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To wonder how often you leave the house?

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Mouseandashrew · 25/08/2021 13:58

Would you say once / twice a week is normal?

OP posts:

Am I being unreasonable?


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Bryonyshcmyony · 25/08/2021 15:56

Are you a burglar OP?

GertrudePerkinsPaperyThing · 25/08/2021 15:56

It’s the school holidays, so currently out a lot of the time - whether it’s one long trip or a few short ones.

If I’m wfh and don’t have the school run, then I’d still make sure I went out at least once a day. I find I go a bit mad otherwise!

SchrodingersImmigrant · 25/08/2021 15:57


Are you a burglar OP?

vampirethriller · 25/08/2021 15:57

Three times a day minimum because I walk the dog.

muddyford · 25/08/2021 15:59

Today I have been out twice with the dog. As it looks as if it will be a lovely evening I'll probably go out again. I went to Sainsbury's early. I have an errand to walk to in the village. Fairly average day.

BeauxRingarde · 25/08/2021 16:00

Work. I have to be at my desk 8-6

But you can leave the house before and after that time....and presumably have a lunch break as well?

Bayleaf25 · 25/08/2021 16:02

I’m always in and out.
Twice a day to walk dog.
Twice a week swim.
Dropping kids left, right and centre.
School shoe shopping.
Supermarket, chemist, or to pick up gift.
Going out socially once a week usually.

ACreakingGateNeverStops · 25/08/2021 16:02

IMO leaving your house only once or twice a week is very unusual for an average, healthy adult. Even during the strictest lockdown I was leaving the house once or twice a day, sometimes more.

NotMyCat · 25/08/2021 16:02


Work. I have to be at my desk 8-6

But you can leave the house before and after that time....and presumably have a lunch break as well?

Well yes but realistically I get up at 7am already so I would have to get up earlier
Lunch is 30 mins so by the time I've made and eaten lunch, been to the loo, made a drink it's back to work, I sit in the garden to eat if it's dry!

Finish at 6, shower, cook, clean, wash up, do some laundry, watch a bit of TV and it's bedtime
I do have chronic conditions which mean I get wiped out easily
blobby10 · 25/08/2021 16:05

Early morning for gym (unless I skive off like this morning after a crap night of sleep) then off to work. Rarely go out in the evenings. Weekends I leave the house for shopping, exercise and visiting parents/offspring. Its exceptionally rare for me to 'go out' for an evening these days as I can't afford it!

speakout · 25/08/2021 16:06

I would struggle with that OP.

I work from home, but leave the house 2 or 3 times a day.

Pleasegodgotosleep · 25/08/2021 16:09

I do school runs, shopping etc whilst flexible wfh, so leave the house at least twice a day. DH works long hours from home, not flexible at all so could easily not leave the house mon-fri but then we're both out with kuds at the weekend.

LimitIsUp · 25/08/2021 16:09

Daily (dog owner), but even if I didn't have to go out to walk dogs, I would find a reason to leave the house because I'd get cabin fever otherwise (and the house is by no means small). I just can't stay at home all day - it makes me feel like life is passing me by

Jaxhog · 25/08/2021 16:10


2 or 3 times a week for me at the moment. I can't bear people everywhere and I'm wfh mostly. Quite happy with that, it suits me, don't care what others think!

Me too. But considering I was shielding last year, that feels like enough at the moment.
snowspider · 25/08/2021 16:12

So, if you have an out of the home job/horse/dog/children/gym membership it would be very odd to only leave the house once or twice a week, otherwise within the 'normal' range

wednesdayweather · 25/08/2021 16:12

It would be unusual for me not to leave the house. As well as leaving the house daily for 'chores'., exercise, kids, I like to get out socially myself several times a week, especially now I work from home.

Why do you ask? Do you want to leave the house more often? Are circumstances/ someone else meaning you can't or don't leave the house more often?

PumpkinPie2016 · 25/08/2021 16:12

Depends on circumstances I suppose. It wouldn't suit me.

I work full time in term time so I am out Mon-Fri. Then at weekends there's errands/taking DS out etc.

I would say it's rare for me not to leave the house every day.

Plumtree391 · 25/08/2021 16:13

I would say once or twice a week on average is quite normal for people who do not go out to work or have young children.

Being at home is nice.

Neverrains · 25/08/2021 16:13

4-5 times a day usually. 3 kids, a dog, a job and a couple of hobbies so always in and out.
Even pre children and dog and working from home I’d have to leave the house at least once a day. Can’t bear being cooped up and prefer to exercise outdoors.

Yakin · 25/08/2021 16:13

I leave the house a lot less than that, but it's not normal, most people go out fairly regularly

AuntieMarys · 25/08/2021 16:13

Everyday...I'm retired but go to the gym, hiking , coffees, lunches, shopping, meeting friends.

RobinPenguins · 25/08/2021 16:13

I suppose normal is different for everyone. It wouldn’t be normal for me - even wfh I have to make sure I get out every day and see daylight or my mental health suffers.

KatherineJaneway · 25/08/2021 16:14

In my experience no, that is not normal.

SmokeyDevil · 25/08/2021 16:14

I only don't leave if I am sick, and at that point it's my partner forcing me to stay.

Applesonthelawn · 25/08/2021 16:15

Gym every day (or very long walk/run). Usually go to work every day too but not currently. Shopping once/twice a week. Occasionally a bit of socialising, or a doctor's visit, or to the school, or at the kids' beck and call. And honestly, I'm a proud introvert and a hermit so I would expect other people to be out way more than me.
Even DH who is early retired is out every day, sometimes more than once.

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