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To wonder how often you leave the house?

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Mouseandashrew · 25/08/2021 13:58

Would you say once / twice a week is normal?

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Driftingblue · 25/08/2021 14:57

It was for me for years. I was WFH so I didn’t need to leave often.

Now I have to drive dd to school daily.

shumway · 25/08/2021 14:59

Every day if I can.

EstuaryBird · 25/08/2021 15:01

I go out at least once every day.
Most days I’ll be out for 4 or 5 hours.
I’ve always been claustrophobic and it’s steadily getting worse. When I am indoors I prefer to be in the back bedroom where I can see a long way and there’s a big sky…I have to sit facing the window.

knackeredcat · 25/08/2021 15:05

I'm rarely out. I WFH, I study, I'm anxious, I don't like where I live, I've too many hangups. I know it's not particularly normal.

bubblebath62636 · 25/08/2021 15:07

We need more information op..

Currently have a new baby, so tend to go out a few times a week.

NotMyCat · 25/08/2021 15:08


My gob is smacked reading these replies. I would go absolutely nuts if I didn't leave the house every day. Don't people have jobs to go to?!

Yeah at home! I can't leave the house during the day as I'm working
Finish at 6pm, shower, cook etc and then watch a bit of TV/read a book and it's time for bed
rhowton · 25/08/2021 15:08

I often leave home 3/4 times a day! I work and do things in the evening. At the weekend, we are in and out all day! I hate being stuck in.

Iamclaracowbell · 25/08/2021 15:10

I mostly WFH. I leave the house once a day to walk the dog, unless DH takes her without me. Usually two or three times a week to go to the supermarket / other shops / pick up a takeaway. Some weeks I go to the office for the day. Most weeks we do a little trip somewhere a bit further afield for a walk or for lunch out. I can easily see though if we didn't have a dog, and if I got my shopping delivered, I might hardly ever go out!!

Girliefriendlikespuppies · 25/08/2021 15:13

Not normal for an healthy person IMO, I leave the house at least 2-3 times a day!!

Larryyourwaiter · 25/08/2021 15:18

It’s rare for me not to leave the house. If I don’t need to be somewhere I usually go for a walk.
When DH was working from home he didn’t go out much but might spend the whole day in the garden.
My MIL once retired only went out twice a week if she could get away with it. Once to the supermarket and once to visit an aunt. It wasn’t healthy for her. She lived in a flat so her activity was very low.

Snoken · 25/08/2021 15:20

I would struggle with that. I leave the house a minimum of three times a day (have dogs) but usually at least 1 or 2 additional times too. For exercise, going to the shop, drop/pick up kids, see friends etc. I would feel really claustrophobic if I didn't leave the house once a day as an absolute minimum.

scarpa · 25/08/2021 15:23

I WFH 3 days a week, so I go out to work 2 days and then probably the shops for various things a couple of times, and then maybe out at the weekend.

But I definitely have days where I don't go out at all, during lockdown there was a point I didn't leave the house for 3 weeks and I didn't feel like a caged animal or anything I just didn't need to. I don't leave the house for the sake of 'getting out' if you know what I mean - if I didn't have plans on a Saturday and didn't need to go to the shop, I wouldn't go out just to have gone out.

I suspect most people leave the house a majority of their days. But people's lives are so different - my mum could happily stay at home pottering round her garden and house for a week with no need or want to go out, my dad would go mad if he couldn't go out for at least a walk once a day.

Cuddlyrottweiler · 25/08/2021 15:23

I try to go out every day but I don't always manage it. I wfh and have a newborn, sometimes the day just disappears but I try to get DS outside everyday even if just for a walk to the shop or park.

Mickarooni · 25/08/2021 15:24

Context is needed. I know people still working from home and they may be working long days and not leaving houses during the weekday evenings but they’ll go out for the day on both Saturday and Sunday.

My job takes me out and about, so I’m often in and out. I have noticed people are home more since Covid.

bloodywhitecat · 25/08/2021 15:25

Every day, at least once a day I am a foster parent to two babies and I have a dog, I need to get out for all of our sanities.

Chewbecca · 25/08/2021 15:26

Pre-Covid - that would be totally weird

Since Covid and wfh - not unusual for me Sad

Rannva · 25/08/2021 15:28

As a SAHM once or twice a day - always a walk in the woods or going out somewhere in the pushchair with the babies. Not a fan of staying at home.

Now working full-time but from home, so I still endeavour to get a walk in, I have gym/sports training/classes and go out and do some photography also. So, at least once a day, more if I'm heading to the office or walking the kids to school as well.

Bryonyshcmyony · 25/08/2021 15:29

I would find that really genuinely depressing. I'm out many times a day (work, horses, dogs, teens, shopping, swimming, socialising etc).

Bear2014 · 25/08/2021 15:29

Every single day, usually more than once. I think I've only ever not left the house less than half a dozen times in my life. Bare minimum would be to the corner shop.

shouldistop · 25/08/2021 15:30

Today twice. Some days maybe 3 times. I have a baby and a child who's just started school so I can't stay at home all day.

ThorsLeftNut · 25/08/2021 15:31

It depends what you class as leaving the house? Does the garden count as leaving? Because to not walk past your front door more than once a week is a little odd to me, yes.

LadyR77 · 25/08/2021 15:31

I work full time, and go to the office 4 days per week (WFH on Fridays). During term time I drop my son off at school and pick him up from his childminder in the evenings every weekday. I go to the gym most Sundays. I may have the odd Saturday where I don't leave the house, but that's pretty rare.

dyslek · 25/08/2021 15:32

I generally hate appeals to 'normal' ...but...only leaving the house once a week probably is not that healthy for mental health.
Humans need fresh air and to feel the weather on their skin to stay at least partially sane imo.

snowspider · 25/08/2021 15:34

For some people it would be normal and for others not. Without any details it's impossible to say if it is unhealthy/concerning.

Personally it varies a lot how often I go away from the house, but it's pretty much in my own hands so not worrying if I stay home for several days. But I am lucky to have lots of outside space and my dp is also around so busy doing things and not deprived of opportunities.

Paradoxically I think we left the house more during lockdown not sure what the psychology is there.

UserStillatLarge · 25/08/2021 15:34

For people who have been forced to work at home, I can see why that might happen. Some days I make myself go out for a walk in the rain just for a change of scene. I don't think it's healthy to spend so much time in the house.

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