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Could you float down the stairs as a child?

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EbbyEbs · 09/09/2022 19:46

Light hearted

Do you have a memory of floating down the stairs as a child? Someone mentioned it to me earlier and I have the same memory! anyone know what I’m on about?

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IHateWasps · 09/09/2022 20:11

Yes absolutely this. Also doing tumble turns on the walls in rooms and swimming around through the air in various rooms. Not a young childhood dream because I wasn’t taught any swimming until secondary school.


ijustcouldntthinkofausername · 09/09/2022 20:12

Omg I've found my people

I have a memory of running down the road towards where I lived and if I ran and jumped I'd be able to take huge jumps before I reached the ground again, kind of like floating between every jump.strange.. never thought of it til this thread brought it back to me

PlinkyPlonkyPurple · 09/09/2022 20:12

Yes, I have vivid memories of floating downstairs as a young child. Weirdly, it only ever happened at my cousins's house, never at home.

pigsDOfly · 09/09/2022 20:13

Have no memory of any such dreams, thank goodness.

I have a strong fear of heights and falling so it would have been more of a nightmare than a happy dream in my case.

Makes me feel quite uncomfortable just thinking about it.

YourUserNameMustBeAtLeast3Characters · 09/09/2022 20:13

My sister insists she did. I’d forgotten about that, you’ve reminded me.

Babyroobs · 09/09/2022 20:14

My brother and I used to slide down the stairs on an old thin camp bed mattress until we knocked my dad's prize ceramic horse ornament off the landing window and broke it's legs. then we were banned.

pastaislife · 09/09/2022 20:15

Did you post the same thing a few months ago? Having serious deja vu right now!

Icantfindanewname · 09/09/2022 20:16

Yes! So, it's not just me 🤔. Steep staircase, always from five stairs up, it felt sooooo real.

Cheesechops · 09/09/2022 20:16

Yes. It’s a very vivid childhood memory for me.

inkworks273 · 09/09/2022 20:17

I used to have a recurrent dream where when I raised my arms I would float upwards and when I lowered my arms I would come back down again. It felt so real to the point that it feels like a memory rather than a dream. Possibly something similar for you op?

FairyHannie · 09/09/2022 20:17

No, never ?!

Dalaidramailama · 09/09/2022 20:17

I was sure one day I jumped from the top to the bottom. I was a wild kid. Who knows. Maybe it was a dream.

IHateWasps · 09/09/2022 20:17

Did you post the same thing a few months ago? Having serious deja vu right now!

I've definitely read this before even if it wasn't the same OP.

This is a similar thread.

CinnamonOrangeCremeBrulee · 09/09/2022 20:18

Yes me here. I had that dream! I've spoken about it to my sisters before too.

billycorn · 09/09/2022 20:18

Yes, I did

EbbyEbs · 09/09/2022 20:19

pastaislife · 09/09/2022 20:15

Did you post the same thing a few months ago? Having serious deja vu right now!

Nope, not me but I’m off to read the link below!

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LilacPoppy · 09/09/2022 20:20


CoconutSky · 09/09/2022 20:21

Nope mine was jumping from the top straight to the bottom

CinnamonOrangeCremeBrulee · 09/09/2022 20:22

I also remember if e.g. we'd had a day out I could lie in bed and replicate the feelings of being on the roller coaster or floating in the sea, or the motion in the car. I had to be very sleepy to do it...but I made a concerted effort to. Weird!

MoaningMaude · 09/09/2022 20:22

No never, fell down them lots and tripped up them nearly as often, but then I was a very clumsy child.

PlantDoctor · 09/09/2022 20:23

Me too!

2boysand1princess · 09/09/2022 20:24

EbbyEbs · 09/09/2022 19:47

What I mean is, you are either mid way or at the top of the stairs, you deicide to jump it but you don’t fall, you float and reach the bottom slowly.

Apparantly lots of people have this childhood memory?!

Yes!! I can even visualise it now! Used to float to the middle of the stair case and then float to the bottom. What on earth? Obviously not real, but I can actually remember doing it!


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OwlBarn · 09/09/2022 20:24

Like others have said, it's the disconnect between being carried up and down stairs as a child and also that thing where you get swung up and down in the air.

= feeling of flying.

Greensleeves · 09/09/2022 20:24

Yes, I have this memory...and dream about it sometimes

Chattycathydoll · 09/09/2022 20:24

Yes!! Omg!! Someone else?!
I have extremely strong memories of it. When I was a teenager I ‘explained’ it to myself that I must have been carried by a ghost 😂😂 especially as shortly after it stopped I had a phase of falling down the stairs.

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