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To think it's tragic if Michael Jackson was indeed innocent

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pregahes · 08/01/2024 21:53

It's a real shame for someone who created incredible music to have their legacy at risk. It’s just tragic, considering the impact his music had on so many. It's tragic either way, if he's guilty for the victims and if he's innocent for himself.

I'm a huge fan and at one point t thought he was guilty but kore recently change of heart. I think there would be more victims if he weee in fact guilty. Somethings doesnt add up.

It's tragic

OP posts:
Teasie123 · 08/01/2024 22:50

There's so many more kids who were violated by him. They just didn't come forward.

headstone · 08/01/2024 22:50

His relationships with children certainly wasn’t appropriate and has clearly caused some mental health problems with them. However we will never know if he sexually abused them. Clearly the families involved were all very motivated by money. Michael himself had terrible psychological issues and was eventually killed by his own doctor. However I still adore his music and hope it won’t be cancelled.

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 22:51

FWIW if you can seperate the art from the artists I think that’s fine. I don’t listen to MJ but I never was a particular fan. But if you can that’s fine - you can enjoy his music and also accept he was a pedophile

MrsQTip · 08/01/2024 22:52

i was not totally convinced until I saw leaving neverland but the pain on James safechucks face could never be faked, never, I fail to see how anyone could not empathise with him

BarelyLiterate · 08/01/2024 22:52

The ‘Jacko was innocent’ ship sailed a long time ago. Except, perhaps, for a few deluded fans who will always believe what they want to believe about their hero.

The reality about him was nuanced. Michael Jackson was a genius. One of the greatest singers & performers in the history of popular music. The way he & Quincy Jones fused soul, R&B & rock music on his classic albums of the 80s has never been matched. At his peak, he was unquestionably the biggest star in the world, and deservedly so. 

He was also a serial predatory paedophile who paid out $millions to lawyers, as bribes and to obtain NDAs in order to silence the many child victims he abused. 

Both of these things can be true, because that is who & what he was.

husbandmidlifecrisis · 08/01/2024 22:53

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 22:19

As are the vast majority of sexual predators. It doesn’t mean anything.

Id compel anybody to watch interviews with Jackson’s jury (which BTW his legal team had a hand in selecting). A bunch of sycophantic thickos, yet even some of THEM said they think he was a pedophile.


KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 22:53

Lasegna · 08/01/2024 22:41

1- the children have adult parents
2 - these particular men are adults
3 - if you believe the evidence is strong, I don't have to deny that money can be a motivating factor. Denying it is silly.

That's all, really.

I never said they made anything up or expressed any opinion whatsoever.

But you could cherry pick ANY motivation for a false accusation - there’s no evidence that any of these people falsely accused him for money (It was Jackson’s legal team who settled with the Chandlers who originally went to the police not civil court) or for any other reason.

But there’s heaps of evidence that he was a pedophiel. If you have a strong stomach take a look at what the police found when they raided Neverland. Jackson liked photo books of little naked boys.

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 22:54

This reply has been deleted

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.


Do you normally find child abuse funny?

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 22:55

JanewaysBun · 08/01/2024 22:45

A lot of people who support him dont understand grooming. It makes you love your abuser and believe what they are doing is not wrong. It's really hard to see it as abuse when you are the abused, you will lie to get rid of thr "bad" people who want to hurt the one you love.

There's also a video of one of the LaToya in the 90s on tv heavily insinuating an inappropriate relationship with one of the boys from the documentay (i think safechuck). What a massive coincidence that she would make up a random lie, then the person who thr lie was about would also claim thr same "lie" 30 years later.. or.....

(The interview is her saying that she saw the boy's parents being paid off, it's pretty clear what she's saying).

His behaviour was widely recognised in the 90s, it's been downplayed since his death.

Oh yes, and funny how LaToya was ostracised from the family and made out to be insane in the press. Jackson’s power knew no end and he did anything to protect himself

Teasie123 · 08/01/2024 22:55

Wow, that was so inappropriate

MasterBeth · 08/01/2024 22:55

Michael Jackson was never found guilty in a court of law. Just as Jimmy Savile and Fred West weren’t.

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 22:56

Notimeforaname · 08/01/2024 22:46


Yes,I am still of the opinion he is innocent. Just like you still believe he is guilty. It's not unheard of for people to have different opinions.

So you think all the boys and men are telling outright lies, as are their families…for absolutely no gains whatsoever?

Teasie123 · 08/01/2024 22:56

Omg!!? Yes!! So true!!

icallitasplodge · 08/01/2024 22:57

To anyone who wouldn’t settle for money

Have you currently seen the people fighting the Post Office in court. The barriers, the years, the heartbreak, eventually you will give your massively rich and powerful abuser years of your life trying to “prove they are guilty” which will never happen (look at Savil) and often parents just think - is it worth putting my child through this when MJ could give us a life we never dreamed of.

The motivation is not money but the only way out for some would be to accept his money.

that’s why you cannot say people who accept settlements are lying.

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 22:57

Notimeforaname · 08/01/2024 22:48

TBH I’m always surprised when people think Jackson is innocent and I judge the fuck out of them and hope and pray they don’t have children. If you can’t spot basic safeguarding issues you can’t protect children

Judge away! Totally fine by me! Makes no difference to my life and what I have.

Would you let your kids have a Jackson sleepover? If not then why not? He’s not a pedophile after all so where the harm?

Seriously though people who think he’s innocent don’t understand grooming and sex abuse and to me that’s a serious concern for someone raising children.

Fionaville · 08/01/2024 22:57

It's hardly tragic if he was innocent. He died a successful musician, the 'king of pop' multimillionaire. He didn't die in prison or on the run penniless, his music banned from the airways. It would be a shame that he'd had to defend himself in the courts, but many innocent people do and it isn't described as a tragedy.

I do actually think he was guilty. But I've separated the man from his music and will still sing along if it comes on.

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 22:58

Passingthethyme · 08/01/2024 22:48

He definitely was weird, but I'm not sure he is guilty as there were only a couple of kids and they were happy to accept money. I would think you'd not want any money from someone who did this to you.

There’s 8 victims and only 1 accepted money - and at that point he needed it. The hateful Jackson fans harassed the Chandlers to the point they had to change their identity and even now they are untraceable

Gagaandgag · 08/01/2024 22:58

Another example of the halo effect

Teasie123 · 08/01/2024 23:00

Wow. Am shocked. Truely stunned. The reason he got away with sexually abusing young CHILDREN is because of his flipping crappy music? I will never listen to it, or support it.

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 23:00

Gobolina · 08/01/2024 22:49

No amount of money would be able to pay me off.

I heard he was set up and murdered because he was going to expose Hollywood.

That's not beyond the realms of possibility imo.

Lol. Sure, the nonce really cared about women being harassed.

If my kids were CSA victims, and going to the police meant my family was unsafe due to the fans of my child’s abuser making death threats, I’d very much understand wanting to build a new life somewhere far away with new identities for my children, who had already been through enough, where we could hopefully un-fuck up the fuck up we’d made. Many people withdraw allegations at charging stage because the court process is extremely distressing - especially for children and especially in the US where the court systems don’t protect victims like they do here

KarenNotAKaren · 08/01/2024 23:01

IcetSUV · 08/01/2024 22:49

Do some basic research rather than rehash crap spouted in the tabloids.

Sorry are you suggesting he DIDN’T parade little boy mates around? And that he didn’t sleep with them? Despite hours of footage showing that’s exactly what happened…and oh yeah, Jackson confessing it himself.

Scarletttulips · 08/01/2024 23:02

I turn the radio off if he comes on.

He didn’t treat the mother of his children well, he kept those kids hidden.

Everyone should have raised concerns and they didn’t.

Teasie123 · 08/01/2024 23:03

Does that mean they're not guilty?? Of the court has not said so?? Wow, I have a lot of learning to do

AlwaysGinPlease · 08/01/2024 23:03

@MrsQTip you are revolting and reported.

icallitasplodge · 08/01/2024 23:03

It’s always “he was going to expose xyz”

just like trump and Epstein? Even though Trump is on the list.

How is this bollox easier to believe than rich weirdo abuses young children in plain face of world who believe a 40 year old man just likes a sleep over with 8 year olds. Get a grip.

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