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I'm shitting myself, I've lost £400

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jazzyoldjim · 15/09/2022 20:23

So every 2y I get a new phone upgrade, except I have young kids so I CBA to have a snazzy phone so I usually sell the phone on eBay or FB marketplace and then have a little bit of treat money (usually goes on kids!)

Listed phone on eBay, iphone12. Sold it for £450. Bought postage from DPD (who might I add I have always seen as the safest most reputable courier, with tracking, delivery windows etc) for about £8. Dropped it off at DpD parcel shop which happened to be an Argos near me. It was really busy when I dropped it off and the girl taped the label to the top and put it in a pile. I got a tracking card receipt thingy.

Yesterday I got a notification that it had been delivered. It was meant to be next day but I dropped it off last Sunday so seems slow but ok - checked tracking and it had been left at Argos for 3 days before it was collected. I messaged my buyer on eBay to check all ok - he hadn't received it, although it is a business so says he will check tomorrow to see if it's been left. The business name is a man's name think EDWARD JONES and the tracking is saying signed for by Edward.

Anyway he messages me this morning to say nothing has been delivered. Then 10mins later I got another email from DPD to say my parcel has been delivered. I messaged the buyer again thinking maybe it just got held up. This time he has received a parcel - but inside is a Lego kit not an iPhone!

I haven't sold or posted any Lego kits. The parcel had my label and return address on it - he has shown me photographs.

So that means my iPhone is off out delivered to some person somewhere. I am devastated. Can anyone suggest anything I can do. I have asked DPD to look into it for me and they are calling me tomorrow morning.

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Bubblebubblebah · 15/09/2022 20:46

Dpd does pics of deliveries

JhsLs · 15/09/2022 20:49

This is the oldest scam in the book and one of the reasons that you should never post an expensive item that is sold through Facebook marketplace. When I listed my iPhone for sale recently, I had no fewer than 9 people message me asking for it to be posted by a secure delivery service like DPD.

WhileMyGuitarGentlyWeeps · 15/09/2022 20:50


He is lying/scamming you. No-one else has stolen the phone. HE has taken it out of the packaging and replaced it with some old lego bricks. Do NOT give him a refund. Tell him you are contacting the police about it, and won't be refunding til the case is looked into/potentially solved.

User354354 · 15/09/2022 20:52

I'm a bit confused by selling your upgrade. You are paying for the phone on your contract. Why not just not upgrade, go sim only and save yourself money.

Regarding the delivery, it's a really common scam. EBay, by default always side with buyer unless you have really good evidence to state otherwise.

SummerBummers · 15/09/2022 20:52

It may be worth calling eBay.
Does dpd give you any details such as the weight of the parcel so you can prove you posted a phone?

dawngreen · 15/09/2022 20:52

You delivered it to the shop, and you have the postage thing to prove it. Do not get in touch with people you are selling it to it gives them the idea to scam you.

dawngreen · 15/09/2022 20:53

I forgot to say always make sure you get the money before posting expensive items to people.

OriginalUsername3 · 15/09/2022 20:55

Argos seem to mix up labels alot. I've had a couple of other people's deliveries and I don't order alot.

BUT you really cocked up with the insurance.

And you pay over the odds for the phone through your phone contract so stop getting new phones and save yourself the money.

jazzyoldjim · 15/09/2022 20:57

It was sold on eBay not FB marketplace.

And it is paid for.

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jazzyoldjim · 15/09/2022 20:58

I know about the contract being expensive btw. But I never have large sums of money and don't have access to them so this is one way I can.

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speakout · 15/09/2022 20:58

He is scamming you.
Why do you need a new phone so often?

Sswhinesthebest · 15/09/2022 20:58

You can refuse to upgrade you know and then just get a basic package with the phone you already have. I pay £7.50 a month for my iPhone.

cherrywhite · 15/09/2022 21:00

Look at the proof of delivery photo - is it the parcel you sent? If so, he's scamming you.

Bubblebubblebah · 15/09/2022 21:01

Well if anything his mates are telling him OP is scamming him isnce it's paid for

PutinIsAWarCriminal · 15/09/2022 21:02

I'm calling scammer too. I don't suppose you have the tracker on the phone still?

CourtneeLuv · 15/09/2022 21:02

Summerslam · 15/09/2022 20:26

Someone has stolen the phone and replaced it with Lego. An Argos employee perhaps?

This. Someone in argos stole a doppler I bought. It mysteriously went missing while saying delivered.

thehourwaslate · 15/09/2022 21:03

The parcels will have been mixed up. I worked for an e-commerce business a few years ago and this happened a few times (even though it was a small business and I wasn’t there long). Totally different sized parcels would accidentally get switched and the recipient would end up with something random.

Hopefully DPD will resolve it, good luck!

Puzzledandpissedoff · 15/09/2022 21:06

Feedback/reviews can be bought, and often are

IMO Ebay's no place to sell high value goods and often treats private, one-off sellers like sh1t - they don't earn as much commission, you see - but since you've done everything right here I'd hope they'll be supportive

Good luck with it though, because if the buyer's a practised scammer they may not back off easily

speakout · 15/09/2022 21:06

Sswhinesthebest · 15/09/2022 20:58

You can refuse to upgrade you know and then just get a basic package with the phone you already have. I pay £7.50 a month for my iPhone.

Agreed. I pay for service only now, my iphone is 4 years old, still works great, I pay £6.50 a month.

MrsK89 · 15/09/2022 21:07

I sell on ebay daily. Don't refund the buyer yet. Speak to ebay on chat or phone and they will sort it out for you. You have proof of delivery so you should be covered and the buyer will be covered so ebay is likely to take a loss.

Sneezesthrice · 15/09/2022 21:09

We recently had a Hermes delivery that had our name and address slapped shoddily on one side and the INTENDED recipients properly affixed to the other side. We tried to let yodel know they still had OUR parcel on the van and someone one town over here as going to be missing theirs.

they were really fucking rude about it. Insisted the parcel we received was ours….

we didn’t order what was delivered. Nothing like it. We managed to get the parcel to its intended recipient but Hermes wouldn’t accept they had mis delivered someone else’s to us and had ours still, because they’d delivered SOMETHING and logged it as delivered. We never got our parcel.

So delivery companies do fuck up labels in transit and deny it and take no responsibility for it because “we delivered something”

Caroffee · 15/09/2022 21:09

jazzyoldjim · 15/09/2022 20:28

@Summerslam it's not the same box it's a big box and the Lego is second hand.

So how come the lego has got your label on it? You watched the Argos employee stick the label on the iphone.


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Sneezesthrice · 15/09/2022 21:10

My post should read Hermes all through. Not yodel 🙄 had a brain fart.

EasterIssland · 15/09/2022 21:11

I know this won’t be helpful now but op you can trade your phone in if you buy a new iPhone with apple. It might not be £450 and you’d have to pay the other phone upfront (or can ask finance ) but you’d save these kind of things. I don’t sell anymore expensive items on eBay because of the risk of scammers

TokidokiBarbie · 15/09/2022 21:12

Lots of scammers about but I'd be more inclined to think it was somebody in the delivery chain than a guy with his own business who is probs doing OK.

Read what was happening when the latest games consoles came out. People were receiving bags of cat litter instead and item was going missing. Exactly same scam.

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