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Could you float down the stairs as a child?

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EbbyEbs · 09/09/2022 19:46

Light hearted

Do you have a memory of floating down the stairs as a child? Someone mentioned it to me earlier and I have the same memory! anyone know what I’m on about?

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Ihavehadenoughalready · 10/09/2022 20:57

"also, this doesn't seem like a dream but I have a memory of feeling like I was lifted & floated slightly in my bed and turned around to face other way, I mean physically lifted up from the surface of my bed. I still can't explain that one. I was on a bunk bed too so closer to the ceiling."

When I was top bunk too (we siblings took turns) I would find myself startled, up at the ceiling. It seemed to be when I was trying to fall asleep. Scared me so much as a kid and I was always sooo scared of the dark. I'm surprised I slept at all.


FFSandmoreFFS · 10/09/2022 20:59

Yes! I have strong memories of this - which I’m sure were dreams. Very vivid.

Funkyblues101 · 10/09/2022 21:05

Yes, I jumped but it became an extended jump so a bit like flying or fast floating. It only happened once (and I was, now I think about it, possibly dreaming).

Givenitarest · 10/09/2022 21:41

Yes. It was like a 'surrendering' feeling. Stood at top of stairs and then 'here we go again' and a gentle floating descent. But my most common one was just standing there and making a kind of force field underneath me that lifted me and I needed to clench my arms and fists and make a kind of downward thrust that would levitate me and I could then move around the house. I was aware that at any minute the 'spell' would break but while it lasted it was glorious. I remember being about 4 or 5 and telling a school pal about it. Absolutely convinced I could do it.

I think they were very lucid dreams. So I would ask myself 'is this really happening?' 'Surely I'm dreaming?' but within my dream I would wake up or think I had and it would happen all over again. And the swimming feeling too - actually having that sense of drag and physically pulling myself through the air.

Maybe it's to do with the limited experiences you have as a child. There are only so many experiences that your brain and subconscious can create its dreams from when you are very young.

Anyway they were fab imaginings and felt very, very real.

I also used to spend hours actually playing on the stairs. Headstands, handstands, walking down on my hands headfirst, running down them three, four steps at a time, leaping down them. Good, cheap fun that kept me well entertained 😁

OrangeVelour · 10/09/2022 21:44

I remember dreaming it. I still do occasionally and in the dreams, I'm always pissed off that nobody saw me do it!

FarmGirl78 · 10/09/2022 21:58

I 'remember' jumping from top of stairs right to the bottom many many times. So much so that I used to ask family if they could do it too, and wondered why they looked at me like i was deranged.

FarmGirl78 · 10/09/2022 22:13

@SweetcornFritter I also remember the evil presence that lived under the bed that would grab my arm if I let it slip out from under the covers and pull me under.

Well that's me not sleeping tonight!

UsernameIsDeadToMe · 10/09/2022 22:21

Me wracking my brains for ages wondering why I’m the only one without this memory.

Remembered I spent most of my formative years in a ground floor flat…😂

Chouetted · 10/09/2022 23:10

ILikeHotWaterBottles · 10/09/2022 20:37

At this stage in life, I think some people could believe anything if provided with enough 'evidence'. It's why cults are so successful.

Just need to think of one now to get money out of people...

Scientology have that angle pretty well covered

MrsDSalvatore · 10/09/2022 23:19

Wow this used to happen to me all the time. I still talk about it now. I would float to the bottom but can never remember past that point. I always just thought it was a dream. I didnt realise this was common. So interesting

Ofcourseshecan · 10/09/2022 23:32

Yes, my hand stayed on the banister and my feet just floated upwards, a very natural feeling. I think this started after my older sister described it happening to her, quite regularly. So was it my memory, or my dream, or my memory of my sister’s dream? Or something else?

randomchap · 10/09/2022 23:47

Never floated down, but one depressingly warm winter, my sister and I did sledge down it. Mum was somewhat unimpressed. Iirc she threw the sled out

Lja12 · 11/09/2022 08:57

I have memories of flying downstairs and around my living room!

WhileMyGuitarGentlyWeeps · 12/09/2022 00:08

Some fascinating posts on here. Just wanted to add to mine, that apart from floating 10 feet or so above the ground, and flying sometimes 100s of feet high, I also used to dream that I was in my parents dining room or lounge, and I would jump up slowly, and would float around the room with my head only about 6 inches from the ceiling.

I'd kind of bounce gently off the walls and float around the room. And then I would suddenly be over the house, and started floating higher and higher... Always felt very disappointed when I woke, because I realised it wasn't real, and I couldn't fly.

Giggorata · 12/09/2022 11:39

Just to add that floating downstairs as a child was a very different feeling from flying dreams, which I still have, and which sometimes become lucid.

Also, at one point I decided that doing a forward roll down the stairs would be a good idea, and landed upside down, spread eagled against the wall. Again, very different from the floating experience!

Flumpymc · 12/09/2022 11:41

Ohmygod! I felt so funny reading this, haven't thought about it as an adult but such a clear memory!

SerenaB12 · 14/09/2022 00:19

Yes OP I remember after reading this post.. literally flying down the stairs and landing on my feet! And I was a heavy footed child (and adult) waiting to go back to mums and stand at top of the stairs to see if I remember how it was done!

WellThisIsShit · 15/09/2022 14:35

Yes yes and yes, it’s amazing so many have the same feeling.

Would love to find out more, I wonder if an academic has studied it specifically?

Sounds like there are a few theories ‘floating’ about (ha ha see what I did there!)

feemcgee · 15/09/2022 15:34

I have this memory from being very young, had never thought that it was a common one. Being carried downstairs as a reason makes a lot of sense.

SisterRuth · 15/09/2022 16:20

Yes! I remember floating downstairs and the funny sort of ache I'd get in the bridge of my nose as it happened. Sometimes I'd float above the bed & get that same odd feeling in .... my sinuses, I suppose. Don't tell me it was just dreams!

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