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To wonder how often you leave the house?

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Mouseandashrew · 25/08/2021 13:58

Would you say once / twice a week is normal?

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Am I being unreasonable?


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LadyCatStark · 25/08/2021 15:34

Absolutely not, I’d say once or twice a day (or more) is normal. I’d go stir crazy if I didn’t leave the house every day, and indeed I did during lockdown but even then we’d leave the house to go for a walk.

SchrodingersImmigrant · 25/08/2021 15:36

Some weeks i leave only twice or so. I do spend time in garden etc, but just don't need out. I would probably be concerned if it was a standard in all weeks for someone.

Cheeseycheeseycheesecheese · 25/08/2021 15:36

Depends on the person, if it wasn't for the gym and seeing parents in weekend, dh wouldn't leave the house much at all.

PilatesPeach · 25/08/2021 15:38

Multiple times a day as I work at different times of the day so am in an out plus have a dog so he has 3 walks then might go out to get petrol, groceries, post office etc - already left the house 4 times today and another two outings to go - one a dog walk, one a return to work.

Travielkapelka · 25/08/2021 15:38

I've been out 3 times today so far and still have to go out at least once more to collect a child and then to take the dog out. I would expect to leave the house 2-3 times a day

Boatonthehorizon · 25/08/2021 15:39

Daily or I get.cabin fever

Clydesider · 25/08/2021 15:39

Once a week, maybe twice at the most, is normal for me, but sometimes it can be weeks in between outings for me. I'm disabled, though, with mobility issues. Before I became ill, I'd probably have one day a week when I didn't go out of the house.

Aprilx · 25/08/2021 15:42

That was about how often I left the house for most of the last couple of years. I have just started going out more often. I think it is far from normal. I used to hate not going out at least once a day.

ApplesAreTheBaneOfMyLife · 25/08/2021 15:42

Several times a day unless ill (rare). Always 2 or 3 dogs walks a day, meeting friends for coffee, non-dog walks, errands, shopping, work, school run.

Typical term time day I would say 6 times a day.

BeauxRingarde · 25/08/2021 15:43

How do you have a life when you leave the house once a week? I've been in and out 6 times already today!

SchrodingersImmigrant · 25/08/2021 15:45


How do you have a life when you leave the house once a week? I've been in and out 6 times already today!

Deliveries 😁
Contraception 😁
No dogs.
Some weeks are just "oh fuck that, I am not in a mood for people". I think I am still recovering from years of serving people😂
Ourlady · 25/08/2021 15:45

No, that is not normal for most people I would think.
Why do you ask?

Nietzschethehiker · 25/08/2021 15:46

It completely depends on the person. I WFH and have done permanently for years (before the pandemic). If DC are home or in school then yes I do the school run or take them out but if they are at Exdh and I'm not in an exercising phase then I may not.

At the beginning of summer they were at Exdh , I hadn't started running again and I WFH , I didn't leave the house between Monday and Saturday morning. Work was too busy for a lunch so I just powered through. Frankly I don't find it a problem and would be quite annoyed at anyone else having an issue with it.

This time I'm running in the mornings so go out at 6am then start work so it's quite possible the neighbours won't see me leave for a week.

BillinaTheChickenQueen · 25/08/2021 15:47

Wow, it’s amazing how different people can be isn’t it.
I am off work for the summer holidays atm so am out most of the time.
Even on a work day I will go out for a run, walk or game of tennis.
The only time I stay in long term is if I have to self isolate.

Needingadvice2021 · 25/08/2021 15:48

I work permanently from home and I have RA so maybe once a week if that. I am a total homebody anyway though so no issue for me

StillWalking · 25/08/2021 15:50

I'm out twice a day walking the dog, once a day looking after my horse and shop/do other errands 3-4 times per week.

I couldn't imagine not going out somewhere every day - even if just towels the dog; the house would feel like a prison.

Lily78123 · 25/08/2021 15:52

Might be normal for a 90 year old

icedcoffees · 25/08/2021 15:52

During the week I'm out everyday - both for work and to walk the dog.

Weekends are different and I can happily spend all weekend indoors, but my job involves me being on my feet all day and being outside, so after 30+ hours outdoors Monday-Friday, it's nice to have a change Grin

If I only went out once or twice a week, my mental health would take a sharp nosedive.

Thesandmanishere · 25/08/2021 15:52

I'd be quite content just in my house and garden most of the time tbh. Only go out because of my DC and for exercise really!

OldMamaOf3 · 25/08/2021 15:53

Strange question

Ninkanink · 25/08/2021 15:53

We go out for a walk most days unless the weather is really rough. At weekends we walk for a couple of hours where possible, or go out for drives to see the beautiful scenery in our lovely part of the world.

I also walk into town two or three times a week to run errands or pick up a few things from the shops.

goodwinter · 25/08/2021 15:53

I walk my dog every day, but if I didn't have him I'd probably only leave the house a couple of times a week as well - WFH with no kids.

ancientgran · 25/08/2021 15:54

I'm retired and nearly 70 and it wouldn't be normal for me. So far today I've been for a hospital appointment, picked up GC, went to the tip. Later I will be taking GC home and might pop to the shops.

Yesterday I went shopping with DD, picked GC up, went out for lunch, took GC home.

Sounds like 4 times a day is fairly normal for me or maybe twice a day if not looking after GC.

NotMyCat · 25/08/2021 15:55


How do you have a life when you leave the house once a week? I've been in and out 6 times already today!

Work. I have to be at my desk 8-6
soughsigh · 25/08/2021 15:56

I WFH so have found that I've slipped into only leaving the house in the morning for the nursery run - DH does pick up. During my lunchbreak, I have too many jobs to do (cleaning, cooking, napping as I'm pregnant) to go for a walk.

At the weekend, the toddler does get me out and about though!

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