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To think Kate/Catherine, Princess of Wales, is one of the luckiest and most admirable women alive?!

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KohinoorDiamond · 07/10/2022 12:57

She’s a Princess and future Queen Consort. She’s the wife of a Prince and future King. Mother to Princes and a Princess. Mother to a future King and the British royal family’s future bloodline.

She’s very good looking, wealthy, has a good figure and wears lovely clothes. She has mastered the art of ‘do not complain, do not explain’. So, she comes across very well (such as how she handled this yesterday: Princess of Wales challenged during royal visit to Northern Ireland).

Unlike a diamond, I can’t find any flaws in Catherine, Princess of Wales; she comes across as too perfect to fault! She has it all and more.

There’s a lot to admire because she seems to be the luckiest woman alive. What does everyone else think?

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Goldengoosey · 07/10/2022 12:58


Catonthedesk · 07/10/2022 12:59

I think she's lovely, wouldn't swap places with her for the world though. You'll get slaughtered in a minute by the anti Royal lot though

Precipice · 07/10/2022 13:00

Most admirable? A modern woman in the West who didn't even have a proper career?

I'd agree she was lucky if this were the 16th century, but in the modern age?

Hoppinggreen · 07/10/2022 13:01

I quite like her but she’s hardly curing cancer is she?

OneFrenchEgg · 07/10/2022 13:02

'Admirable' wtf aim higher

YouvaGoo · 07/10/2022 13:02


MrsSkylerWhite · 07/10/2022 13:02

Lucky, hell yes.

Admirable? For what?

TheyreOnlyNoodlesMichael · 07/10/2022 13:03


She's a puppet in posh clothes and I see nothing admirable about being associated with that family.

MissBattleaxe · 07/10/2022 13:04

I would hate to ber with all that scrutiny and criticism and the lack of freedom. She can't just go out with the girls or eat a whole pizza or look anything but happy in public. I wouldn't swap places for all the tiaras in the world. I agree she looks fab though and I love it when she's all dressed up for state dinners.

Aggypanthus · 07/10/2022 13:04


wackamole · 07/10/2022 13:05

I'm not sure what's especially great about how she handled the comments in NI? She basically said thanks to the "nice to meet you, better if it was in your own country" person and ignored the "Ireland belongs to the Irish" comment. Which is fine, nothing wrong with it, but pretty much what you'd expect from any royal, or any UK government representative for that matter.

Kaibashira · 07/10/2022 13:05

Luckiest, yes.
Admirable - why? None of the reasons you give above make me want to admire her.

Hermione101 · 07/10/2022 13:05

😂😂😂this made my day!

Pemba · 07/10/2022 13:06

Lucky maybe although I can't see how a modern woman would want that life for herself and her children especially poor George. Poor kid, burdened with that.

And she's good looking and elegant, fills the role well and seems pleasant enough.

But admirable no, what has she done to be admired? Graduated, then tinkered around with her family business whilst waiting for her prince. NOT a good role model for young girls - it's like something from the 19th century.

Libre2 · 07/10/2022 13:06

Lucky? I would not have that “job” for all the money in the world. You can never put a foot out of place - look how everyone critiques her clothes, her parenting style, her relationship with her in-laws - bloody awful. Opposite of lucky.

Admirable? Why? What has she done? I guess you can admire how she looks and how she conducts herself in public but most admirable woman alive? No. My vote goes to JKR.

Thebestwaytoscareatory · 07/10/2022 13:07

She’s essentially a broodmare. Imprisoned in luxury in exchange for a few heirs and remaining silent. Not for me thanks.

AnnieEva · 07/10/2022 13:07

I think there’s probably a lot of hard work and worry involved in what she does. They are protected but I’m sure she often feels anxious about her children. I wouldn’t want to swop places with her. But I think she’s lovely and perfect in the royal role.

TwoMonthsOff · 07/10/2022 13:07

she can't pop to the corner shop in her trackie and baseball cap combo to buy 50g of golden virginia and a copy of the daily star so it is no from me

Testina · 07/10/2022 13:07

Admirable? 😭

Shes not even “very good looking” - and I don’t mean that in a catty way! She’s thin, has well fitting clothes and professionally managed hair. She doesn’t look much better looking than any woman who had lots of money and kept the weight off. That’s not me saying women need to be thin to be “very good looking” btw - just that’s generally where we are as a society.

Put 3st on Kate, a trackie from the market, grey roots cos she can’t afford a dye til next week, and bad teeth cos there were no NHS dentists around… and you wouldn’t see a “natural beauty” shining through.

Notplayingball · 07/10/2022 13:07

Is that you, Catherine?

Quartz2208 · 07/10/2022 13:08

She does the role very very well

I would not want to do it at all. I do not consider her lucky. If you are going into the Royal Family Zara is far luckier with the hand she has been dealt

Raidcandle · 07/10/2022 13:08

She's done very well for herself. I will give her that.

I notice no one says similar things about Camilla though who is in the same role? Probably because she looks like a bag of spanners?

Tabbouleh · 07/10/2022 13:08

As the late, great Hilary Mantel aptly put it " she is a shop window mannequin whose only purpose is to breed". That is what I think of her.

Tabbouleh · 07/10/2022 13:09

This reply has been deleted

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JenniferBarkley · 07/10/2022 13:09

She's very good at her job.

Her job shouldn't exist.

I don't envy her for a second.

Suspect this thread was started by a Meghan stan who is hoping for a pile on telling her how terrible Kate is.

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