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Could you float down the stairs as a child?

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EbbyEbs · 09/09/2022 19:46

Light hearted

Do you have a memory of floating down the stairs as a child? Someone mentioned it to me earlier and I have the same memory! anyone know what I’m on about?

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Quweenie · 10/09/2022 04:31

Woah, this has freaked me out!

I thought it was just me! 😮

Glitteringapples · 10/09/2022 04:40

Not that per se but similar? As a child I used to lie in bed and get this strong feeling like I was spinning - not the nasty whirly room spinning you get when you drink too much -but a strangely calming feeling of rotating round and round!

Dolphinnoises · 10/09/2022 05:51

Yes! I could do this! I’d forgotten but there was a particular staircase at school. It was part jumping but not… it was a brilliant feeling

custardbear · 10/09/2022 05:58

In my 50 years on this planet I've literally never heard of this!
I'm jealous as I'd love to have that memory!

Delabruche · 10/09/2022 05:58

This thread is reminding me of a book I used to read to my kids when I was little: Some Dogs Do. Great book for floaters/flyers!

EbbyEbs · 10/09/2022 06:17

ChiefWiggumsBoy · 09/09/2022 22:33

I’ve seen people talk about this before and can’t relate.

Dont worry folks, I’m here all night with similar riveting stories Grin

Thanks for your contribution 😂😂

OP posts:
OldTinHat · 10/09/2022 06:20

I've read that it's linked to being carried up and down the stairs as an infant so the brain has a memory of floating because you didn't physically walk down them.

Nesbo · 10/09/2022 06:55

I also have vivid memories of this dream, stepping off the top step of my parent’s staircase and gently floating to the bottom - it felt perfectly natural at the time.

I can also remember running, and somehow realising that all I had to do was choose not to put my foot down again, and by doing that I would just keep drifting along. It seemed like a revelation, but also somehow so obvious, that you could choose not to have gravity pull you back down. It was a wonderful feeling, like unlocking a secret.

elfies · 10/09/2022 07:10

I can't remember floating downstairs , but have clear memories of being able to simply walk up into the air . I always thought I'd imagined it .

liveforsummer · 10/09/2022 07:20

I broke my leg aged 2 jumping down the stairs so I obviously thought I could float but I missed out on that skill 😆

Theraffarian · 10/09/2022 07:58

Interesting that so many share what I thought was my own special skill as a young child ! I have very vivid memories of being able to take a sort of very controlled leap downstairs that worked in a slow motion way to take me to the bottom . It was something I took for granted that I could just do at that age . As others have said though always downstairs and never up.

It can’t have been related to being carried down the stairs , as my earlier years were spent in a bungalow. I have a fairly bad memory in general , but would say this is one of my strongest memories from that sort of age 😳, definitely “feels “ like a memory not a dream , but obviously not being a crazy lady,I’ve not spoken to people, IRL about it .

WonkasBooboofixer · 10/09/2022 08:01

We went down in a small rubber dingy once. The we tried out the sleeping bag. All ended painfully.

Londonnight · 10/09/2022 08:13

Yes, I have very strong memories of this. Always thought I was going a bit mad to think I remembered this :) I have never been able to explain or understand it.

Choconut · 10/09/2022 08:22

I could never float, but I do remember that feeling or jumping and then going slowly - it was from having my hands on both walls or bannisters though. I remember doing it all the time as it felt so cool.

SunflowerOrange · 10/09/2022 11:41

Yes it felt just like when you held onto the sides and could leap a bit further. Not exactly running or jumping but more effortless.

IncompleteSenten · 10/09/2022 12:22

Nobody actually believes that they, in reality, did indeed float down staircases as a child, right?

cupofdecaf · 10/09/2022 12:33

I have a memory like this that I could jump down the stairs a few at a time and it felt like quick floating. Feels like a memory not a dream. I always thought it's because I'm so much bigger and clumsy now it just felt like floating. Wondering if it's just a common childhood experience.

LT2 · 10/09/2022 15:42

A similar thread was started yesterday

I remember thinking I could float.

LT2 · 10/09/2022 15:42

Oops wrong thread

PoseyFlump · 10/09/2022 19:51

IncompleteSenten · 10/09/2022 12:22

Nobody actually believes that they, in reality, did indeed float down staircases as a child, right?

I don't think so but there seems to be a few different experiences being discussed here.

Firstly you have those with a memory of floating probably caused by parents carrying you. Then you've got those holding onto banisters and their bodies feeling light and skippy.

Then there are those that are like memories but are more likely dreams. And finally for those who believe in such things, astral projection, where presumably the child is in bed and floats down the stairs with their mind!

My 'ghostly' memory was probably a parent holding my hand or a total dream. But it's the most vivid memory I have from that time and have no memories going back before then.

entropynow · 10/09/2022 19:52

EbbyEbs · 09/09/2022 19:47

What I mean is, you are either mid way or at the top of the stairs, you deicide to jump it but you don’t fall, you float and reach the bottom slowly.

Apparantly lots of people have this childhood memory?!

It's a very common dream.

Mrsuntidy · 10/09/2022 19:54

Omg yes!!


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Trying2bemum · 10/09/2022 19:58

I can’t believe I’ve just read this post as YES. I have such a vivid ‘’memory’ as a child of floating down our stairs and flying around a few rooms downstairs, over people. It was incredibly, tangibly real in my mind - for years I thought it had actually happened. It felt incredible and even thinking about it afterwards felt amazing. I’ve NEVER heard anyone say they had this experience too

imsanehonest · 10/09/2022 20:18

Is there a thread of "Have any parents ever SEEN their child floating down the stairs?" Just asking, as with all these kids floating about, parents must have seen it at some point?!

ILikeHotWaterBottles · 10/09/2022 20:37

IncompleteSenten · 10/09/2022 12:22

Nobody actually believes that they, in reality, did indeed float down staircases as a child, right?

At this stage in life, I think some people could believe anything if provided with enough 'evidence'. It's why cults are so successful.

Just need to think of one now to get money out of people...

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