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To wash pyjamas after each wear?

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Chloefairydust · 28/09/2022 04:36

I wash my pyjamas after every wear, however this leads to LOADS of laundry every week… I’m wondering if I can cut down by wearing my pjs longer? They don’t smell but I’m not sure if this would be gross through, like I don’t wear knickers under them … So is it the same territory as rewearing dirty pants??🤔

How often do you wash your pyjamas? Like what is the normal pyjama etiquette? Would I be a complete tramp to put back on my dirty pjs?

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DSGR · 28/09/2022 07:49

Every 3-4 days here, no knickers underneath. I shower before bed so think it’s fine (and they are loose so don’t think it’s the same as wearing knickers daily)


Sophieagain1984 · 28/09/2022 07:50

I’m generally at the scuzzier end of things compared to people on here- happily wear my jeans for days and days, wash towels no more than once a week if that etc. But wearing pyjamas more than once would be a huge no for me. (Luckily I rarely wear them so not an issue.)


mondaytosunday · 28/09/2022 07:53

I wear a night dress (that sounds so old fashioned- it's a big t shirt type thing) so nope do not wash them with every wear. I probably get three nights worth.


nannybeach · 28/09/2022 07:57

These threads! DH wears nothing, said he can't understand getting undressed and re dressed. Me, pyjamas, which are strappy top and shorts, always knickers under,yes shower and clean ones every morning,changed weekly, along with sheets, towels. I get up in the night to the loo or the dog, I need something,in the summer, just the knickers. Can't stand the middle seam of the shorts. Window open,no heat yet,4.5 tog all year.


sourgreenplums · 28/09/2022 07:58

I wear mine for a week, at least. Honestly I think sometimes people here just create so much work for themselves, then they wonder why they haven't got a minute's peace and have sky high bills. we really need to stop all this unnecessary and time consuming stuff. Bathing children every day, ironing, washing towels and pjs after every use, madness if you ask me.


Sunshineandflipflops · 28/09/2022 07:59

In the warmer weather - knickers and a big t-shirt
In the colder weather - PJ's/loungewear with pants.

Both washed every 3 days or so. I find if I don't wear underwear under pj's they ride up into places I really don't want them and I spend the whole night retrieving them...


Joystir59 · 28/09/2022 08:01

I only change knickers every day, everything else as and when it's dirty


KassandraOfSparta · 28/09/2022 08:07

I very much agree with the poster who pointed out the total disconnect between the competitive hygiene threads and the "can't afford my energy" threads. And I bet all the people washing everything daily aren't doing a 15 minute eco-wash at 30c either, has to be at least 60c because of the "germs". And tumble dried too. 🙄

I also think it's weird that some people have a calendar for these things, like every Wednesday, or every other day. I wash when pyjamas need washed. Might be every day, might be once a week, but it's much more around the weekly mark than the daily. And we don't have a tumble dryer - and before anyone asks, we have three kids and live in Scotland. Nothing ever gets washed above 40c.


Autumn101 · 28/09/2022 08:08

I generally wash mine after every wear but I mostly wear shorts and a vest top, no knickers so it isn’t a huge amount of washing. DH and my DSs all only wear pants to bed so no pjs washing from any of them either.

I am pretty lax on a lot of housekeeping things judging by MN standards but I do like clean pjs every night!


KassandraOfSparta · 28/09/2022 08:09

WeeM · 28/09/2022 07:22

So if you go on holiday for two weeks do you pack 14 pairs of pyjamas… That must really screw with the luggage allowance! I probably wear 2 pairs a week….I already have way more washing than I need in life with that!

This is a very good point. 14 pairs of pyjamas in your suitcase? We were away for a fortnight this summer and all wore the same pair of pyjamas in bed all the way through. And survived without infections or the plague.


MumCanIDoThat · 28/09/2022 08:11

If you are not wearing underwear, it's disgusting not washing them daily. Would you wear the same underwear 2 days in a row.


waterlego · 28/09/2022 08:14

@MumCanIDoThat, no I don’t wear the same pants 2 days in a row but my PJ bottoms are much looser than my pants. They are not tightly fitting against my undercarriage.


Patchoomi · 28/09/2022 08:18

I'm a bit of a sweaty Betty so have to have clean ones each day. Even if I wasn't I'd still consider pj bottoms like knickers (even loose ones) so would still have to wash them.

I hate sleeping in knickers. Plus, yes to airing your bits! I don't know if it's scientifically correct but it seems like having the area constantly wrapped up in close fitting clothes is a bad idea. I know I get athletes feet and cracked skin if I wear socks all the time...

And people who sleep naked are pyschos. Fact. 😉


Summerfun54321 · 28/09/2022 08:19

Surely this depends on how smelly or dirty your undercarriage is? I don’t wear pjs or pants and wash my sheets only once a week but wash my undercarriage with water every time I go to the loo - like many people do in Europe, and wash again before bed. Much easier to clean your body than do all that laundry.


Patchoomi · 28/09/2022 08:23

Re going on holiday. I take vests and knickers to wear each day instead. Hate it though and miss my pjs.

Generally my washing standards are pretty lax, it's just pjs.


ClaryFairchild · 28/09/2022 08:23

Even without underpants, sleeping in pyjamas is not the same as being in your clothes all day (sitting, moving around, sweating in them etc. Your pyjamas are usually looser on you than pants so could probably have at least 2 wears, if not 3. I don't go more than that myself, but each to their own.

Assuming no sex though, if you've worn them after sex definitely give them a wash!


Rosehugger · 28/09/2022 08:30

I wear mine for up to a week. Anyone washing them everyday is hugely wasteful.


honeylulu · 28/09/2022 08:30

I wear a cotton slip nightie as I hate feeling hot and bundled up in bed. Nothing clinging around my armpits or privates. Gets changed once a week. I only really wear it out of convenience as my youngest sometimes wakes with a bad dream and I can jump out of bed and go to her without fumbling around for a dressing gown. It also doesn't get in the way if me and H fancy getting frisky.

I have a bath before bed so I'm nice and clean when I get in. I only wear pants (which I hate) on the first two days of period in case mooncup leaks a bit.

I'm astonished at the disgust so many women have for their own perfectly normal bodies. No wonder "Cunt" is considered the worst thing you could ever call someone, the female genitals being so vile of course.

As I asked on another thread, what do actually think would happen if you wore your pyjamas twice? Do you think you'd catch a horrible disease from a trace of your own vaginal discharge or something?

And I agree with PPs about the washing. No wonder the environment is fucked with all the electricity use from running washing machines and tumble driers daily, not to mention the volume of detergent ending up in the oceans.

Equality is fucked too with women bitterly complaining about so much "wifework". Men run the world while women fret about washing their knickers.


Rosehugger · 28/09/2022 08:33

And I agree with PPs about the washing. No wonder the environment is fucked with all the electricity use from running washing machines and tumble driers daily, not to mention the volume of detergent ending up in the oceans

Equality is fucked too with women bitterly complaining about so much "wifework". Men run the world while women fret about washing their knickers

Agree. It's inexcusable on both counts. Stop giving yourself extra work and get a life.


KILM · 28/09/2022 08:33

I can see @Patchoomi has answered, can more people who change them every day tell us what you do on holiday cos on holiday you're more likely to be a bit scuzzy right?

So many Qs for the fresh pj every day crew:

  • When do you shower, are you showering in the morning, or are you showering at night and ALSO getting into fresh pajamas?
  • Do you do manual work, or have a baby, or work outside so might get grubbier generally?
  • Do you think you get grubby in bed overnight, like sweating a lot, and thats why you do it?

Strugglingtodomybest · 28/09/2022 08:38

I just cannot in a million years imagine washing stuff this often. What a waste of energy, water and your life.


boxybox · 28/09/2022 08:39

What a waste of energy, water and your life.



Soozikinzii · 28/09/2022 08:40

Lilyhatesjaz · 28/09/2022 07:18

Nighties and clean knickers. My nighties will go several days.

Same here. Just those t shirt type nighties .


Melonymelony · 28/09/2022 08:40

YABU, unless your pjs are wedged up your undercarriage like a thong?


InsertPunHere · 28/09/2022 08:42

Just knickers. Unless it’s absolutely freezing, then be a T-shirt, knickers and socks.

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