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To have not let my DD go to school in a Primark seamless set

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Dramachameleon · 09/09/2022 08:56

Just that really. It’s non uniform day in school and she wanted to wear a crop top and those godawful see through leggings.

Shes worn mini skirts , ripped jeans etc into no uniform days before so i am not madly strict on clothes . The school is not overly strict but are quite hot on wearing the correct uniform, but these sets are just dreadful, and around our way worn by a certain group of teens which I don’t really want my DD hanging out with.

She went nuts , DH went nuts

Were we unreasonable

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user1471474462 · 11/09/2022 00:57

I would say no, let’s face it those sets are incredibly tight and revealing. We have to draw the line somewhere surely. It would be different with an older teen but she is 14. Wearing a outfit which many may consider provocative is fine for an adult (outside of the workplace), but not for a child.

Parents set boundaries, children push back, it’s natural and it’s healthy, so long as the boundaries are fair.

I would tell her she looks amazing but you worry for her getting attention that she is not equipped to handle, that’s not on her but it is the reality of the situation.

Blueink · 11/09/2022 02:01

The main thing is the poor quality of the leggings, but that’s where it ends, your DD isn’t any better or worse than other teens choosing similar clothes, just because she’s your DD. The picture you posted was fine. Also the comments about abuse from PP are seriously misguided.

TheEggChair · 11/09/2022 04:17

I see those sets as extension of underwear to be worn under clothes as a foundation. I think it's rather tacky to wear it as the main outfit if you're not exercising. It makes people looks like they haven't dressed properly.

Sizzer40 · 11/09/2022 08:28

The fact she owns this outfit could suggest she is already a ‘certain teenager’.

jamdonut · 11/09/2022 12:29

Schools in my area say no cropped tops or revealing/ inappropriate clothing for non- uniform days, primary and secondary. And yet you still get people turning up in them. Why are parents so afraid to say “ no.” , or just can’t bear to follow school’s requests?
There seems to be this undercurrent of whatever a school asks, they’re being unreasonable, and/or “ I’ll do what I want”!

Shelby2010 · 11/09/2022 12:59

LemonDrop22 · 10/09/2022 22:04

Those leggings and cycling shorts are a tough one in terms of appropriateness/cringe factor; recently I was waiting opposite a girl/young woman at a traffic crossing and without even meaning to, my eye was drawn down to her crotch in the cycling shorts where, no joke, the line in the middle of her vulva was visible. I immediately averted my eyes but it was cringe and I just thought about how much gawping males must be doing and could hdtf not notice it.

I remember my Mum asking my sister not to wear cycling shorts the 90s because of obvious "camel.toe" then too.

It's not about oppressing any particular sex; if men were wearing something that outlined their genitals (outside of limited sports settings like swimming or cycling) people would be equally cringing.

It's just a human thing to not be comfortable seeing people's genitals (and buttocks to some extent I suppose) so clearly delineated in settings where it's not "necessary" like the beach, pool etc.

Agreed. The point about not wearing overly revealing clothes applies to both sexes.

No one wants to see a ‘budgie smuggler’ even at the pool or beach. Certainly wouldn’t be appropriate at school or office.

Also not keen on those baggy jeans that show mens’ pants or even worse men (or women) with arse crack on display. 🤢

The grating thing about this particular clothing, is that Primark seem to have turned the fact their clothing is such poor quality into a selling point! On the other hand, the looming energy crisis means these will make great base layers for when the heating is off!

xmaswiththeinlaws · 12/09/2022 17:44

It would be a no from me too. Last time I saw a girl in the shorts set i thought she'd forgotten to get dressed. I saw a couple of teens wearing them in Primark in summer, one of them was heavily pregnant- enough said I think!

Thelodger · 16/09/2022 09:37

No, these outfits must be a pervert's delight

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