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Schoolgirl kicked in head by boy in unisex toilets- is the idea of unisex unworkable?

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Xoxoxoxoxoxox · 15/03/2023 12:50

A boy in a school toilets in Coventry has kicked in a door in in an attempt to photograph a 13 yr old girl and she has received head injuries.
When unisex toilets were introduced we were told they would be closely monitored but that is clearly ineffective and they are unsafe for girls.
Do you think they should be abolished?

Yabu Allow them
Yanbu Abolish them.

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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lifeturnsonadime · 15/03/2023 15:18

CMO · 15/03/2023 15:04

That's because I view sex and gender as the same thing.

And you are indoctrinating the children you either teacher or care for in school with your non -scientific beliefs without a care that in the process you are making things harder for the female sex.

I see.

Helleofabore · 15/03/2023 15:22

CMO · 15/03/2023 14:44

We catagorically don't have issues as the toilets are staffed. Grafitti on the doors and pupils trying to vape is the extent of any problematic behaviour.

They are staffed all day? Even in lesson time?

And how is this a good use of staff time and resources?

swallowedAfly · 15/03/2023 15:22

Cults don't leave much room for rational thinking and adherents steer well clear of actually attempting to answer questions or give explanations for their practices and beliefs.

Helleofabore · 15/03/2023 15:26

CMO · 15/03/2023 14:55

There were a small number of girls(and boys) that wanted gender specific toilets so we provided one of each and the rest are gender neutral. The gender neutral ones are used just as much as the two gender specific ones. We do regular pupil consulations around a whole host of things and the toilets have never been raised as an issue.

I have seen this 'student consultation' mentioned a few times now.

So, how does a school afford the budget to change toilets to suit unisex use or back to single sex use? Because maybe that school has a secret stash of funding.

And in this 'student consultation' what is the cut off for numbers for support for when the school changes the toilets back to single sex?

Tinysoxxx · 15/03/2023 15:28

Weallgottachangesometime · 15/03/2023 14:56

This ^^

full height doors cause more problems.
Single sex toilets with door gaps are the safest.

Helleofabore · 15/03/2023 15:33

"That's because I view sex and gender as the same thing."

I hope that you are not involved in safeguarding decisions then.

Because sex and gender are certainly not the same thing. Is that the official view of the school? Because I now question your statements with the view that perhaps no girl's either feel they have the freedom of stating their opinion or feel that their opinion counts at all or they have been indoctrinated that only full acceptance of males who identify as 'girls' is acceptable.

Is this a situation akin to the posters who declare themselves to be the most tolerant people in the world, all the while attempting to silence any opinion they don't agree with and supporting intimidation and violence when arguments are shown to be unsupported by anything except emotional manipulation?

And to be clear, I mean that your school has silenced girl's from voicing their opinion so you can declare there are no issues. While also mentioning that the school keeps staff guarding the toilets, just in case.

Tinysoxxx · 15/03/2023 15:34

CMO staffed toilets and pupil consultations acted on, conveniently re jigging sets of toilets just like that? Where is this school?! The only time I have seen staffed toilets was in Harrods.

FrankColumbo · 15/03/2023 15:37

I just wouldn't have gone to the toilet at school if there had been boys in there.
I really don't find it hard to imagine that girls will stay off school when they have their periods, or not drink anything during the day to avoid having to go.
Why are schools allowing this to happen? Who does it benefit?

Who benefits from normal social boundaries being trampled down in this way??

lifeturnsonadime · 15/03/2023 15:37

I've heard of toilets like the ones CMO talks about, they don't tend to be staffed all day. They are locked most of the day and are only manned at break time.

Further discriminating against girls who are more likely to have to urgently go to the loo at short notice for menstrual reasons.

In the school I know of girls have to ask permission to have the toilets unlocked to go to the loo.


Crabo · 15/03/2023 15:40

This is another example of schools pandering to the woke minority. School toilets should be strictly male and female. Do we really expect all young people to behave decently? Of course not. Why there must be boundaries.

jellyfrizz · 15/03/2023 15:52

CMO · 15/03/2023 15:04

That's because I view sex and gender as the same thing.

You don't believe that people can have a gender (identity?) separate to their sex? That people must have the same gender as their sex?

I would have thought that would be considered pretty transphobic.

mewkins · 15/03/2023 15:53

Postapocalypticcowgirl · 15/03/2023 13:22

But if male violence is an issue in a school, girls often can't use the toilets safely, even if they are single sex.

There's not a magical forcefield at the entrance to a female toilet that keeps the boys out.

A boy walking into a girls' loo from a corridor would most likely be seen by other kids or a teacher. There's no hope of that if he legitimately walks into unisex toilets.

mewkins · 15/03/2023 15:55

Passerillage · 15/03/2023 13:33

Mixed sex toilets are a bit of a red herring here. The problem is that the school is violent and unsafe, not "wokeness got mad" or whatever spin will be put on it. The school needs to be in special measures with an interim head to resolve the ongoing violence and danger to girls (and probably other boys).

(And I say that as someone who is against mix sex toilets, especially in schools.)

There was a report in the last year or so about how far reaching violence and sexual assault was in schools including state and private schools. This isn't a special case sadly.

Whatsnewpussyhat · 15/03/2023 15:56

Suitable provision does have to be legally provided for trans students,

Really? Where in the law does it say anything about schools needing special toilets for gender believers? They already have facilities based on their sex. Do you mean Stonewall said so?

The school if necessary can have a toilet to accommodate all the special identities but is should be proportional, 1 toilet, not removing all single sex facilities.

In this country, age 8+ must have single SEX facilities or individual rooms (similar to disabled facilities) fully enclosed and lockable off a corridor with a sink. Non of the shared sink bollocks with boys on one side and girls on the other.

Schools removing these facilities and making all toilets mixed sex are in fact breaking the law.

They also need to stop with the cutesy euphemism of 'gender neutral'. They are mixed sex. Proven to put females at greater risk.

Mixed sex toilets in schools are just the latest way of removing female boundaries.

Whatwouldscullydo · 15/03/2023 15:57

Further discriminating against girls who are more likely to have to urgently go to the loo at short notice for menstrual reasons

The set ups are incompatible with a good chunk.of the protected characteristics. It cant co exist alongside religion for example. Or pregnancy/maternity. I mean as un- ideal as it is there will be teens in school who fall pregnant. As you cant have gaps under the door in mixed sex toilets they could miscarry and haemorrhage badly and lie there all.lunch time without any one noticing. Certainly doesn't recognise sex as its incompatable with the safety privacy and dignity. Clashes with disability too. A girl able to use regular toilets with the safety gap at the bottom would be forced into the accessible toilet with the alarm.meaning more chance that someone who needed the extra space had to wait. How it gets through the EIA I have no idea

Hesma · 15/03/2023 15:58

Cubicle toilets shouldn’t be unisex in my opinion. In my old school we had unisex toilets but they were individual in the style of disabled toilets which worked well.

SnowyPetals · 15/03/2023 16:03

I dislike mixed gender loos for anyone. But the issue here is monitoring of behaviour in toilets. In general, the school toilets are a prime place for violent incidents. It's irritating that only when it's a boy being aggressive to a girl does it merit discussion - it also happens with boys attacking boys in boys toilets and girls attacking girls in girls toilets.

emptythelitterbox · 15/03/2023 16:05

@Postapocalypticcowgirl I work in a school which has one set of unisex toilets, the rest single sexed, and it honestly works fine. I think the key is giving students options so they can chose what they feel comfortable with.

Do you use the unisex toilets while at work?

Whatwouldscullydo · 15/03/2023 16:06

Well the same staff who magically appear to supervise the mixed sex loos can supervise the single sex surley ?

I mean if there's money fir cctv as well which also seems to appear even better...

ChateauMargaux · 15/03/2023 16:08

We are telling girls that they do not need safe spaces and that if they ask for them, they will be educated. They reflect on this, along with the hundreds of other things in the world that they are trying to make sense of, and they try to make sense of why this makes them feel uncomfortable, why they don't like being cat called, being groped on the bus, being talked over, being stared at... when it is a normalised every day experience for them.

One day they will wonder why women are seen as lesser humans, there for the amusement of men, they will wonder why all the other women stood by, did nothing and allowed it to happen. They will get angry, they will cry and they will wonder why they were sacrificed in the name of progress.

Many will, and are already starting to, turn away from that which makes them a target for this behaviour, declare themselves not female, disguise and change their bodies and find a way to become invisible.

jellyfrizz · 15/03/2023 16:08

Children don't want unisex toilets:

jellyfrizz · 15/03/2023 16:10

"The Echo understands that students from Oasis Academy Mayfield were also protesting yesterday over the same issue, however the school declined to comment."

jellyfrizz · 15/03/2023 16:11
Dayvi · 15/03/2023 16:17

CMO · 15/03/2023 15:04

That's because I view sex and gender as the same thing.

You might view sex and gender as the same thing. But quite clearly it isn't. Sex is your biology. You cant change that no matter what alterations you make to yourself. Gender is just an expression of how some people perceive how males and females should behave and dress. And that is often far from the actual reality. It has nothing to do with your actual sex.

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