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To wonder how often you leave the house?

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Mouseandashrew · 25/08/2021 13:58

Would you say once / twice a week is normal?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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TartanJumper · 25/08/2021 14:26

As little as possible, but it's not normal IMO.

StaceysmomandIhavegotitgoinon · 25/08/2021 14:27

On a school day I would be out twice to drop and collect for school and back to work from home. I also walk the dogs every day and we pop to the shop more days than I care to think of. Weekends would be in and out to the beach/parks/shops etc.

VestaTilley · 25/08/2021 14:29

It depends on your age and circumstances, but staying in all day doesn’t seem healthy.

I go out every day; we have a toddler and take him on outings etc and to nursery. I WFH but make sure I pop out each day on the nursery run or to the shop. It’s good for you to get fresh air and exercise your legs every day; good to get company too.

ellenpartridge · 25/08/2021 14:29

Not normal IMO. I am on mat leave and have maybe one day a week where I don't leave the house.

NotMyCat · 25/08/2021 14:30

No DC and still WFH, leave the house about twice a week

elliejjtiny · 25/08/2021 14:33

It's the school holidays at the moment so I'm going out a lot more than normal, at least once a day, sometimes twice. During lockdown I sometimes went months without leaving the house/garden.

LadyFannyButton · 25/08/2021 14:33

I’m out pottering in the garden a lot but I probably leave the house to go out out once a week at the moment as I’m on annual leave. When I’m back in work I go out to work but, apart from that, only go out and about around every 7-10 days.

CoastalSwimmer · 25/08/2021 14:35

I'd say it's not normal.

I go to my part-time job most week days. I walk the dog twice a day. I go to my mother's house to care for her. My son has SEN and I average 2 or 3 appointments a week I go to with him. I meet a friend for coffee at least once a week and another friend for lunch. My husband and I usually go out at the weekend to meet friends. Then there's the big weekly shop and top-up shops, plus any errands that are needed. I'm also the taxi service for the children and their activities/sports.

I'd love to have a break from it all and only go out a couple of times a week!

Moonface123 · 25/08/2021 14:35

I can't remember the last time l stayed in the house all day, it just never happens. l am always back and forth, l find it very strange only leaving house once or twice a week.

EmpressSuiko · 25/08/2021 14:35

Currently I go out 4-5 times a week, 2 of the trips every week are evening activities for the kids, I may go out more if I’m taking the kids out somewhere when on school holidays but I’m not driving yet (still doing lessons) so I’ll most probably be out an about even more so then and hopefully everyday once I pass my studies and get back into employment!

Thesearmsofmine · 25/08/2021 14:37

It depends on the person and their lifestyle really!

I go out most days, if I don’t go out I at least go into the garden.

Figgygal · 25/08/2021 14:38

I wouldn’t think that’s normal no but it completely depends on peoples circumstances
I walk the dog at least twice a day, are usually pick up children from school or nursery, take the youngest to swimming lessons, probably go to the shops twice a week even with our main shopping delivered.
I currently work from home and anticipate doing so for the foreseeable future so won’t be going out for commuting purposes

emmathedilemma · 25/08/2021 14:41

It depends, for my elderly, barely able to walk neighbour that's probably quite normal. She does still have a car (whether or not she should still be driving is another matter) but it rarely goes anywhere and i think most of the time she goes out she just goes for a drive and to read her paper admiring a view. She sometimes walks round the very small block or sits outside her front door when the weather is nice but other than that she's at home.
However, most of my other neighbours are in and out several times a day. Even when I work from home I tend to go for a walk at lunchtime, or run an errand or go to the gym. It's rare for me to go a day without leaving the house.

WeRTheOnesWeHaveBeenWaitingFor · 25/08/2021 14:41

DP works from home and I think he doesn’t go out enough but he would still go out at least once each day.

AlwaysLatte · 25/08/2021 14:44

I leave the house at least 6 times a day every day! Very very rare not to go anywhere at all.

Vbree · 25/08/2021 14:45

Every day. I go to work. Even on my days off I go out. On maternity leave I left the house every day even just for a walk.

Aposterhasnoname · 25/08/2021 14:47

No way would I think that was normal. I can’t imagine not going out everyday.

Please tell me the reason isn’t some variation on “Covids gonna kill me”

DottyHarmer · 25/08/2021 14:49

Unless one is disabled/ill/very elderly/has a large country estate to potter around it is not healthy.

NannyAndJohn · 25/08/2021 14:51

Now or pre-Covid?

KickAssAngel · 25/08/2021 14:53

I'm often in and out all day. DH WFH, and is allergic to most of nature, so he often goes days without even going outside. DD is similar to DH, but I drag her out to see daylight on a more regular basis.

I used to hate a day where I was stuck inside all day, but as I get older I like a quiet day of mooching around at home. Not too often, but just a very relaxed day is great. I will almost always go for a wander around the garden, unless the weather is too extreme (I live where we get real cold & snow), even on an at home day.

secretangel · 25/08/2021 14:53

If I go a whole day without leaving the house I feel it is complete abnormal!!!!

QueenofKattegat · 25/08/2021 14:53

My gob is smacked reading these replies. I would go absolutely nuts if I didn't leave the house every day. Don't people have jobs to go to?!

ItWasntMyFault · 25/08/2021 14:54

I'm currently WFH so I'm at home much more than I used to be. I still go into the garden, go for a walk, pop out to the shops a couple of times a week, see my partner a couple of times and usually go out for dinner once.

SamMil · 25/08/2021 14:56

Every day. I have a child, dog and horses, so there's always a reason to leave the house!

Dacquoise · 25/08/2021 14:57

Everyday, either for work, social, shopping, walking the dog or walking for exercise.

Sometimes it's a real treat to just stay at home and not go anywhere!

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