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To wonder how often you leave the house?

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Mouseandashrew · 25/08/2021 13:58

Would you say once / twice a week is normal?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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Zealois · 26/08/2021 21:24

I'm still working from home and I leave the house all the time. I have a morning and lunch time walk at a minimum, and sometimes will go out again in the evening. Plus leaving a few times a week to go to the shops. And I spend very little time at home at the weekends, love going to different markets on a Saturday or trying out new walks or hikes on Sundays.

We live in a small apartment and I'd go crazy at home all the time, plus if I don't get my energy out I won't sleep well. Very occasionally I'll decide I want a lazy day and to stay at home all day but usually by 7pm I crack and go for a walk anyway.

SwimmyG · 26/08/2021 21:29


Some of these posts have shocked me..what do you do at home all the time?? Watch TV? Don't you get bored?

Read (fiction), Read (non-fiction), Read (work related stuff/CPD), play chess online, jigsaws, online education courses, prep for my job (lecturing), watch films, cross-stitch, play games on my iPad, clean, drawing, painting, play with pets, organise stuff……I can do some of this stuff literally all day if I’m not working.
lazylinguist · 26/08/2021 21:32

I wouldn't get bored very easily, as long as I had books, tv, films, knitting, music and the internet, but I'd miss seeing other people after a while, and I would very quickly miss fresh air and nature!

WaitingForNormality · 26/08/2021 21:34

I go out everyday. I don't have a particularly exciting life and WFH but I definitely leave the house every day - school runs, popping to town for errands, quick drop in to shop to grab few essentials for dinner, take kids to clubs, visit friends and family (I'd say I visit friends and family 4/7 days).

Hellocatshome · 26/08/2021 21:35

Multiple times a day

arethereanyleftatall · 26/08/2021 21:37

I'm 46. So, 17,000 days old. I don't think there's ever been a day that I haven't left the house.

Dillydollydingdong · 26/08/2021 21:57

Every day, sometimes twice or three times.

Stillgoings · 26/08/2021 22:04

Multiple times. My children are not little anymore so I don't have school pick up and drop offs but I still have two jobs and a dog and places I need to be and people I need to see. I might occasionally nor leave the house but it would be rare.

Blackcat333 · 26/08/2021 22:09

If I didn't have to work I think there are days where I would just sit and read and be quite content!

winnieanddaisy · 26/08/2021 22:12

I'm a disabled pensioner. I usually only go out about once every two weeks except when the kids are back at school which finds me collecting my DGD from school 3 times a a week . I'm quite happy to stay at home all the time.
The lockdown has a lot to answer for as before March 2020 I visited my DSIL and my DAunt at least bi-monthly but since that time I have become very lazy and haven't gone to see either of them . I'll give myself a kick up the bottom and make the effort once DGD goes back to school next month .

JaceLancs · 26/08/2021 22:15

I cannot imagine a day when I would not leave the house unless I was really ill, snowed in, or in quarantine
I get claustrophobic if I don’t go out

OkOkWhatsNext · 26/08/2021 22:18

I wfh and occasionally have a day when I don’t leave the house but generally I’d make a special effort to go somewhere outside if we got to say 6pm and the kids had been inside all day.

Nosferatussidebit · 26/08/2021 22:34

If I didn't have kids and a job or wfh, then yes it would be normal. I'd go out twice a week to see friends/ do a hobby.

SallyWD · 26/08/2021 23:07

I know people who don't go out much but I personally would go mad if I only went out once or twice a week. Firstly it's important physically to move your body and be active. Secondly it's important for me mentally to get out in nature, see trees, hear the birds sing etc. I need a change of scene.

megletthesecond · 26/08/2021 23:12

Even on the days I WFH I'm up at 6:30 and don't start work until 9:30. I have to go for a little run or litter pick before I start work. Then I'll walk to the supermarket at tea time.
I almost never stay at home all day.

MidsummerMimi · 27/08/2021 00:00

Children, animals, errands, so out about 3 times a day.
One dog and 2DC love night drives, so out about 4 nights a week on long random moonlight drives with no destination.DCs and dog wrapped up in blankets, listening to music, we have just got home from one, seen The Big Dipper, 3 foxes, waning moon and abandoned factory.

starlight13 · 27/08/2021 00:19

Why are you secluding yourself at home op? I've totted up that I probably leave the house around 40 times per week on school runs, work, shopping, sports and other errands.
How can you be living a life/ getting anything done if you only leave twice?

Mamanyt · 27/08/2021 00:52

I am WAY outside the norm. I leave my house about once every two months for a doctor's appointment. A neighbor brings in my mail for me, as the mailbox is almost a block away in my apartment complex. My groceries are delivered weekly. I order household items online from Amazon and such. Same with clothing and pet supplies. I do go outside and sit on my porch every night when things cool off a bit. And I've been doing this, to some extent, for the past several years, due to health issues. LOL, I was socially isolating WAY before COVID.

therocinante · 27/08/2021 01:24


Why are you secluding yourself at home op? I've totted up that I probably leave the house around 40 times per week on school runs, work, shopping, sports and other errands.
How can you be living a life/ getting anything done if you only leave twice?

I could easily only leave the house twice/three times in a week...

Monday- WFH, no need to go anywhere, yoga at home.

Tuesday - work from office (1), big weekly phone call with mum in evening

Weds - big shop delivered. WFH again, Zoom dance class.

Thursday - work from office (2), no plans in evening cos late finish and long commute

Friday - Zoom HIIT class, WFH, regular group thing I do online (and did pre pandemic) til late

Saturday - pottering about, cleaning, laundry, gardening, TV series with DH, yoga at home, couple of drinks and hobby in evening

Sunday - lie in, meal prep for the week, maybe a walk (3), Sunday dinner, bath and hobby in evening

I could add a couple of trips to Co-op for bits and obviously might visit a friend, go into work an extra day, go out for it could be more like 10. But it wouldn't be unusual at all for not to leave the house more than 3 times in a week... obviously if you have a dog or children or a job you can't WFH it's going to be nigh on impossible but otherwise easily doable!
sessell · 27/08/2021 01:27

I WFH and don't need to leave the house most days, but I do. I go out for at least a walk every day. I think I'd feel depressed if I didn't leave the house for days on end.

gofg · 27/08/2021 02:45

I'm in lockdown, and I still leave the house once a day!

When not in lockdown I leave the house several times a day.

blackheartsgirl · 27/08/2021 04:18

Depends on circumstances surely?

I cant bear being in the house these days so I'm in and out all the time

Today I went out five times. Popped to friends, went to the shop, took dd3 to football, went to my sis in laws...

Very rare I don't leave the house.

But that's me.
A friend of mine hasn't left her house in days, she has a different set of circumstances to me

BastardMonkfish · 27/08/2021 04:29

I love the idea of only going out a few times per week but in reality I was housebound for a while after having a c section and on day 5 I was pleading with my mum to take me out before I lost the plot. I'm in and out like a yo-yo.

garlictwist · 27/08/2021 04:57

It's very rare that I have a day where I don't leave the house. If I do it's because I'm ill or really tired.

I'm still wfh but I go out running most days or for a walk or bike ride.

Hobnobsandbroomstick · 27/08/2021 08:54

Every day, I live in a flat and need to at least get out for a quick walk everyday. I joke that I'm like a dog: I need a daily walk.

I had to self isolate for 7 days (I think?) when I had covid symptoms last year, back when you couldn't book a test. Found it a lot harder than I thought I would, but maybe that's because I had to stay in, plus all the weird stress of April 2020!

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