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To think thst this is too early a bedtime for a 3.7 yo?

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Bbq1 · 11/04/2021 18:34

I know somebody who is putting their 3.7 yr old to bed at 6pm. Child is waking at 5am. I'm not surprised as my own ds went to bed around 6.45 at almost 4. Aibu to think this is a very early bedtime and the likely cause of the early waking?

OP posts:

NothingIcando · 11/04/2021 18:36

Are they happy to get up 5am with the child or do they complain about this?


NeverMetANiceOne · 11/04/2021 18:37

What does it have to do with you?


SleepingStandingUp · 11/04/2021 18:38

Well if they're complaining of the early mornings I'd say yes, prob too early. Otherwise it's fine


Silverfly · 11/04/2021 18:39

I agree with you that is early, and likely to be the cause of the early waking. But has this really not occurred to the child's parents??


Treaclepie19 · 11/04/2021 18:39

Yes yabu.
My eldest has always needs an early bedtime but I often tried putting him to bed much later and he still got up early.


Jumpers268 · 11/04/2021 18:40

What's a 3.7 year old? Like as in just over 3 and a half? My son is 6 and goes to bed at 7/7:30pm and wakes up at 5am. If he goes to bed at 11pm, guess what, he wakes up at 5am. If the "friend" has asked for help as they're struggling with the early starts, then sure suggest putting the child to bed 45 mins later for a week and see if that makes a difference.


littlepeas · 11/04/2021 18:41

My dc had a 6pm bedtime for quite a while - they would have started to get ratty and difficult/overtired if I’d kept them up any longer. They did sleep till 7ish the next day though.

It’s not really your business what time someone else’s child goes to bed - not sure how it affects you.


HeddaGarbled · 11/04/2021 18:41

You want us all to agree with you that someone is wrong for doing something 45 mins earlier than you did?


Itsyoouu · 11/04/2021 18:42

YABU My child also wakes around that time no matter how late the bed time, they just get a lot less sleep and far grumpier!


WarriorN · 11/04/2021 18:42

They're all different. I'd move it an hour later if it were me but a friend found her daughter just conked out early no matter what they did.

My own have always tended to be between 7-8, except just after dropping naps which was about 3.5.

Toddler nearly 3 and if he skips a nap it does have to be 6-6:30 but it's only occasionally at the mo.


OwlBeThere · 11/04/2021 18:43

My child went to bed at 5.30 until they were 6as it didn’t matter what time I put them to bed they were up at 5, so that way at least I had an evening and could get to spend time with my other children and get to bed early enough that the 5am wake up call didn’t kill me.


ChikiTIKI · 11/04/2021 18:44

My child turned 3 in October. Bed time is 6pm although doesn't obviously have to go to sleep right away. Sometimes she is awake for over an hour but knows to be quiet and play with teddies in bed etc. Shares room with baby who goes to bed shortly after. Both wake around 6 or 7 am.


MerryDecembermas · 11/04/2021 18:47

Some parents are lucky to have DC who move their wake up time in line with their bed time. Others of us are unlucky and have DC who wake early no matter what we do. YABU and needlessly judgy.


0gfhty · 11/04/2021 18:49

I think that's a bit weird and limiting as to what you can do with your child socially. But then some families all rise early and if they're all getting up at 5 am then that's no problem. I would be worried though about when they start school because the 9am start would be the middle of the day and potentially exhausted by 3pm


BrumBoo · 11/04/2021 18:49

My 3 and a half year old went to sleep at 8pm last night. Woke up at 3.45am, not for the first (or sadly last) time. Earliest he falls asleep is just past 7 and latest he ever gets up is 7am. He doesn't like sleep and believes I should feel the same, and can be woken by an ant farming 5 miles away.

My older one has been 7.30pm to 7am (apart from rare instances of silly behaviour at bedtime) since he was 18 months. A brass band couldn't wake him inbetween, just like his father.


0gfhty · 11/04/2021 18:50

And yeah it's no one's business but theres. Plenty of people live like that happily


MixedUpFiles · 11/04/2021 18:50

My child will wake at the same exact time in the morning no matter what time I put her to bed. Believe me, I have tried to fight this. So if I want her to get the correct amount of sleep for her age, her bedtime has to adjust to her natural waking time.


BrumBoo · 11/04/2021 18:50

That should be 'can be woken by an ant farting five miles away'. Either way, I'm bloody tired.


KoalaOok · 11/04/2021 18:51

What's a 3.7 year old? Why have you felt the need to ask the Internet about someone else's bedtime routine? Is there more to this story or are you just being judgy?


BrumBoo · 11/04/2021 18:53

What's a 3.7 year old?

Is maths not your strong point?


0gfhty · 11/04/2021 18:53


Some parents are lucky to have DC who move their wake up time in line with their bed time. Others of us are unlucky and have DC who wake early no matter what we do. YABU and needlessly judgy.

I hear this quite a lot and I am genuinely curious as to how these children deal with travel to a time difference. Eventually they must just fit in with the sleep changes?

CrumpetsForAll · 11/04/2021 18:56

I put my 5yo down at 6 tonight- I just need a break. She’s pottering about playing with her toys and looking at books, she won’t crash out until 7/7:30 closer to her usual bedtime and was quite happy to go. If needs be in the past I’ve kept her up til nearly 9 on holiday or to see friends and she’s coped with that fine too.

My toddler however, appears to survive very well on two hour stretches of sleep and will be unable to settle unless put down at almost exactly the age time every night Confused hoping she’ll grow out of it but older DD was never like this...


KoalaOok · 11/04/2021 18:58


What's a 3.7 year old?

Is maths not your strong point?

It's not actually. 3 years 7 and a bit months? Why not just do it in days?

AppleKatie · 11/04/2021 18:58

My DC went to bed at that time at that age because they were a nightmare any later- got to about 5pm and they would burst into tears at the drop of a hat. By 5.30 they were taking themselves up the stairs! I appreciate that’s unusual but we just rolled with it and were grateful.

Gro clock worked for early waking. We started it before 2 and by that age they were quiet until 7am.


WhySoSensitive · 11/04/2021 18:58

Judge much.
Does it bother you?
Early bedtime doesn’t mean early waking. If I moved our bedtime... he’d still wake up at the same time.

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