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To not be able to forgive DH for wasting all the milk

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Iwantmymilkback · 15/09/2022 10:57

DH went to take some stuff out of the basement freezer, took out the box with the frozen breastmilk and did not put it back in.

I found out after too many hours, breastmilk is now back in the fridge but it was maybe 18hours at room temperature. I do not trust it is still good. It was "warm" at the touch.

It was all i had, ounces and ounces of it. So many middle of the night pump sessions, so many rounds of washing parts, so many hours spent to build the milk stack.

I am now back at work and do not produce enough during my pump sessions at work.

Long story short i started to give formula to DC.

I am so mad. So mad. I just cannot find a way to forgive him. And i know it is a small thing in the big picture but i am so so so mad.

Also what can i do with the milk now?

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Dogsitter1 · 18/09/2022 12:19

OP - I am so sorry! I would be devastated too. Please don’t worry about exclusive BF - you have done so well already and I think continuing to BF? Your lovely baby will then still be getting benefits from that?

I could not BF my last baby naturally- so pumped. I did it for 9 months and it was hard work- but it was also my last baby, so felt somehow more tolerable and important. If you want to build your supply up by pumping - you can- although it will be difficult as you have now competing demands with return to work.

The pain and the importance of it will diminish- as you see your baby continuing to flourish with your love and care.

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