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To judge these parents

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BaggyJumpersandLeggings · 19/05/2023 21:36

Currently on holiday abroad.
I've noticed a family here, kids are I'd say - one is around 20 months and the other about 4, if not younger. Mum looks around 7months pregnant.
Our room overlooks kids club where there is a park and soft play and other activities. The sign on kids club says it's open 9:30-12:30 then 14:00-17:30. Now this couple drop their kids off there after breakfast not long after it's opened, they must get them for the lunch break but then they drop them back off as we've seen them collecting them around 16:00ish.
In the meantime, the parents sunbath at the pool all day.
Aibu to think this is just shit!? Why book a family holiday if you're just gonna pack them off to kids club for strangers to look after your kids pretty much all day in another country?!

Today I took my DC in there to use the park for an hour whilst I remained there and I noticed the 1 child sat on the swing looking really sad, just sat there with nobody pushing the swing and their shoes were on the wrong feet, clothes dirty from where they'd been running about/colouring in, just sat there with the tabard on showing that they're there without parents and was looking so sad and down. My heart broke when I saw that child, the younger sibling was being carried about by the staff. I went over and said hello and asked name and offered to push the swing whilst I pushed my DC. Their little face lit up just to have someone talking to them for a short while.
I just don't understand how some can do this, I couldn't ? I get maybe some need an hour or so peace here and there especially if they're live wires - and maybe some kids like it and ask to go...but for hours everyday?? I've seen those kids round the pool once all holiday, and that was late in the day, around 16:30 for an hour. Apart from that never seen them round the pool since. Poor kids.
Aibu to disagree with this holiday parenting?

OP posts:
Skinnermarink · 19/05/2023 21:38

The stories I could tell you as a travelling/holiday nanny would blow your mind.

ssd · 19/05/2023 21:39

Oh Jesus you'll get pelters here, mn is the land of the middle class mummies who live for kids clubs to dump the kids in.

WellitsNotideal · 19/05/2023 21:40

Soft play, a park and other activities Surely is great for kids ! You may have seen one of them at a sad moment but all kids get sad sometimes it doesn’t mean anything is wrong it’s just temporary sadness/tiredness etc .

BaggyJumpersandLeggings · 19/05/2023 21:40

☹️ it's sad

OP posts:
Thelondonone · 19/05/2023 21:41

Yabu. My kids refused to go into them and I hate the general public do generally stay in villas but you make your decisions but don’t judge others. She could be a sham mum that has them 345 other days in the year.

WellitsNotideal · 19/05/2023 21:41

What else is there to do there ? The pool? Maybe they are there a long time and want to do half with the kids in kids in then a few days of family activities?

ZoChan · 19/05/2023 21:41

Everyone is different

The children may not sleep. They may not eat. Their parents may be at breaking point and need this break. It might not be your way of doing things with your own kids, but you can't judge until you walk an hour in their shoes.

Pooterlie · 19/05/2023 21:41

I'm with you OP, awful.

My ndn used to take her kids to breakfast club at school and then pick them up at 5.45. She didn't work at the time and they were 4 and 6.

Just rubbish.

Sissynova · 19/05/2023 21:43

Plenty of children love kids clubs. Other children to play with, organised activities, toys etc.
My brother and I always begged to go to the kids club.

WellitsNotideal · 19/05/2023 21:43

Pooterlie · 19/05/2023 21:41

I'm with you OP, awful.

My ndn used to take her kids to breakfast club at school and then pick them up at 5.45. She didn't work at the time and they were 4 and 6.

Just rubbish.

But if she worked you wouldn’t have had a problem I expect?

ShadowPuppets · 19/05/2023 21:43

It makes me feel very sad but you have no idea what’s happening so I’d try not to judge.

WellitsNotideal · 19/05/2023 21:44

OP you say the mum is heavily pregnant too ? She may have just gone on maternity leave and now having a holiday and really need a rest. It’s not like they’ve left their kids alone and gone for tapas ! They’ve left them responsibly in the kids club

lemonjam · 19/05/2023 21:44

God I’d love to do that 😂
I mean I wouldn’t, but it sounds amazing

TheYearOfSmallThings · 19/05/2023 21:44

It doesn't sound like a good kids' club, but we used to go to amazing ones in Brittany when I was little. We had no interest in relaxing or exploring the charcuterie shops, we wanted to go on the trampolines and floats with other children.

I think the problem is the quality of the provision, not the fact that the parents use a kids club so they can relax on their holidays.

sunshineonly · 19/05/2023 21:44

Why are you judging. It’s none of your business what other parents do with their children on holiday. Concentrate on your own family.

goodkidsmaadhouse · 19/05/2023 21:45

You’ll probably get slated but yes I think it’s sad.

WellitsNotideal · 19/05/2023 21:45

It’s kids club ! It’s designed for kids and to be fun ! All this ‘it’s so sad’ etc it’s literally kids in a kids club exactly what it’s designed for !!!

BaggyJumpersandLeggings · 19/05/2023 21:47

Each to their own suppose 🤷‍♀️

I am focusing on my own family. We've had an amazing time, done lots as a family it's been great 😁

OP posts:
IamFamousIam · 19/05/2023 21:47

You have no idea what stress/illness/bereavement/mental health issues this family have gone through. Maybe they just need a break

ToBeOrNotToBee · 19/05/2023 21:48


She's on holiday for gods sake.

Let her have a fucking break and enjoy her time away from domestic drudgery.

ChrisPPancake · 19/05/2023 21:48

YABU to be so judgemental. You do you, as they say.

ToK1 · 19/05/2023 21:50


Kids on holiday.

What a fucking tragedy. Call ss

ChrisPPancake · 19/05/2023 21:50

Mine are teens now btw, and we've never used clubs at resorts lest you'd like to make assumptions about me.

Pooterlie · 19/05/2023 21:51


Yes of course. I would never judge a parent for outsourcing childcare to earn a living. But if you're sitting around all day there's no need for a 4 year old to be at school for 10 hours.

PuffinsRocks · 19/05/2023 21:52

Doesn't anyone else think it's a bit worrying that this kids club let a random adult play with a lone child on a swing? WTF?! Could've been anyone.

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