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I'm shitting myself, I've lost £400

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jazzyoldjim · 15/09/2022 20:23

So every 2y I get a new phone upgrade, except I have young kids so I CBA to have a snazzy phone so I usually sell the phone on eBay or FB marketplace and then have a little bit of treat money (usually goes on kids!)

Listed phone on eBay, iphone12. Sold it for £450. Bought postage from DPD (who might I add I have always seen as the safest most reputable courier, with tracking, delivery windows etc) for about £8. Dropped it off at DpD parcel shop which happened to be an Argos near me. It was really busy when I dropped it off and the girl taped the label to the top and put it in a pile. I got a tracking card receipt thingy.

Yesterday I got a notification that it had been delivered. It was meant to be next day but I dropped it off last Sunday so seems slow but ok - checked tracking and it had been left at Argos for 3 days before it was collected. I messaged my buyer on eBay to check all ok - he hadn't received it, although it is a business so says he will check tomorrow to see if it's been left. The business name is a man's name think EDWARD JONES and the tracking is saying signed for by Edward.

Anyway he messages me this morning to say nothing has been delivered. Then 10mins later I got another email from DPD to say my parcel has been delivered. I messaged the buyer again thinking maybe it just got held up. This time he has received a parcel - but inside is a Lego kit not an iPhone!

I haven't sold or posted any Lego kits. The parcel had my label and return address on it - he has shown me photographs.

So that means my iPhone is off out delivered to some person somewhere. I am devastated. Can anyone suggest anything I can do. I have asked DPD to look into it for me and they are calling me tomorrow morning.

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MyBabyLaura · 16/09/2022 00:00

I know about the contract being expensive btw. But I never have large sums of money and don't have access to them so this is one way I can.

OP why do you need "credit" via a phone contact to obtain a few hundred pounds by selling the phone? Does somebody else pay for the phone contract? Is selling the new phones the only way you can get access to money, without being questioned where every penny has gone?

uncomfortablydumb53 · 16/09/2022 00:18

It sounds like the buyer has scammed. Is the weight of the parcel on your receipt?
I have to say though op, it is a risky way of getting a chunk of money.
Are you normally able to access money?

Overthisnow98 · 16/09/2022 00:36

All the people explaining that seeking a contract phone is poor money management long term, I think OP knows this. I’ve been in the same situation and cash flow and long term financial decisions are different things . I’ve bought expensive things from catalogues and flogged them back in the day to make ends meet in the foreseeable future . I’ve gradually got out of that cycle now but it made the world go round for us during hard times . In future I’d suggest unlocking it then selling it in person at cash converters or similar as this removes all risk . For now I hope the parcel thing gets untangled and you get your money OP. For solidarity , I’ve recently lost an £800 phone in similar circumstances and had to put it in the fucket bucket and take it on the chin. I was wounded for a day or two then I had my gas meter read and was told they owed me £700 so the luck shifted back . I hope you have a similar ‘touch’ soon.

ConfusedDottComm · 16/09/2022 00:45

Tbf my twat of an ex buys stuff then puts broken things in the box and returns it or will say things weren't delivered /delivered damaged. Been doing it years with literally everything he buys online and not been caught. Some people are dicks. Feel for you op.

NeckFanInSoftPlay · 16/09/2022 00:58

Paigeworkerx · 15/09/2022 21:16

I sold an iPhone on eBay and the seller claimed never to receive it despite having roof he picked it up from the shop. PayPal refunded him as they agreed I had no proof despite DPD providing clear proof.

Reported it to the police, they were useless.

Took the cheeky MF to small claims court and won as he had clearly signed for it and provided ID. Also blocked the phone so he couldn’t use it

Did he actually pay the judgement?

NeckFanInSoftPlay · 16/09/2022 01:02

jazzyoldjim · 15/09/2022 22:55

@Blowthemandown yes I have done. The Lego seller has been very helpful and has messaged their buyer so waiting on that now.

I appreciate all the well meaning comments about the upgrade - I know and realise this is a ridiculous way to borrow money but it is all I have. I can't have credit any other way.

I totally get it OP, I've done the same thing myself.
Try Moneyline & Safetynet Credit. Safety net don't credit check they use Open Banking instead, they're actually really good to borrow from

donttellmehesalive · 16/09/2022 03:10

Your contract is with DPD. Open a dispute with them and they will investigate.

EmEllGee · 16/09/2022 03:30

You could try contacting EBay customer service. The chat bot function is very good. They try to send you to an automated bot, but keep typing ‘assistant’ - and that gets you to a real person. I usually don’t have to wait long, and they’ve been pretty generous in solving my issues before.

Kennykenkencat · 16/09/2022 03:48

Given the iPhone and Lego set were both at the same store I would think that the labels have come off then got mixed up and your buyer got Lego and the buyer of Lego got a phone.
Or the buyer of Lego received something completely different and the person that wanted what they received has your iPhone.

i really can’t see your buyer being a scammer if they say they received something that had been sent from the same place. It is too specific.

Softplayhooray · 16/09/2022 06:55

Definitely tell all involved that you're speaking to the police and you might see it turn up sharpish...

Cosmos123 · 16/09/2022 07:00

jazzyoldjim · 15/09/2022 20:31

My first thought was that he was scamming me but he has lots of positive feedback on eBay and he has sent me photos of the delivered Lego and the label fixed onto the box it came in and the two lots of deliveries seems odd and suspicious.

He is totally scamming you.

Cosmos123 · 16/09/2022 07:01

Kennykenkencat · 16/09/2022 03:48

Given the iPhone and Lego set were both at the same store I would think that the labels have come off then got mixed up and your buyer got Lego and the buyer of Lego got a phone.
Or the buyer of Lego received something completely different and the person that wanted what they received has your iPhone.

i really can’t see your buyer being a scammer if they say they received something that had been sent from the same place. It is too specific.

He signed for it so he has to admit he received it

Hereforit2022 · 16/09/2022 07:02

This happened to a friend of mine selling a pair of designer shoes online. The person said they received a box of 'rubbish'. She had sent via royal mail so the weight was on there but that's not how she caught them. She found them on Facebook as they used their real name. She subsequently found where they worked and sent them a message saying she was going to contact their place of work and explained what happened. She immediately got a message back saying her boyfriend played a prank on her and she has the shoes.

Basically, check to see if u can find anything by the name you sent to. Although the fact they have used an Argos pick up point isn't going to help as I don't believe they even ask for ID when collecting the item.

You need to be so careful selling high value items online. Sorry this has happened to you. Hope you find a way to get the money back

QuebecBagnet · 16/09/2022 07:06

I think if the Lego buyer has received and admits to getting a phone then that’s a great outcome.

otherwise you have no idea of what’s happened. Either the phone buyer is trying to scam you or possibly someone in the delivery process has a nice racket going.

years ago my brother bought a new, very expensive lego set from Amazon. When my nephew opened his Xmas present the box was full of old, tatty lego. Thankfully Amazon replaced it. I imagine someone had previously bought it, swapped the lego and returned the box and got a refund. But I’ve since read of someone else having the same thing happen and Amazon refused to refund accusing the buyer of trying to scam Amazon. Bizarre how it’s always lego involved!

GraceandMolly · 16/09/2022 07:06

I’ve not read all comments, but can you not track the phone via find my iPhone or something like that?

Aubriella · 16/09/2022 07:08

@GraceandMolly do you know how FMF works?

Calmdown14 · 16/09/2022 07:10

Hope you get it sorted.

No advice on the phone that hasn't already been given but so you don't have to go through this again, have you considered joining a credit union?

It would be a more sensible way to save or borrow if other options aren't available to you.

nachoavocado · 16/09/2022 07:13

Make sure you raise a case through ebay if it hasn't been done already

jazzyoldjim · 16/09/2022 07:23

So the Lego seller has replied this morning and his buyer does not have the phone. Or is not saying they have it. Going to phone DPD today and see if they have photos of the delivery because there is nothing on the tracking. Just says signed for by "EDWARD" on both delivery confirmations.

I have looked up my buyers place of work but I can't see him on the staff list, can't find him on fb.

OP posts:
TruffleShuffles · 16/09/2022 07:26

I don’t think it’s obvious that the buyer is scamming OP, especially as iPhones can be blocked and rendered useless. I’ve had labels mixed up by dpd somehow. It was luckily just free samples of kitchen doors. A label with my address had at some point been put over a label with someone else’s address. It was another address local to me so must have happened at our local depot.

BettyB0Op · 16/09/2022 07:29

Word of warning eBay are notorious for taking the side of the buyer regardless and will often issue them a refund and chase you for the money. DPD would have taken a photo of the parcel on delivery, if you recognise it’s the parcel you sent you might still have a fight on your hands with eBay as there’s nothing to prove you actually did put a phone in there. As others has mentioned it will be important to check the weight of the parcel sent against the weight of the parcel DPD delivered, if it’s the same it’s likely he’s trying to scam you. Good luck!

HoppingKangaroo · 16/09/2022 07:36

Sounds like buyer is scamming you. I had a buyer try to claim a parcel was not delivered even though it was tracked and said delivered. He had 100% feedback as you can not leave negative feedback for buyers. So I messaged him a picture of the box outside a flat door the courier had taken and asked if this was his front door - he did not reply after that. He was just trying his luck to get item for free.


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DuchessofAnkh77 · 16/09/2022 07:46

I know it's too late now but I would ONLY send this kind of stuff Royal Mail Special Delivery. They have fewer theft issues and its then fully insured AND RM pay out in these circumstances....

Hermes/Evri/DPD etc etc very well known for this kind of scam. Happens usually in vans in back lanes (no cctv!) where parcels get offloaded to "others" and labels switched to disguise the problem.

hedgehogscrossing · 16/09/2022 08:03

@Paigeworkerx Well done you! More details please!

knittingaddict · 16/09/2022 08:05

LuckyLil · 15/09/2022 21:27

I can't see how this is a scam. He paid you for a phone and received Lego, so the worst case is you refund him. So how has he scammed if he didn't receive the phone? However this pans out, learn that with expensive items to always have buyer collect.

Of course it could be a scam. The op only has the buyer's word for it that he received lego instead of a phone. Not saying that it is a scam and could possibly be a mistake, but it could be a scam quite easily.

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