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Neighbour has told our village I am a thief

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crazyneighbour123 · 24/03/2023 20:59

NC as obviously outing

Last night around 8:30pm a delivery driver asked me to take a parcel for a neighbour a few doors down and said he had knocked my door as my gate was open (all houses on my street have a gate and a pathway to the front door, roughly 20meters). The parcel was 2ft high and 2ft wide and heavy so I managed to push it along my hallway out of the way.

Here is the issue. At 6:50am there was banging and when I say banging I mean banging on my front door. I ran downstairs worried something was wrong and hoping it wouldn’t wake the whole house up.

It was my male neighbour who is in his 40s who didn’t bother to say hello only said where is my parcel. I explained it come last night let me get it. As I was pushing it down the hallway towards the door he said ‘ no need to be so dramatic there’s no need to pretend it’s too heavy that’s why you didn’t bother to bring it over last night, you just could not be bothered’ . I was shocked and just said how he wasn’t in thats why the deliver drive gave me the parcel and it is heavy. He then said he was in but was having his dinner and it was raining so didn’t answer the door and I should have had some respect and done the polite thing and taken the parcel to him. I started laughing as I thought he was joking. He then tried picking it up and realised how heavy it was and how far he had to go with it told me the least I can do is help him carry it back to his house I laughed and said I couldn’t. He then called me a waste of space. I then told him ‘ I hope there’s weights in that box cause you bloody well need them’ and shut the door.

He has now posted on the village Facebook (I know social media is the root of all evil) and has bad mouthed me and called me a thief and a chav and that everyone should be careful around me as I will try and take their deliveries to keep for myself. This is not true and unluckily for him I have this all recorded on the ring doorbell. You can hear us both word for word and see how angry he is in the video. Question is would I be unreasonable to post it onto the village Facebook group or should I just send it privately to the main admin person. My only issue with sending it privately which is the more mature option is the main admin owner walks her dogs with him so not sure if she would fully make the other members of the group aware of what actually happened? I could just try the private route first but it’s making me feel awkward going out today that everyone in the village thinks I’m a thief.

YANBU - post it on the Facebook group so the whole village will know the truth

YABU - send it only to the admin privately and hope she does the right thing

OP posts:
Daffodilwoman · 26/03/2023 08:19

Well done op.
Never take any parcels in for him again. I would also ignore him completely from now on.

PatchworkElmer · 26/03/2023 08:22

Good for you OP 👏

skilpadde · 26/03/2023 08:23

saraclara · 26/03/2023 08:04

This thread must hold the record for the number of posters who haven't read the thread.

I think that cancel the cheque can now be formally retired, to be replaced with 'post the video''

So many people just don't bother to read the OP's updates!

Maybe it's time that the reply function included a pop up that says "This thread was started 30 hours ago and has 300+ replies... are you sure you want to submit this comment?"

Hmm1234 · 26/03/2023 08:36

Why didn’t you bring it around last night that is the question

saraclara · 26/03/2023 08:46

Hmm1234 · 26/03/2023 08:36

Why didn’t you bring it around last night that is the question

Because it was too big to carry, it was raining, and she didn't know he was in.

The onus is on the person who was out when the delivery came, to pick up the parcel. Not for them to pile more inconvenience on to the person who's had to take it in.

NewCarOldCar · 26/03/2023 09:03

Hmm1234 · 26/03/2023 08:36

Why didn’t you bring it around last night that is the question

No, it really isn't 😂

Velvian · 26/03/2023 09:19

@Hmm1234 , the etiquette where I am is that the person whose parcel it is goes to collect it and thank the neighbour for taking it in.

Olios · 26/03/2023 09:26

What a nutter, best to steer well clear of him

ThePoshUns · 26/03/2023 09:46

Well done OP.

rangagirl · 26/03/2023 09:47

It depends on if people actually listen to him and start harassing you.

If that happens, then link the video into all his posts.

But if people just ignore him - as they probably will, because taking in a package for someone at night and not taking it to their house straight away isn’t ‘theft’ and people know it - then just ignore him, too.

Not everyone who tries to start social media drama actually succeeds. 😝

evian76 · 26/03/2023 09:54

Post it, you must have been terrified. He sounds like a piece of work I’d be warning people about him. His behaviour is also very problematic he’s treating you as inferior to him which is very strange behaviour. If the video shows him being aggressive you could show it to the police. A nice little wake up call to demonstrate he’s the criminal might be what he needs.

Antiquiteas · 26/03/2023 10:02

Fucking hell, why don’t people just click See All, before falling all over themselves to post something they clearly think is going to be an original thought? 😆

LadyBug2022 · 26/03/2023 10:17

I think i would keep a permanent recording somewhere, forever. I think i would also contact the local whatever they are called, police community officer. I think, but not quite sure. But just as a sort of registering it all, not as contacting him. Just so that it is police aware. I think you can go in and you get a number of some sort to say you have been in. Not a crime incident number, some other sort of number. If all this is true and i tend to beleive you, it was horrendous, bullying, intimidating and if it happened a few times would be a crime.
I let things go, worked around the abuse and i allege lying and then well.... it blew up and i got v ill because of it. Glad you have others in the house for support. Stay away from him and never take any parcels in from anyone again. Careful how you phrase things as you could end up in the wrong.

Vegalam · 26/03/2023 10:41

Antiquiteas · 24/03/2023 22:08

And then the Ring doorbell will pay for itself all over again.

Yeah she'll get beaten to a pulp but at least it'll be on the ring camera hey? 🙄

Wotnowconfused · 26/03/2023 10:58

Call round to him or PM him the ring door bell evidence with a statement telling him to retract the accusations that you stole his parcel and an apology should be posted on the village FB site.
Give him 2 days to enact this before you will publicly post you evidence and seek legal advice.

Antiquiteas · 26/03/2023 11:22

Vegalam · 26/03/2023 10:41

Yeah she'll get beaten to a pulp but at least it'll be on the ring camera hey? 🙄

😳 are you ok?

ellyeth · 26/03/2023 11:31

Is this for real? Who doesn't answer the door because they are eating their dinner and it is raining - and then expect a neighbour to bring a heavy parcle round to them? Really?

OnTheRunWithMannyMontana · 26/03/2023 12:03

@crazyneighbour123 you may want to ask MNHQ to remove this.

Woman takes neighbour's parcels as he's out and he publicly brands her a thief

ScroogeMcDuckling · 26/03/2023 12:18

ZeldaWillTellYourFortune · 26/03/2023 02:21

I think you need to alert the police and show them the videos, just to have a record in case of future issues.


GCAcademic · 26/03/2023 12:21

MaryHinges · 26/03/2023 07:41

Is anyone actually reading the thread before replying? She already posted the footage. It's already dealt with. The end.

Did she? I’ve read all the OP’s posts and she’s only said that she’s sent the footage privately to the group admin, not that she’d posted it? Or have I missed something?

Stewball01 · 26/03/2023 17:35

Post it or ask if he'd like you to. Stupid man.

dinkytoon · 26/03/2023 20:13

I've long feared living in a village this thread has confirmed it for me.

The Wicker Man (1973) sacrifice scene

SaponificationQueen · 26/03/2023 20:41

This. Absolutely.

I had a note one day that a parcel was delivered to a neighbor. I went and got it and thanked her for taking it. I wasn’t expecting anything, so I was a bit confused. It was actually rather heavy. When I got it homeC I looked at the address. It wasn’t mine. It was actually for the house on the other side of her. Rather than carry the heavy item there and have them not be home, I drove down there to let them know. They were home and had been expecting a package. It was part of a birthday gift for one of their daughters. They were very happy to get it. Even though it was not my package, no one called me a thief. It was all smiles and thank yous. How this jerk thinks it’s ok to behave like this is beyond me.

Mojo777 · 26/03/2023 20:41

dinkytoon · 26/03/2023 20:13

I've long feared living in a village this thread has confirmed it for me.

Hahaha 🤣🤣🤣

NailsForBreakfastTacksForSnacks · 26/03/2023 23:26

I’ve told this on here before, but many years ago when DD was newborn and I was at home with two small children I took in a parcel for the guy across the road. Large heavy box, and important to note my house was 3 storey with the door at second floor so steep steps up.
Half past six I’m juggling feeding children when the door is hammering. It’s the man across the road and he’s furious that he’d “been in since four!” And I “hadn’t had the decency to bring his parcel over”. I told him exactly where he could stick his parcel and never too another for him, neither did any of the other neighbours. 20 years I lived there and took parcels in for all the street and not a single one ever for him.

Guy is a knob OP. If I didn’t know the ex neighbour died last year I’d ask if you’d taken in a large box of parrot food 😂

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