business, fair play. When I pointed out either the owner was monitoring our movements and knew were out, or he wasn't monitoring our movements and didn't give a flying fuck about our privacy the penny dropped for my partner as to why I was so upset. I wasn't sure which scenario was worse, really, but both scenarios creeped me out.

Upshot was partner had words with owner, told him we were leaving early and demanded a refund for unused days.

We have revisited the area many times (staying in hotels) and have seen him on every trip.

He struts about as though he's the Laird of [Insert Village Name]. Part of our enjoyment of the area comes from the hilarious antics of locals in his presence/wake.

It's hilarious to observe/hear what the locals think of him. Loads of hand-gestures, pulled faces behind his back and mutterings of 'Prick' 'Stupid C*nt' and 'Arsehole' in his wake ....

Even the Hotel owner, with whom we've become friendly, has told us he challenges every bill presented to him, and not once has there been an error to his detriment. More often than not, he is required to pay more once the bill is checked.

Observing him and, more importantly, his haggard-looking/downtrodden wife, only makes me appreciate my own partner more! lol

Sorry, went off on a tangent there. 😁

In summary: People are weird.

Off on a tangent but a great story 🤣

hamsterswhiskers · 24/01/2024 03:29

PieAndLattes · 22/01/2024 06:59

Get it out of the way to get her off your back. Just say - ‘Plans have changed so we’re probably be out on Wednesday, but if you want to pop in this morning for 5 minutes you’d be welcome. Don’t worry if not. The place is great and we’re keeping it tidy.’

I'd say this is perfect. If you all out cancel Wednesday she'll just keep coming back with more suggestions.

Longtimelurkerfinallyposts · 24/01/2024 04:27

@Boomboomshakeshaketheroom What did Air B&B themselves say about this incident? Did they also refuse to share the guy's details with the police?

Boomboomshakeshaketheroom · 24/01/2024 05:15

Longtimelurkerfinallyposts · 24/01/2024 04:27

@Boomboomshakeshaketheroom What did Air B&B themselves say about this incident? Did they also refuse to share the guy's details with the police?


The host told us he called AirBnb himself and they told him not to say anything. Unfortunately I didn't catch the guy in the act - even though the circumstances meant it couldn't have been anyone else - so the police decided it wasn't worth their time to follow up.

Rosiiee · 24/01/2024 05:23

Is she really old or lonely OP? Some elderly have a weird obsession with babies. Maybe she’s desperate for grandkids? Maybe she was a midwife and loves kids?

Heyhoitsme · 24/01/2024 09:00

When our children was little we took our children for a cottage break. The owner said she would babysit to let us go out for the evening. My first thought was I don't know you! At the end of the week she was quite offended we hadn't taken up her offer. Why would anyone trust a stranger with their kids?

CroccyWoccy · 24/01/2024 09:09

LikeagoddamnVampire · 24/01/2024 01:15

You seriously left your children with someone you'd just met as a business contact and went off to the pub?!

You sound like a child abuser's absolute wet dream. She could have had anyone there with her while you were away.

I can't imagine ever being so naive and trusting with my own dc. I'm shocked.

And it shocks me that people assume “stranger danger” at every turn.

As a rule I don’t dump my children with the first person I meet, but for various reasons I felt very comfortable with the situation.

Bideshi · 24/01/2024 11:49

DeeLusional · 22/01/2024 08:09

Dear god NO! I work away from home one week a month and I stay in self-catering accommodation precisely so I don't have to talk to anyone. Not AirB&B though as the company won't book those.

But most of Air B&B is self-catering accommodation. Have I missed something?
I let an off grid tiny house so I’m not depriving anybody of a home. Sometimes I see my guests. Sometimes I don’t. Their choice. I have also stayed in many Air B&Bs in this country, Italy, and Austria. Never had an issue with intrusive hosts.

NotMyFirstChoiceofName · 24/01/2024 11:49

Longtimelurkerfinallyposts · 24/01/2024 04:27

@Boomboomshakeshaketheroom What did Air B&B themselves say about this incident? Did they also refuse to share the guy's details with the police?


Yes I want to know this too please @Boomboomshakeshaketheroom

Air BnB must have the details to give to the police.

Did they take the listing off the platform ?

And what did the police and your insurers say when you reported the damage to the car? Surely the police forced the owner to give the details ?

LikeagoddamnVampire · 24/01/2024 14:02

@CroccyWoccy I also don't see stranger danger everywhere and consider myself quite a chilled out parent, but I'm still really surprised you would do this.

Obviously you may know more background that you haven't said, but on face value of what you posted, this is not a safe thing to do.

LoobyDop · 24/01/2024 18:19

s4usagefingers · 23/01/2024 20:15

I’ve stayed in an airbnb where socialising with the family was involved, we sat for a couple of hours in the living room chatting with them and their teenage kids and we also went out for a drink one evening with the parents. However it was made fairly clear at the beginning on the listing that there was a bit of a cultural exchange involved rather than just renting a room.

AirBnB are actively trying to promote this kind of arrangement rather than the “whole property” kind, to try and prevent places like Barcelona and Venice cracking down and enforcing limits on the number of properties because of the impact on the local residential rental market.

Boomboomshakeshaketheroom · 24/01/2024 19:16

@NotMyFirstChoiceofName I replied to that question in the very next post!

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