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Airbnb owner keeps texting me WWYD

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Marniemo · 21/01/2024 21:24

Rented a cottage for a week and the owner is a lovely very kind woman. She keeps wanting to come over and meet my kids. I’ve been here two days and she has texted me every single day since. I have now agreed to Wednesday evening.

AIBU to think this is odd? Im sure she is very nice but it feels full on. I’m wondering if she just wants to check on her property?

OP posts:
Celia24 · 22/01/2024 04:14

I had this once. Completely inappropriate OP

Happyinarcon · 22/01/2024 04:27

I dunno, I’m getting to that grandma age where I just want to spoil some random kids. I don’t have any grandkids of my own yet but I constantly have the urge to bake cakes and take them round to people. If I had an Airbnb with three kids staying I’d probably be on a baking frenzy.

Trez1510 · 22/01/2024 04:43

My one and only time in an AirB'n'B was a nightmare.

The cottage were hired was adjacent (but not joined to) the owner's own holiday home.

About an hour after we arrived this man appeared on the doorstep with a carrier bag, saying 'Hi, this is my cottage and my wife sent these for you ....'

Naturally, we thanked him, me thinking the contents of the bags were, of all things, cream cakes!! After he left, we opened the bag to find out it had lightbulbs in it!!

Fast forward a couple of days and we returned to find him and a random peering through the patio doors, noses on the glass. The owner appeared to be negotiating rental terms with the random.

My partner wasn't disturbed by this, thinking it's just business, fair play. When I pointed out either the owner was monitoring our movements and knew were out, or he wasn't monitoring our movements and didn't give a flying fuck about our privacy the penny dropped for my partner as to why I was so upset. I wasn't sure which scenario was worse, really, but both scenarios creeped me out.

Upshot was partner had words with owner, told him we were leaving early and demanded a refund for unused days.

We have revisited the area many times (staying in hotels) and have seen him on every trip.

He struts about as though he's the Laird of [Insert Village Name]. Part of our enjoyment of the area comes from the hilarious antics of locals in his presence/wake.

It's hilarious to observe/hear what the locals think of him. Loads of hand-gestures, pulled faces behind his back and mutterings of 'Prick' 'Stupid C*nt' and 'Arsehole' in his wake ....

Even the Hotel owner, with whom we've become friendly, has told us he challenges every bill presented to him, and not once has there been an error to his detriment. More often than not, he is required to pay more once the bill is checked.

Observing him and, more importantly, his haggard-looking/downtrodden wife, only makes me appreciate my own partner more! lol

Sorry, went off on a tangent there. 😁

In summary: People are weird.

DreamTheMoors · 22/01/2024 04:50

Am i old fashioned? What happened to telling the truth?
Why can’t you say that it makes you feel uncomfortable and send along some photos of the perfectly kept B&B to ease her mind if that’s her issue?
Be polite but firm. I don’t understand all the made-up stories that you’ll just have to follow up with additional made up stories.

sleepysleepytired · 22/01/2024 04:55

Just say no. It's creepy and inappropriate

PiersPlowman11 · 22/01/2024 05:33


Invite her over for tea and then pump her incessantly for local knowledge. With any luck, she won’t be back.

Make sure the biscuits are rich tea and not digestive, too. Definitely no Hobnobs.

StarlightLady · 22/01/2024 06:05

PiersPlowman11 · 22/01/2024 05:33


Invite her over for tea and then pump her incessantly for local knowledge. With any luck, she won’t be back.

Make sure the biscuits are rich tea and not digestive, too. Definitely no Hobnobs.

As annoying as it is, l think l would tend to go for this approach and get it over and done with. These people are often not professionals in the letting game and often go OTT in trying to be helpful.

Some years back l rented a holiday apartment when away for work and wanted more space (and a kitchen, washing machine etc) than an hotel. The owner emailed me asking for a photo and then kept texting me while l was there about local events, local markets etc.

JustWhatWeDontNeed · 22/01/2024 06:07

Cancel. Tell her you're on holiday and will let her know if any issues, if not will let her know once you've checked out. Then don't answer any more messages. It's weird.

I won't use air b&b cos I don't want to be cancelled at the last minute or put up with any of this shite.

I'm not sure why you agreed. Would you expect an evening meeting and a room inspection with a hotel manager?

mrsedgein · 22/01/2024 06:35

Very annoying behaviour and unprofessional. Be firm but kind and mention something infectious brewing that you want to avoid passing on. I stayed in a hotel and the owner visited me every day then burst out crying and said 'why does everyone end up leaving me' when I left - (maybe because it's a hotel?). You are probably too nice and the world is full of lonely people.

PieAndLattes · 22/01/2024 06:59

Get it out of the way to get her off your back. Just say - ‘Plans have changed so we’re probably be out on Wednesday, but if you want to pop in this morning for 5 minutes you’d be welcome. Don’t worry if not. The place is great and we’re keeping it tidy.’

MeridianB · 22/01/2024 07:01

I’d cancel Wednesday- you don’t need to waste time entertaining the property owner and she certainly doesn’t need to meet your children!

JMSA · 22/01/2024 07:07

Hmm, how odd. If she needs to meet every child that passes through her doors - presumably as a reassurance thing - then maybe she shouldn't be doing AirB&B.
Perhaps she has had her fingers burnt before, who knows.
I would follow up with a message that you're busy with fun holiday activities, and that you're enjoying the cottage and looking after it.

FloofCloud · 22/01/2024 07:13

That's strange! I'd be declining due to being too busy and needing space to have our holiday

Shoxfordian · 22/01/2024 07:17

Just don't text back so much, tell her you can't do Wednesday, no need to explain yourself.

Patsykenning · 22/01/2024 07:22

I would hate this. Last year we rented a house in France through Gîtes de France and the only thing that spoilt it for me was an over present owner. On the last day we left earlier than planned so didn’t say goodbye, just left the keys on the table as stated in the guest book, and she sent me the longest message later saying how sad and disappointed she was that we didn’t say goodbye. A real guilt trip! As if we were friends! Would never go again.

LlynTegid · 22/01/2024 07:34

I would suspect it is to make sure you have children who you parent as opposed to letting them run riot.

Make it your last use of Air BnB please- think of those who are struggling to buy a property.

Roselilly36 · 22/01/2024 07:44

Sounds very intrusive, I am always reluctant to book anywhere “with owner on site” etc. we booked an Airbnb recently, business trip, owner was friendly etc. but you just want to get on with your trip, not have the host come and visit.

CroccyWoccy · 22/01/2024 07:49

We've had similar before and after we were initially a bit unnerved by the attention the host was an absolute delight, she treated our children like her own grandkids, even babysat them while we went for a drink at the local pub. It felt like leaving family at the end of the week! I'd give her a chance OP.

Abroad we've also been invited into the host's family home, given food and drink and generally treated like honoured guests. To me it's a bonus of choosing a 'genuine' AirBnB rather than a generic holiday rental.

Supersoftvibe · 22/01/2024 08:04

Yeah, we stayed at a cottage where rhe owners kept making excuses to come round. Fix light bulbs, etc etc. They brought their 2 kids who promptly pulled out some board games and started playing!! I came to dread seeing the guy's outline at the back door.

I hoped they'd pick up on my polite irritation but I clearly needed to be more direct.

I think I told them in feedback how unhappy I was. Hopefully it made them think twice.

They were very very nice people, just ott.

BeauSignoles · 22/01/2024 08:04

I’ve airbnbed extensively in Latin America and had some very strange experiences there, and my share of intrusive hosts.

A memorable one was a woman who lived in a cottage next door and kept appearing in the house, turning off lights and closing doors and moving things (eg we moved a vase from the dining table to stop it being knocked over and she would shift it back). Her main obsession was slipping inside the house and turning off the hot water, I had small DCs and it was cold and wet, I kept turning it back on and it became a battle of attrition. We laugh about it now but I was so miffed at the time!

DeeLusional · 22/01/2024 08:07

Happyinarcon · 22/01/2024 04:27

I dunno, I’m getting to that grandma age where I just want to spoil some random kids. I don’t have any grandkids of my own yet but I constantly have the urge to bake cakes and take them round to people. If I had an Airbnb with three kids staying I’d probably be on a baking frenzy.

In which case you can bake to your heart's content and leave the baking in the premises for them when they arrive.

LookItsMeAgain · 22/01/2024 08:08

I would email/text back "Hi homeowner - I have reconsidered our meeting on Wednesday and now politely decline to meet. Rest assured your home is in great condition and we're having a lovely time staying in your town/village/city and seeing the sights. We'll be in touch on our day of departure, as arranged, to let you know when we've left so you can get the cleaners in. We'd now like to enjoy the rest of our stay undisturbed. Wishing you a lovely day - @Marniemo "


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DeeLusional · 22/01/2024 08:09

Dear god NO! I work away from home one week a month and I stay in self-catering accommodation precisely so I don't have to talk to anyone. Not AirB&B though as the company won't book those.

LookItsMeAgain · 22/01/2024 08:11

I mean to say, you could say (if you felt you wanted to) that it wouldn't be normal or even appropriate for a hotel manager to send messages to residents of the hotel saying that (s)he wanted to meet with said resident etc. etc. and you are equating this situation to that. It's really not appropriate for her to be doing this, irrespective of her age or situation.

WarningOfGails · 22/01/2024 08:12

Are you in the UK?

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