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Aibu to think this isn’t okay - cleaner nespresso

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Candyhats · 21/03/2022 04:56

We have a cleaner who comes in on a daily basis and obviously we have tea and instant coffee, which we keep in our home and provide for her to drink. However I noticed we are going through nespresso capsules quickly and then I realized she has nespresso(s) daily when she works. My husband does drink coffee and I’m the only one that drinks it and as a treat, even it home.

Aibu to address this with cleaner?

I tried to hide a sleeve with some capsules in, she found it and had a couple while emptying the rest into the nespresso jar.

OP posts:
GCAcademic · 21/03/2022 05:41

Take that 38p out of the wages, OP! The cheek of her, does no one know their place any more?

Riapia · 21/03/2022 05:43

This is AIBU, any views expressed on here are not necessarily those of the person who posted them.

DreamTheMoors · 21/03/2022 05:46

No wonder you don’t have any money for coffee. You’re spending all of it on cleaners.
Pull back on cleaners to 3x week and then you’ll be able to stock up on Nespresso capsules.
Easy peasy!

Lilac57 · 21/03/2022 05:49

Just buy more Nespresso?

catfunk · 21/03/2022 05:51


MargotsGreenBean · 21/03/2022 05:53

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WaterBottleLabel · 21/03/2022 05:53


Just buy more Nespresso?

How will that help the cleaner to know her place!
wtfwasthatmate · 21/03/2022 05:56

Put an 'out of order' sign on the machine

MintJulia · 21/03/2022 05:59


A jar of Nescafé would work out to around 33p a cup just for coffee, no milk or sugar. A nespresso Starbucks capsule would be around 33p, again just for the coffee. So I don’t see the difference really and even if you buy different nespresso/coffee how much can the price difference really be that you’d begrudge her it? The most expensive ones I’ve ever bought were 44p a capsule, I couldn’t bring myself to begrudge someone I trusted in my home 11p.

I've just worked it out and a coffee made with better quality instant is 3.5p a cup.
Shallwepoptotheshops · 21/03/2022 06:01

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SarahBellam · 21/03/2022 06:02

I can’t believe she uses the Nespresso and not the Jura Bean to Cup Espresso machine. What a peasant.

TigerLilyTail · 21/03/2022 06:02

I understand, we had a similar issue with our cleaner. I always buy toilet paper from Harrods as it's the only one that doesn't give poor Tarquin a sore arse.

I bought the cleaner some special toilet paper from Aldi, which I assumed she would be familiar with and comfortable using. But, she kept using the nice toilet paper, even though I said that it wasn't for the likes of her.

One day she walked out mid-shift and called me a cunt!! Shock

The cheek of the whole thing still astounds me.

gingerhills · 21/03/2022 06:04

Explain to her that she is a peasant and that if she is thirsty there are puddles to lap up in the road.

WaterBottleLabel · 21/03/2022 06:08

@MintJulia providing the cleaner with better quality might give her ideas above her station though, she’s lucky she’s getting Nescafé and not a squirt of camp in some hot tap water.

Darbs76 · 21/03/2022 06:08

I’d just buy more for her. If you can afford a daily cleaner you can afford a few pods per week. I wouldn’t begrudge that. My cleaner knows she can help herself to anything in the house

TriciaMcMillan · 21/03/2022 06:09


Explain to her that she is a peasant and that if she is thirsty there are puddles to lap up in the road.

Puddles? Luxury! Our cleaner is expected to suck the humidity out of the air as she washes the bathroom floors.
CheesePlantMurderer · 21/03/2022 06:10


StarlightLady · 21/03/2022 06:11

The cleaner doesn’t use the front door as well does she?

Would you treat any other visitor like this?

I only use Nespresso here, send her over, l’ll not only not begrudge her a coffee capsule, l’ll also make the coffee for her.

Twentypast · 21/03/2022 06:11

Don't be ridiculous. DH works from home. He makes our weekly cleaner a Nespresso as soon as she arrives. And she's under instruction to help herself if she wants a 2nd one before she leaves.

Tothemoonandbackx · 21/03/2022 06:12

Why don't you just take it out of her wages?? When you hand over her invoice for the week/ month, whatever, show deductions for each capsule she's had.......😏😂 (totally joking btw)

Tothemoonandbackx · 21/03/2022 06:14

These responses have really cheered a dull grey morning up for me ☺️☺️

Pollyputthekettleon1975 · 21/03/2022 06:15

If you feel too embarrassed to tell her this in person, maybe just show her this thread you created.
I'm sure she'll see you (and your Nespresso) in a whole new light. Hmm


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BakerMan · 21/03/2022 06:16

How is she to know she shouldn't drink them?

BluebellStreet · 21/03/2022 06:20

Move your nespresso machine to the upstairs kitchens and keep the Nescafé in the scullery. In fact, get some Mellow Birds. It's no more than she deserves.

HoppingPavlova · 21/03/2022 06:23

Did you specifically tell the cleaner they were not to have the Nespresso and that you had shit instant for them instead or did you omit that conversation?

If no one had that conversation with me I’d just expect that it was normal to have Nespresso if making myself a coffee? So whether YABU or not really depends on the conversation you had originally re coffee. Although, tbh I think begrudging someone who is scrubbing away at your filth a few Nespresso’s a day is really weird and doesn’t paint you in a great light.

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