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I'm shitting myself, I've lost £400

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jazzyoldjim · 15/09/2022 20:23

So every 2y I get a new phone upgrade, except I have young kids so I CBA to have a snazzy phone so I usually sell the phone on eBay or FB marketplace and then have a little bit of treat money (usually goes on kids!)

Listed phone on eBay, iphone12. Sold it for £450. Bought postage from DPD (who might I add I have always seen as the safest most reputable courier, with tracking, delivery windows etc) for about £8. Dropped it off at DpD parcel shop which happened to be an Argos near me. It was really busy when I dropped it off and the girl taped the label to the top and put it in a pile. I got a tracking card receipt thingy.

Yesterday I got a notification that it had been delivered. It was meant to be next day but I dropped it off last Sunday so seems slow but ok - checked tracking and it had been left at Argos for 3 days before it was collected. I messaged my buyer on eBay to check all ok - he hadn't received it, although it is a business so says he will check tomorrow to see if it's been left. The business name is a man's name think EDWARD JONES and the tracking is saying signed for by Edward.

Anyway he messages me this morning to say nothing has been delivered. Then 10mins later I got another email from DPD to say my parcel has been delivered. I messaged the buyer again thinking maybe it just got held up. This time he has received a parcel - but inside is a Lego kit not an iPhone!

I haven't sold or posted any Lego kits. The parcel had my label and return address on it - he has shown me photographs.

So that means my iPhone is off out delivered to some person somewhere. I am devastated. Can anyone suggest anything I can do. I have asked DPD to look into it for me and they are calling me tomorrow morning.

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Am I being unreasonable?

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You are NOT being unreasonable
HoarHouse · 17/09/2022 08:47

Beepbeepenergy · 16/09/2022 21:56

If anything eBay will refund the buyer and you still. Keep the £450

Don't be daft, that's not how it works, ebay freeze the funds until they make a decision. She's lost the money 100%, the scammed knows what his doing. But she could get the phone blocked.

Twinsandsome · 17/09/2022 08:48

MibsXX · 17/09/2022 00:56

I totally get where OP is coming from with this, when babymibs was small, and still now even, my access to credit was non existant, and any spare cash left end of each week went on essentials, bills food... travel. Trying to save a little in a pot doesn't work because yet another thing will crop up and bite you in the arse. Paying the bills each and every week first was habit so paying a slightly larger mobile contract bill in smaller increments would actually be a good way of grabbing together a larger sum every couple of years that was free and clear all there in one lump and not a part of the usual weekly budget. Untill you have been on the bones of yr rear, this is probably something most folks will never be able to understand

Same here OP and some of us are aware we end hp
paying double etc but sometimes it is the ONLY way of having a few pounds at once instantly xx

Wonnle · 17/09/2022 09:44

As far as DHL are concerned the parcel with that tracking number on has been delivered . I've no idea how they can say they have now found the parcel with the phone in .

caringcarer · 17/09/2022 09:50

I bought some art and craft material on eBay for my dgc and ended up receiving 2 candles. In my instance the seller had sent my art materials to the wrong buyer and the person wanting candles had received arts materials we both posted it on and seller refunded our postage. If 2 parcels went from same village using same courier sounds like they put wrong labels on them. Can you contact person who sold Lego to ask her buyer if they got your phone? If so they could just post them onwards like I did.

Tothepoint99 · 17/09/2022 10:13

niugboo · 16/09/2022 18:31

I cannot comprehend how foolish you are.

every time you upgrade your phone you basically take out a hire purchase agreement. If you’re short of money convert to line rental only and save yourself £60 a month. Save for a year. You have 720 a month not the puny £450.

I am not surprised your credit is shot if this is how you function.


Doingprettywellthanks · 17/09/2022 10:33


Morbid curiosity… do you have any children?

niugboo · 17/09/2022 11:29

@Doingprettywellthanks 2.

Doingprettywellthanks · 17/09/2022 11:36

niugboo · 17/09/2022 11:29

@Doingprettywellthanks 2.

Young, older kids?

as I say - morbid curiosity.

Because as human being parent, your response is so alien to me that I can’t get my head around it.

She made a stupid cock up. You kids will do the same or indeed have (but haven’t told you - knowing that you would pour scorn and derision of them). In fact, what am I saying… you have made stupid cock ups in the past.

jazzyoldjim · 17/09/2022 11:52

Delivery slot today between 3.30-4.30. let's take bets. Will it be A. The phone B. Empty box C. Something else

OP posts:
cannotmakemymindup · 17/09/2022 12:01

B but that's because I want it to be the right outcome

Dasher789 · 17/09/2022 13:46

Finhers crossed for A

jazzyoldjim · 17/09/2022 15:57

So the phone has come back to me in the packaging I sent it to, completely un tampered with. The label underneath the one DPD put on to "return to sender" was the correct label to get it to the buyer. No idea what happened but just so glad I didn't lose the phone and the money.

OP posts:
mycatisannoying · 17/09/2022 16:09

NightfeedsandNetflix · 15/09/2022 21:15

She wants advice not lectures. Hindsight is a wonderful gift.

Exactly 🙄

Hmm1234 · 17/09/2022 16:39

No! No! no! It sounds like he is trying to scam you and has replaced the phone with the Lego kit. Wait for him to raise a dispute

petmads · 17/09/2022 17:07

Stupid question did you post the phone after you recieved the money its just i wont post anything unless money physically in my account.

iklboo · 17/09/2022 17:09

No! No! no! It sounds like he is trying to scam you and has replaced the phone with the Lego kit. Wait for him to raise a dispute

Read the full thread. OP has received it back because the delivery company messed up.

Tigertigertigertiger · 17/09/2022 18:04

Good news !

Alissa81 · 17/09/2022 19:22

I'm so happy for you, I was biting my nails waiting for the final post. I had bad experience with DPD, Royal Mail and Hermes before. Now you know, ALWAYS BUY INSURANCE!!!

Dasher789 · 17/09/2022 20:51

Good news op

rosesandbees · 18/09/2022 06:49

Excellent news!

IcedOatLatte · 18/09/2022 06:58

Will all the posters who were absolutely certain this was a scam be coming back to accept that it was a simple mix up I wonder

EasterIssland · 18/09/2022 07:59

So glad op!! Sorry you’ve been put through alll this stress


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SavoirFlair · 18/09/2022 08:13

Wonderful news @jazzyoldjim !!

to all the posters trying to be Miss Marple with condescending comments “this is a known scam, OP..” can you please come back to the thread and eat humble pie?

Kennykenkencat · 18/09/2022 08:35

Cosmos123 · 16/09/2022 07:01

He signed for it so he has to admit he received it

I was saying that he signed for a parcel and when he opened it there was a particular Lego. set.
I find it too much of a coincidence that it just happens to be the same set that was waiting for delivery in the same Argos store.
If he was scamming it would have been a really complicated scam involving what other items were awaiting delivery and knowing the method and place the delivery would be made from and to divert one of those deliveries to him along with the mobile phone

As suspected it wasn’t a scam but a mix up

Hereforit2022 · 18/09/2022 17:00

So happy you got it back! And glad u r not out of pocket. A stress lifted for you x

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